Devil Beside You Episode 14

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After finally getting the courage to confess her feelings, Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) was handing her love letter to Yuan Yi (Kingone), but by a stroke of bad luck, he did not see and walked passed her. The person standing in front of her was the troublemaker of the school, infamously known for his devilish ways – Jiang Meng (Mike He). The devil will get what he wants, and the object of his desire was Qi Yue. Although having a cruel exterior, Ah Meng’s heart is kind and caring, which truly touched Qi Yue. The big problem remained – Ah Meng is the son of the man Qi Yue’s mother is going to marry. Even though they were not related by blood, who will accept this step brother-sister relationship? What is to become of their relationship when other lovers come into the picture?

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Tipster Rednimer
  • ilikecookies

    y does it never show her buy that kinda chocolate DOESNT SHE EVER RUN OUT????

    • Egg No Yolk

      why doesn’t it show them peeing and pooping? Don’t they need to pee and poop?

  • hey, i just realised but u know the girl that like Ahseng (is that his name, dont care, wateva) is wearing the exact same shoes as what yuan yi brought for cheng zhi (once again, is that her name. well she’s qi yue’s best friend) on their first date when  she forced herself to wear those small shoes~

  • Lunxingyeap

    I absolutely hate Meidi. 

  • Florafun2

    lmaooo meidi was on her thing and had to eat chocolate. ahmons expression bout the thing is hilarous xD

  • Anonymous

    She DID NOT!

    • Joao


      • Anonymous

        Just being dramatic :p (it’s about Meidi and her stomach) 😀

  • Aaen04chair

    Part 4 does not load.