Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 09

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Taiwanese drama lover! <3

    i hate Peter A.K.A pi dan
    he’s do fat, and his teeth! OMG
    like if u agree wif me

  • Fu An

    Rolling down a few steps of stairs in a bulky kiwi outfit, is it that serious until it causes someone to go unconscious? It’s funny and too over at the same time!

  • G wen chan 3


  • Winnie

    its a good drama although it might be kinda boring at times, some people just expect too much seriously its just an idol drama…

  • Yang yang ! <3 Xiu jie kaiii ! Love youuuuu . 

  • wuv2dance

    LOOOLLLLL nicholas teo 🙂

  • [YT] 邱澤 so man , handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] TEAM DONG JIE!!!!!!!! =)

  • [YT] Omg … I was so sure Yang Yang was gay … I can’t believe he isn’t. I think it’d be nice if he and Zhen Zhen really ended up liking each other. 🙂

  • [YT] Aww .. I loved how they had Wu Di and Shan Bao and their baby make a cameo! Just like in Wu Di Shan Bao Mei Chen Xin Yi and Ji Cun Xi made an appearance in the first and second episodes with their baby. And then in Wu Di Shan Bao Mei of that episode where Wei Qing stole Wu Di’s show and while they were filming live Wu Di walked right on set. At that moment they switched to a commerical of Bai Tran Nu Wang while the conflict between Wei Qing and Wu Di heated up.

  • [YT] lol

  • [YT] pi dang is ugly!!! why are you guys saying that he is pretty cute!!! i dont think so….

  • [YT] da feng is more handsome than dong jie

  • [YT] omg!!! blue lan is so handsome!!!! i love him!!! in my dreams i want to marry him thanks for the video…

  • [YT] i dont think that pi dan is cute!!!! he is ugly and fat…. why you guys say that he is cute….

  • [YT] dong liang <3 <3

  • [YT] 總覺得月來月不好看了

  • [YT] 東杰好帥////

  • [YT] 总共有多少集啊?!

  • [YT] 东杰越来越man了~~~

  • [YT] Eh… a bit wrong for the teacher to kiss the boy. =X i’m a bit troubled by how she makes use of his affection for her.

  • [YT] 写到这里 确实蛮白痴的 ~~

  • [YT] why don’t fu an push him to the ward , rather than talking to him at this time?



    DONG JIE IS SOOOO MUCH SWEETER. He actually deserves her and she going to end up with Da feng I think that is SOOO MESSED UP!!!!

  • [YT] woot nice twist. din see xiao ma and zhen zhen tgt..

  • [YT] 爺爺 演的很棒, 把整個戲都演活了!

  • [YT] anyone noe the song that plays @ 6:46 when he’s dreaming about his grandpa and him

  • [YT] they are still filming, i believe

  • [YT] She thought Yang Yang was gay! hahahahahaha

  • [YT] huh…no..i mean the wad wei jing shan they were talking bout…

  • [YT] zhen zhen lao shi

  • [YT] 東杰好帥!!!!偶像劇可不可以停止讓深情男受傷啊?

  • [YT] 修好正!! why is his face so red though?

  • [YT] 不會很難看 它在鋪成

  • [YT] 這醫院太誇張了了 受不了

  • [YT] 休杰楷帥弊了 我喜歡他此次的角色 陽陽

  • [YT] 假戲真作了 大風ㄚ

  • [YT] this epp hmmm…. the kiwi fight…okay..but the hopsital just bit over….i dont think he is danger as nurse said…he wake & move so easy…
    overall this drama still okay…but could b better…

  • [YT] 10:57 his face expression like ‘what the hell is that!!!’ ….haha..so funny…

  • [YT] i think its setting style for his role in this drama….just make the role special & let us remember …..

  • [YT] 東杰 :'(

  • [YT] 這劇有多少集?

  • [YT] the kiwi vs kiwi very funny…lol

  • [YT] the fighting so funny!!!

  • [YT] RE:rachelyjs
    the girl is fu en and they both like each other right now before he got hurt. and that killing thing was way before he new it was fu en that his ploting 2 kill. and at the end he went 2 save her anyways.

  • [YT] 冇第10集??

  • [YT] I’m so in love with Yang Yang…so sweet and handsome! kinda confused whether da feng done it bcause of love or the ba bai yi…

  • [YT] 陽陽好正!好MAN!

