Calling For Love Episode 12

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Bo Ye is a reluctant big star who entered the entertainment industry to support his family. Now that he has earned enough money and his contract about to end, he happily starts planning for the next stage of his life. Around the same time, unfortunate financial downturn struck his agent, his sister and his best friend. Feeling obligated to help them he contemplates on renewing his contract. Totally depressed by this thought, he buys a lotto ticket hoping that he can win the big one and save him from this dilemma. As luck would have it, he wins the jackpot but loses the ticket before he can cash it. Now he is chasing after a taxi driver, De Xing, all over town in order to get it back.

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47 thoughts on “Calling For Love Episode 12

  1. [YT] from beginning the dad choose money and left the lover, it so obvious that he in love with money more…
    and if that woman got more money n power then his wife, i think he will divorce, otherwise, never !!! but why so many woman think they r different can change him !!

  2. [YT] @cmwwan yea true. I always wonder if he married a woman he didnt like then why they did have Wei Chen? And yup seems like they will get back together. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. [YT] @XdLoveHater hahaha, she is going along with whatever her dad is happy with… silly girl… not really fair to A Li, but next episode it looks like Bo Ye is gonna get back with De Xin, yaaaaaaay~
    De Xin’s daddy sucks hardcore btw, what a shit dad he is, playing with all these women, but what don’t make sense is that he was forced to marry for business purposes even though he loved someone else, which he didn’t seem too happy about, yet he is willing to do the same to his children?

  4. [YT] @cmwwan thanxs for agreeing. De Xin is just too nice to say “no” to A Li. She doesn’t even love him yet she’s willing to marry him and not say a thing. I cant believe A Li doesnt feel that De Xin doesnt love him. I wish he would wake up and see reality

  5. [YT] stop hating on ah li! hes just so worried cause he really likes de xin. since now you are in the audience’s perspective, you know the reasons behind bo ye’s actions. but if you were in ah li’s perspective, you would just think bo ye is a really bad person. maybe if bo ye would just say why he does the things he does, then there would be a lot less misunderstandings

  6. [YT] 这种男人超级讨厌。、看他那死样就知道他不会离婚啦。还不快走。我觉得他对德馨好也是因为,阿力喜欢德馨、让他的事业会好点。。讨厌的人!!!!

  7. [YT] @XdLoveHater totally agree, Ah Li is so annoying, always shouting and over – reacting, like she even wants to marry him.. psshhhhh, just leave her alone~~

  8. [YT] 不得不说。 女主角吖sa不太适合演台湾偶像剧,她没有那种感觉。还是拍拍香港的电影比较好、(大家别PIA我。)认同我的thumb up、

  9. [YT] I love how the sister gave Wei Chen an attitude!! She deserves it!!! IF she wasnt the one going around telling everybody about Bo Ye lying to De Xin then they both wouldnt be so upset. I cant believe she has the FUCKIN nerve to say that she’s Bo Ye’s girlfriend. A Li is also annoying!!!! If De Xin wanted to see u , then she would have done it long time agO!!! what’s the point of taking out ur anger on Bo YE???!!!!! A LI YOU SUCK!!!

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