Calling For Love Episode 01

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Bo Ye is a reluctant big star who entered the entertainment industry to support his family. Now that he has earned enough money and his contract about to end, he happily starts planning for the next stage of his life. Around the same time, unfortunate financial downturn struck his agent, his sister and his best friend. Feeling obligated to help them he contemplates on renewing his contract. Totally depressed by this thought, he buys a lotto ticket hoping that he can win the big one and save him from this dilemma. As luck would have it, he wins the jackpot but loses the ticket before he can cash it. Now he is chasing after a taxi driver, De Xing, all over town in order to get it back.

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293 thoughts on “Calling For Love Episode 01

  1. [YT] @Alecruby yeah ! LOL, right now, i want him and Rainie to collaborate again and tell her how he can sing + he’s got his own song too. ^.^ Cause she once pointed out how singing is Mike’s weakness. XD

  2. [YT] @Alecruby yeah ! LOL, right now, i want to see him and Rainie collaborate again and tell her how he can sing + he’s got his own song. XD Cause she once pointed out how singing is his weakness. ^.^

  3. [YT] @amxiwa 就想賴著你里還不是被配音了. 這裡沒被配音ah Sa 的角色本來就是來自香港. 大陸電視劇要配音才聽得舒服吧. 要不然一部劇里10幾種國語口音怎麼聽啊.

  4. [YT] 这就是我比较喜欢看台剧的原因之一
    不管国语讲得怎么样 都是用真声 不像好多内地电视剧老用配音 听起来超别扭~

  5. [YT] lavidalocaliving is seriously nonsense…she is from hong kong and mandarin is not their mother tongue at all. Of course she have a weird mandarin accent. To me I think she did her very best in speaking mandarin.

  6. [YT] 另外那个女的是谁 (不是ah sa )
    丑死啦 讲话下巴一直懂 她可以不要有戏份吗
    一点都不会演 辛苦我们了

  7. [YT] @fuukofly 不是啦,開場的那段廣東話是德馨媽媽寫的話,自然不是阿Sa講的,跟合約無關。Part 5裡講廣東話的部份才是阿Sa講的

  8. [YT] @lavidalocaliving Im not a fan of no one, and you are rude youself at the start so stop complaining if you get treated rudely. No one said it was a crime of whatever your thinking, I’m just saying, you cant stand her accent, well I cant stand people like you complaining. Fair does?

  9. [YT] @swyhead

  10. [YT] 阿sa是香港人,會說廣東話很正常嘛,正如小美是台灣人,會說國語也是很正常的事,只是你們一般見識才對吧

  11. [YT] 為什麼越來越難看了?海派明明就很好看為什麼要接星空,又因星空難看馬上又接這個。雖然小美很帥,但真的不好看。

  12. [YT] @Junglegal88 Any lottery winner worth more than 5mil NT(before tax) must make an appointment with the lottery organizer/publisher bank (Chinatrust Commercial Bank中國信託銀行) first then collect the money from their main branch. This is to make sure the identity of the winners are protected. It is different from what they have in US. Prizes worth below 2000NT can be collected in the lottery shops/banks.

  13. [YT] @katherinejklo
    you are very rude if you are a fan of someone, I will think whoever you support deserves to have a rude fan like you!

    why should I say cantonese? It’s a Taiwanese drama, isn’t it reasonable to expect actors to speak Taiwanese or Chinese? Is it a crime to be surprised by an accent?

  14. [YT] @lavidalocaliving please, if you don’t understand Mandarin, wait for English subtitles version. All the money he made he had to give it to loan sharks his dad owe== and the actress is from Hong Kong, that’s why she has an accent.

  15. [YT] @mlal1027 he was on tv! before Calling For Love, it was Because of You (Fairytale Under Starlight) starring Baron Chen aka Dylan. Maybe lack of promo and starry cast thats why not many knw about it

  16. [YT] @superbbbbb 我不明白你的意思

  17. [YT] @luvfahren 這位”朋友”,你無知我不怪你!!不過請你尊重一下這部劇的

  18. [YT] @SHOWMiiLUV Charlene only use her cantonese to yell at Mike at the book store, the beginning cantonese is by the actress who protray Charlene’s mom

  19. [YT] @lavidalocaliving Mike explains that his character in the drama is at the point where everyone knows him but he is not yet rich. He said that things like this do happen in the ET industry.

  20. [YT] @luvfahren 拜託!我相信呼叫大明星拍的時間不會比星光下的童話遲 !!! 只是比較遲上而已!! 更何況阿sa是有足夠經驗的 要不你來演演看哦 有問題哦你!!

  21. [YT] cant stand the actress’s weird accent. I would not sit in her cab.. 小美 is handsome as before, but if on this show he’s a big hot star, how come he still has to worry about tuition fee?

  22. [YT] 阿Sa的演出很棒!一個香港人全程用國語演出很不容易,不會看的人就不要胡說,人家阿Sa可是真真正正的影后級人馬來的!

  23. [YT] @Winterlvr10 That’s Charlene Choi Ah Sa 蔡卓妍 and she’s singing her newly released song as the CFL themesong called “愛贏才會拼” 🙂

  24. [YT] @xkumagorobeamx yea.. i realized it after 😛 Went to watch Down with love and it was also traditional characters… i didnt even realize then! I guess they use more complicated vocabulary in this ? 😛

  25. [YT] @Junglegal88 maybe its because since the government owns the lottery, you get the money from the bank.. not sure though. worked in the store b4 but never played lottery 😛

  26. [YT] the other taxi guy is cute ^^ wish hed have short hair though -_- … and that other girl, the actress from hot shot. she seems kinda fake in this drama… i just hate the way how she talks -_- and the two fans are funny. keke 😀

  27. [YT] why are they writing the caps in fan ti zi ? There are waaaay to much lines for my eyes! -_- and i cant help but to read caps whenever theyre there, even though i can understnad perfectly.. argh, its kinda annoying lol. isnt this drama aired in Taiwan and not in HK? anyways, hope itll be good ! ^^

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