  • [YT] 想起韓東杰 我就哭起來了 太慘了吧“

  • [YT] 韓東杰的眼神

  • [YT] 不能投入的看…..

  • [YT] um….wow…what can I say= =…

  • [YT] 杨杨看起来好像会很帅~

  • [YT] 對呀對呀!! 等什麼呀….好像都在拖….

  • [YT] 但很爛…..

  • [YT] 東杰憂傷的眼神…. :'(


  • [YT] 台劇總喜歡混雜一些奇怪的事情….

  • [YT] 楊楊親珍珍的那一殺好man哦~~~~o^U^o

  • [YT] 哈哈~~好可愛的baby呀~

  • [YT] me 2!!

  • [YT] OMG donjie <3

  • [YT] ahhh yangyang <3

  • [YT] seriously…i don’t think rubbing ointment on temples is supposed to do anything…especially in his situation. She should at least go to an empty room to get a oxygen mask.

  • [YT] i think most of taiwanse series the scripts r crappy so dont expect too much…they are not like deep deep scriptwriters for some reason, always just lame and jokes kind of series from taiwan. they r popular for idol series only i think…

  • [YT] 天呀都第九集了, 什么都没演出来

  • [YT] i love their bowls haha. but my questions is…
    if the people on the side like grandpa, and they wanted something on the other side, how would they reach? lol

  • [YT] No but going to because they like eachother but he’s trying to marry her to get the 8 million or billion business… But i think he starts to like her eventually. he did plot to but he stopped and started to like her. i suppose she likes him too.

  • [YT] 编剧干什么去啦,这么好的演员浪费了 ,导演干吗去了啊,这剧情和台词,怎么通过的。。。。这么让人期待的剧情竟然拍成 这样??????omg ,blue!!!!

  • [YT] i haven’t been following this show..that’s why i don’t even know the characters name……but is xiao en and the other guy on the hospital bed already together? Or is the guy already starting to like her? Because I read from dramawiki that the guy actually plots to kill her!

  • [YT] 為什麼福安看起來像兩個都喜歡啊?

  • [YT] 東杰就這麼出局了

  • [YT] 呵呵 看來編劇為了想一個讓大風開竅的方法想了很久阿..
    頸部骨折+頻死經驗阿 呵呵…

  • [YT] yang yang is like the perfect guy la.. so sweet and thoughtful…

  • [YT] Poor Dongjie…
    Can’t wait the next ep…

  • [YT] orz,,,大風倒下了 T。T 爲什麽 陽陽要跟 珍在一起

  • [YT] who is pidan’s gf?

  • [YT] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! then wad gonna happen to dongjie?!! OMG…looking forward to zhenzhen and yangyang…hehehe…

  • [YT] why the f*** is the grandpa scolding him…if not cos the grandpa didnt pay dafeng’s ransom he wouldnt become like this..

  • [YT] Yeah!

  • [YT] on wiki it says there is only 15 chapters

  • [YT] OMG!! don tel me in the end they get tgt!!!

  • [YT] haha wudi n shanbao look cute XD

  • [YT] i love how all the actors love playing with 皮蛋

  • [YT] Dong Jie and Fu Ann is the part that I am looking forward to seeing every week.

  • [YT] OMG. I stay at lvl 13 leh. O.O

  • [YT] 深情的東杰又更帥了…

  • [YT] The drama turns out to be rather disappointing…. =.= Not as good as when it first started out. Don’t you think so…?

  • [YT] 好喜歡韓東杰

  • [YT] iono bout u guys but i think this is sorta like fated to love you…


    huhhhh i wish she were with dong jie


  • [YT] …the show is hilarious….so bad but so funny

  • [YT] ahhah!! yang yang is soo cool 😛

  • [YT] Pi Dan is so cuttteeee

  • [YT] agree totally out of sense LOL

  • [YT] i agree, the plot seems toooo easy and full of cliches, what happened to the twists?

  • [YT] exactly! wth, shouldn’t she be getting medical help for him? you don’t know what he’s injected with…

  • [YT] it is… it needs more elaboration and realism..!

  • [YT] i’m sorry but the script is getting really crappy… Dong Jie didn’t even get his chance at fighting for Fu An and the winner is declared as Da Fung…

    what the heck?

