Alice in Wonder City Episode 02

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他們都住在這個大城市裡,懷著一顆名為夢想的種子 期待更一天能開花結果。
勇氣、 忍耐、挫折、努力、 希望、 笑聲、 眼淚像一陣雨般從天空落下 把整座城澆灌成夢的花園 那顆珍貴的種子,就在這個城市一角植下 他們相信總一天, 在十字交錯的道路 在老城牆與堤岸草原上 在看起來陰灰黯沉的天空 會 開滿各式各樣的花朵 香氛四溢、色澤繽紛 整座城就毫不客氣地快樂起來了。



一個帶著滄桑又充滿幹勁的中年女人金莉莎,除了開這了一間名為ALICE CAFÉ的咖啡廳之外,她最大的興趣是…幫助街上迷途的逃家孩子們,幫助他們回家、幫助他們找到方向。




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15 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 02

  1. oh, ting yu is alice’s mom’s friend. there is a huge age gap. he is so young he can be her son. usually, we choose friends who are as old/young as us.

  2. the relationship of some of the characters here are not spelled out. i think this is intentional, to give an air of mystery.
    ting yu(aaron) and alice’s mother spent some time talking inside the car? why? can’t he go inside the house? why at night? is he her son? i am also confused but it will be cleared out as one watches along. hai jie too was seen talking with alice’s mother while she was talking to him about her delinquent daughter. is the daughter adopted? is hai jie her neighbor?
    i have an inkling maybe she has worked as a kindergarten teacher or as a social worker. that’s how she got to know them/

  3. she has a prominent jaw. i think she should consult an orthodontist if that can’t be remedied, a cosmetic surgeon is needed. she has natural big eyes and sharp nose(actually too sharp for my taste, maybe she got it from her RUSSIAN father?) and after surgery, she would be awesome

    • there are some mysteries not yet clarified like what happened to alice and ting yu during their childhood, but those are to be unravelled as the story progresses. maybe you are referring to the scenes of alice and hai jie while hai jie was auditioning for a spot in the orchestra. the scene
      is depicted as being sweet and feeling of being loved is conveyed while he was playing the violin. that suggests he played it so well you can almost feel that you are loved and being in love. it is somewhat similar to the anime “yakitate japan” wherein when one tastes the food baked by the main male lead(he was the baker), one is transported to heaven( the food is so heavenly). so same allegory here.

  4. 陳海傑’s violin sounds AWFUL and scratchy..= =btw…賀霆宇….if u care so much about the violin, then u should take care of it yourself instead of leaving it in the car or letting others carry it for you…= =

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