18 Jin Bu Jin Episode 06

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Comedic exploration of the differences between the sexes. As their high school lives collided between the guys and girls, conflict is a must with these kids.

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29 thoughts on “18 Jin Bu Jin Episode 06

  1. [YT] I finally realized what is weird about Pei Pei, her teeth are pointy! And she has really thin/small lips, so when she smiles or talks, her teeth show through and it’s kinda weird looking. She’s pretty and all, but her teeth throw it off for me.

  2. [YT] mine would be xiao xun since she seems to be nice but can be a bit scary at times. hao zi since she’s really strong but deep inside she’s got a gentle personality.

  3. [YT] my 2 favorite people in this show is probably ah jie because he so nice and he not as sick minded (no offense) as the other boys excpet for ah bi and xiao xun becasue she pretty nice and can be mean at times

  4. [YT] I’d say my 2 favorite people in this show so far would be Ah bi, and Pei pei because she’s really really REALLY hot I’d go out wit her any day =D oh and, the next person that comments has to give THEIR 2 favorite people in this show, then after that the person gives their 2 fave ppl and so on and so forth, this is called: THE COMMENT CHAIN! *drumroll* =D anyway, pass it on peepz!

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