Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 04

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  • Amandarox

    Her hands were not tied when they pushed her in!!

  • [YT] the dog wan eat XD

  • [YT] dinner time! xD

  • [YT] xiao ma is cool 😀

  • [YT] 你 怎么知道他在编?

  • [YT] 耶!杨杨是痞子英雄里的小马耶!

  • [YT] really? wow! that dog must be a dog star! lmao!

  • [YT] he meant eat her as in having sex wif her.

  • [YT] 让专业的来吧 哈哈 搞笑~

  • [YT] blue is sooo cool. really handsome in this show.

  • [YT] 丘泽演的混混还蛮混混的呀

  • [YT] 这位爷爷还在编故事..

  • [YT] the grandfather is so nice.
    i really like him even though he did take advantage of the grandmother…

  • [YT] 善良的男人比較帥

  • [YT] blue is so cute~~~~~ <3

  • [YT] i just hope it’s showing every mon~fri… lol, that wont happen cos 三立 always put the good shows on weekends…lol

  • [YT] i agree!!

  • [YT] 爺爺說謊的神情演的超好的!一看就知道是心虛…果然是老班底的老演員!讚~

  • [YT] 報紙上怎麼會有謝福安的照片?

  • [YT] lol and i never watch the hk dramas

    • Jessie

      Hong Kong drama sucks… The quality of HK’s drama is so low… Also, the actors and actresses also can’t act…

  • [YT] There isn’t any part 8?

  • [YT] can we live life just as beautiful as what we just watch ..

  • [YT] 赞同你的看法^^

  • [YT] I kinda think that 邱澤 looks like Mike He a little bit. Both hot~~~

  • [YT] wahx tis reason also can ??? lols F3
    blue so shuaii sia
    although his quite a liitle bad but i think
    fu an in tis show sure made miie abit better … i m getting exciting exciting and exciting …. CANT wait to watch
    they 2 is funny hehex

  • [YT] 王怡仁 is so scheming :s

  • [YT] the dog is so loyal :3

  • [YT] omg i cant wait for the next ep hve to wait for one more week why like that !!!!

  • [YT] 死老头

  • [YT] 戲像沒關係,不同人演感覺會不一樣

  • [YT] 小狗好惨

  • [YT] 那不是紀存希的房間嗎?

  • [YT] hmm…when will the mu ho te ji have xiujiekai..just nw have abit pai him but haiz~

  • [YT] sigh. i like dong jie better. da feng everytime make use of people. so idiot. not like dong jie, so caring(:

  • [YT] 那個鈴鐺怎麼用了60年還那麼新的?

  • [YT] omg omg omg omg omg
    i cant wait!!!!!!!!!

    roy is so cuuuuuute 🙂

  • [YT] the grandpa is so fake….

  • [YT] yeah. da feng is his grandson

  • [YT] “这边的狗好好命” lmao

  • [YT] 藍正龍好帥 很配呢
    期待後續發展 希望不會令人失望

  • [YT] 這家人從老到少都很做作耶(除了陽陽)

  • [YT] lol. 大风 likes to say “shit” a lot

  • [YT] 喬恩改造後有點anna的feel

  • [YT] HAHAHA!!! sooo cute x]]]

  • [YT] 那個鐵盒不是給旺財爺爺了嗎?怎麼福安還能跑回房間從那鐵盒裡拿鈴鐺?

  • [YT] huh, he just kissed her like that???? -_-


  • [YT] roy is so hot!!/great singer ^^

  • [YT] 紀寶貝~~!!!

  • [YT] ISN’T THAT …THE DOG FROM….. fated to love you??

  • [YT] 他們家好像酒店喔…

  • [YT] 打架的時候好帥喔!

  • [YT] 好像有喬恩的戲 就很好看耶~~~~期待下一集!!!!

  • [YT] lol…he treat her like food…want to eat her…hahaha!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] omg can’t wait for the next episode

  • [YT] 那女的变脸也太快了吧。。。哈哈

  • [YT] xiao ma has better hair in pizi than in this one

  • [YT] 大風跟福安ˋ真好笑\

  • [YT] qiao en is sooo prettyy~

  • [YT] 超好看!!!!