  • [YT] Yeah, a lot of buildings don’t have a floor number 13 because people are superstitious and think it’s bad luck.

  • [YT] 陽陽喝醉了嗎[email protected]@

  • [YT] i have to agree with the plot especially it seems kinda cliche. i don’t know they should add more twists to it.

  • [YT] haha the nurse is pretty good at acting

  • [YT] 沒錯
    blue 唸信一整個就很尷尬的感覺

  • [YT] the story is kinda ridiculous …

  • [YT] 韓東杰 super hot

  • [YT] 也是啦,不過……之前在親子節的前一晚他也一早就說了.現在他連自己也不知道是有企圖還是真心的。

  • [YT] noo yangyang!!

    my fav hot cute adorable yangyang!!! dont be with reporter :[
    hjahaXD im nto objecting but i want yangyang with fu an 🙁

  • [YT] what happened to the oxygen?!

  • [YT] Poor Dongjie!!!

  • [YT] DONG JIE is more caring and sweet thn DA FENG. but if DA FENG loves FU AN truly, he can also be sweeter and more caring thn DONG JIE. ;DD

  • [YT] yea! i agree! 😀

  • [YT] really? only 15?

  • [YT] The flower looks fake. Haha

  • [YT] 編劇真的要加強嘔….

  • [YT] i think so
    i feel uncomforatable when watching this kind of scenes.
    always thinking maybe he will die if she doesn’t do that thing

  • [YT] haha, the black wings.. 04:25

  • [YT] in my opinion.. i thnk, DONGJIE is better than DAFENG..

  • [YT] thanks for informing! Still, that is rather small…how’s the rating in tw? Coz the plot seems thin….I’m fast forwarding through a lot for this ep, especially after seeing no hope for Dong Jie…

  • [YT] 他因該是真心愛她的吧。

  • [YT] i think u’re right.. i’m agree.. DONGJIE is better than DAFENG..

  • [YT] he isn’t a gay.. 05:46 – 05:49

  • [YT] 好帅!!!!!! 偶迷失了!!!!!!

  • [YT] 劇本的對白不太適合演員個性的口條

  • [YT] OMG! I love yang yang XD!!!!!

  • [YT] 不會的=]
    anyway 支持東杰=]

  • [YT] no…just that he likes pink i think…

  • [YT] 12345678910111213141516

  • [YT] 哈哈 花痴

  • [YT] shouldnt she be going for help instead of talking to him?? lol… only in dramas

  • [YT] 劇情確實不怎麼樣.

  • [YT] 主持隨機應變能力很高呢xd

  • [YT] there are 15 chapters

  • [YT] there are 15 chapters
    for those who doesnt know it


  • [YT] 天啊!太帅了!那么帅的男人千万不能给珍珍!

  • [YT] 其實我是看過波麗士才喜歡看藍正龍,我蠻奇待這樣的組合,請看下去吧……….^__^

  • [YT] omg omg omg omg 阳阳 <3

  • [YT] Thanks. Very clear…:)

  • [YT] lol thats what i thought!!

  • [YT] 小馬好帥!太好笑了。

  • [YT] this is so funny!! kiwi vs man!

  • [YT] 我還真1的猜不透,到底大風跟福安在一起,是真因為自己見過了自己的夢想,所以真心的想要好好的愛福安,還是為的始終都是800憶。

  • [YT] Pi dan is so adorable..feel like pinching him…haha..

  • [YT] is yan yang a gay??

  • [YT] lol! Satan!

  • [YT] Effin’ funny. the 2 kiwis fighting..oh my god. Hahahahahh. Taiwanese dramas always have such dry humor.

  • [YT] 哈哈,是孫無敵跟胡珊寶….哈哈/

  • [YT] 我觉得这个剧情非常的不顺~~

  • [YT] 小修帥!!

  • [YT] 你最棒了….

  • [YT] Pi Dan is so qute when he is talking to Da Feng!!!

  • [YT] 誰說下禮拜是大結局的????

  • [YT] haha i was like omg! that’s wu di shan bao mei! haha love how they always link all the dramas together!

  • [YT] yangyang and zhen zhen,da feng and fu an. then dongjie how?

  • [YT] oh my gosh,i wanted to see the photo of nic amber and the baby for a long time le sia.

  • [YT] 不知道福氣又安康完左 有冇續集 有的話好奇待

  • [YT] 是在搶戲吧!