  • [YT] hungry xd

  • [YT] 賣熱狗的小馬 xD

  • [YT] 片頭曲伍思凱唱的耶 好聽耶

  • [YT] 紀寶貝耶!!

  • [YT] 真正有心在養 不然只是三分鐘熱度 街頭上又會有很多流浪狗

  • [YT] 片頭曲雖然奇怪..但不及陳喬恩拿mic唱的感覺…有點不搭

  • [YT] haha disneyland

  • [YT] 紀寶貝 lol

  • [YT] LOL, I just noticed that their dog is carrying a little luggage of its own XDDD

  • [YT] 邱澤好帥喔:D

  • [YT] 安東杰好帥=]

  • [YT] 哇,亲亲哦~好激动跟期待哦

  • [YT] 皮蛋好可爱!

  • [YT] 安東尼好可愛

  • [YT] 就要幸福了 – 夏宇童
    jiu yao xing fu le

  • [YT] 纪宝贝哦,呵呵

  • [YT] 第一次看到大風有這樣的笑容喔=]

  • [YT] HAHAHA! i can’t take zhao ge seriously anymore.

  • [YT] 藍正龍偷吃喬恩!!!壞壞哦

  • [YT] 謝幅久很可愛欸

  • [YT] waiting for th next esp kissing sence 😀 !!!
    Oh ya wad is th ending song ?

  • [YT] love opening song! <3 remind me of my fav japanese drama~

  • [YT] 大風小時候好可憐喔, 爺爺超壞的。

  • [YT] LMAO eating dog food

  • [YT] 好C哦!!!

  • [YT] I like 藍正龍after I watched “I DO” !


  • [YT] dong jie’s already in luv w/her. so sweet.. worrying about how she’s doing in the yan family and how da feng’s treating her. as for da feng;D kiss scene in next ep!!

  • [YT] this is going to be a great drama to watch

  • [YT] 不會啦

  • [YT] 好想有一天, 可以看到小马(严阳)主演的偶像剧。。

  • [YT] 比严大风帅多了!

  • [YT] ahhh qiu ze looks hot with that hair in this part!!! when he’s fighting. heheh

  • [YT] Omg, the next episode is gonna be really GOOD!
    Yan Yan, Blue and Roy they’re all soo CUTE. [:

  • [YT] maybe 20

  • [YT] Hey, it’s the hot dog guy from Black and White, he looks really cute in here.

  • [YT] 片头歌曲有点………. 制作费太低了?

  • [YT] 喬恩怎麼連兩部三立的戲都大改造呀….

  • [YT] the body guards are all fat and ugly~ did you see that one guy at 7:19 had his stomache and head all exposed and his fists was so whimply placed in front! so unprofessional

  • [YT] cutie doggy…saved their lives..yahooo!! you go an dong ni..and ive a feeling they both startin to like her 🙂

  • [YT] 趙哥好好笑!

  • [YT] 世界上好多事情

  • [YT] omg omg i started screaming when he kissed her in the preview LOL cant wait fur the next ep xD

  • [YT] 喬恩的演技太棒了.

  • [YT] Thanks so much =]

  • [YT] so cute ~~~~~~
    he want Blue teach how to get a gf
    what a cute boy hahaha……lol

  • [YT] 那個弟弟也好可愛 哈哈 肉乎乎的

  • [YT] 藍正龍在這部片里最帥.. =)

  • [YT] how many ep of this drama
    can u tell me plz

  • [YT] 同感。一開始就這麼覺得了…

  • [YT] 安东呢激起了我想养狗的决心..

  • [YT] omg can’t wait for the next episode !!!!

  • [YT] 真的..片頭曲真的太難聽了.

  • [YT] aww~ it’s da doggy from fated to love you~ =]

  • [YT] i know that pretty well..

  • [YT] ROFL~ so true! xD

  • [YT] it’s just playing on the TV

  • [YT] whats da feng’s relationship with the rich old man? grandson?

  • [YT] 片頭曲真的很難聽耶…. 而且好不搭片頭喔… orz …

  • [YT] 安东尼好可爱哦~~~

  • [YT] 想叫他小馬阿~

  • [YT] I KNOW, LOL im jealous
    they’reeee soooo hott and protective

  • [YT] 編排錯哩=口= part8跑到part3前面了= =

  • [YT] what a liar!!!!!! God I wish the 福安 is a little smarter and less naive

  • [YT] 噢。。謝謝你

  • [YT] 那台Chrysler 的車事300C阿

  • [YT] 藍好壞喔~~一直欺負皮蛋

  • [YT] 300C?

  • [YT] 你說300C喔?

  • [YT] ouch i don’t like the grandpa

  • [YT] I wish too..but I am ganna guess they prob wont have enough time to film it.

  • [YT] youll find easy fortune happy life with subs on viikii soon ü

  • [YT] the grandpa is such a liar….

  • [YT] blue has a really nice smile =) dimples <3

  • [YT] what does he said in the preview…can someone sub in english please ^_^ it gonna be soo good!

  • [YT] the grandpa is a big fat liar!

  • [YT] 喬恩乾脆跟GINO在一起

  • [YT] 對呀!!!! 安東尼也太可愛了!!!! 好想抱牠喔!!!!

  • [YT] why cant tw dramas be like hk.. shows it everyday.

  • [YT] im so glad roy is back. he’s such a hottie.

    when he was in the drama with amber.. i didnt like his role.

  • [YT] 陽陽太帥了

  • [YT] omg~~!!福安該造型又好像回到便利貼女孩的髮型了!哈哈哈:DD

  • [YT] ROOOOY, love u ever nd ever! 😀

  • [YT] ROOOOOOY!!! j’ai t’aimeee 😀

  • [YT] Can’t wait… *____*

  • [YT] 感覺這部片有店燦爛的遺產的影子~

  • [YT] the boys are very hndsomee 😀

  • [YT] english subtitles?

  • [YT] even though the character 韓東杰in here kinda look like mike he but i think he also kinda look like 焦恩俊

  • [YT] wo his house looks more like a hotel. the living room looks like the lobby

  • [YT] hahaa 趙哥 is soo funny he really suit the bad guys role love him on 康熙来了!!!!

  • [YT] wow the dog have THE LIFE now 😀

  • [YT] 車子好cool喔

  • [YT] 好看好看!!

  • [YT] roy is so hooottt!!!! 😀

  • [YT] she’s so lucky heh heh both guys will fall for her ;D

  • [YT] 好好看哦:DDD

  • [YT] lol~ its the dog from fated <3 i want to live there....

  • [YT] this drama is so fun to watch! :]

  • [YT] i luv his tattoo xD *droolz

  • [YT] aww i like the rich old man’s grandson he is really nice but too bad he looks kinda gay

  • [YT] I know…every Sun…..so hard to wait!!!!!

  • [YT] lol at the last sec~ so funny

  • [YT] good


  • [YT] the other guy reminds me soo much like mike he i like his style in this drama better then him in wu di san bao mei

  • [YT] 玻璃心~~ 好笑 哈

  • [YT] Agreed

  • [YT] omgomgomg he kiss her damn i can’t waiit for the next ep -.-

  • [YT] I know!! both the guys r soo hot 😛 esp when they were ‘talking’ about fu an after the rescue

  • [YT] 謝啦

  • [YT] a different side of “xiao ma” ooh

  • [YT] i hare Jiang Zhen Zhen

  • [YT] 對

  • [YT] i hare Jiang Zhen Zhen !!!!!!!

  • [YT] yea, agree..cant wait it till every sun

  • [YT] qiao en so cute<33

  • [YT] so fast!
    thanks for making my boring sunday:)

  • [YT] xiao ma XD

  • [YT] 哈 陳喬恩被推下去的時候 雙手根本沒綁著 導演沒處理好喔~~

  • [YT] 兩個都好帥喔!!!

  • [YT] thanks

  • [YT] OMG! Kiss!!! I wanna watch next episode! Argh~ haha this drama is letting me wait like crazy. cant wait till sun every week.. ^^ <3

  • [YT] omgomogmog-……….

  • [YT] the dog is so cute <3

  • [YT] 大风小时候好可怜

  • [YT] 謝……..

  • [YT] xie xie xie :D:D:D

  • [YT] liar

  • [YT] 好狗腿

  • [YT] yay!

  • [YT] 好快啊 呵呵~