  • [YT] 郭世偷是演假扮醫生的精神病患吧!

  • [YT] 殺人奇異果……..

  • [YT] 陽陽不要跟她在一起!!!!她是….

  • [YT] 爛-,-

  • [YT] i feel so bad for dong jie 🙁

  • [YT] 韓東杰比嚴大風好多了

  • [YT] 陽陽 is so funny

  • [YT] 不可能吧!!

  • [YT] 喬恩真的是一個非常好的演員!!

  • [YT] 珊寶妹-.-

  • [YT] actually, in china, 13 and 4 are unlucky numbers. 4 means death if you say it in chinese and 13 is not really a good number anyways, so hospitals usually do not have the number 13 and most definitely won’t have anything to do with 4.

  • [YT] 怎ㄇ可能

  • [YT] Floor 13 may be set for fire preventing. Or foreign people wonder 13 is unlucky, so most building will not have 13 floor.

  • [YT] if theres only 10 episodes…剧情也太烂,太短了吧~~

  • [YT] did that elevator just skip from floor 14 to floor 12?

  • [YT] LOL!

  • [YT] 套喬恩一句 ” 不要問為什麼, 因為.這是偶像劇 “

  • [YT] 如果是下個禮拜…那這套劇不就只得10集嗎?

  • [YT] 陽陽不要跟她在一起!!!!

  • [YT] 福安的髮型一直改變.

  • [YT] yangyang shi zai tai man le!!!!woo~

  • [YT] 韓東杰很可憐啊…2次想親福安也沒成功

  • [YT] 噁好噁

  • [YT] Smart Yan Yang 🙂

  • [YT] omg yangyang kissed jiang zhen zhen…haha…love xiu jie kai!!!!!!!

  • [YT] thx…u r fast..~! n clear~

  • [YT] hope dongjie gets someone by the end of the drama :]

  • [YT] 小馬帥!!

  • [YT] aww Dong Jie!! I will have you if Fu An won’t!!!hehe

  • [YT] LMAO 2 giant kiwis fighting each other! haha love this series!!

  • [YT] are you serious? lol he just fell and results in internal bleeding and neck dislocation…. LMAO wow the script is really interesting

  • [YT] oooh the preview looks good!
    yangyang so man when he punched that guy~
    but dongjie so sad 🙁

  • [YT] haha…i love how they had Qiao En make a cameo in Invincible Shan Bao Mei and now Nicholas and Amber making a “cameo” in one of Qiao En’s film….lol

  • [YT] The guy who is supposed to kill Dong Jie is seriously an idiot. HAHAHA. Or shall I say the people who sent him are idiots? LOL.

  • [YT] OMG….. Dong Jie was so hot when he said that to her….. I wish I had someone like him to say that to me…..

  • [YT] the best ep so far x]

  • [YT] Aww, Dong Jie is so sweet. It’s always Da Feng that disturbs them, goshh.

    And that 主持人 is so funny, LOL.

  • [YT] lmaoooo so funny
    yay for some reason i still want fu an with da feng. hahaha i like predictable dramas i guess =[ but still
    its so funny <3 i love da feng hha

  • [YT] 严阳他爸入赘啦!

  • [YT] Actually, all the 3 guys in this series are really hot, hahahah. Good choice of actors on the director’s part! 🙂

  • [YT] 修杰楷 is soooo hot. hahaha. You gotta love him!

  • [YT] 哈哈,,那主持人也太會掰了吧xD

  • [YT] lmfaoo finally 珊寶妹…

  • [YT] Xiao Ma is so cute, hahaha, I love seeing him smile. 🙂 And he looks great in pink!

  • [YT] who is 韋靜珊??

  • [YT] 因为本来是要把阳阳培养成继承人的..孩子跟妈妈姓不奇怪啊..他爸爸不也住自己老婆家..

  • [YT] 這部戲的劇情與對白真是…可惜了演員的演技了.

  • [YT] 那個啊,醫院看到推著病床的醫生都不會覺得奇怪哦,而且還要蓋著臉。。

  • [YT] 烂剧情。

  • [YT] awhh this is by far the cutest ep! thanks 😀

  • [YT] 為什麼路人那麼討人厭

  • [YT] LMAO. stalker!! XD

  • [YT] 严阳。。。如果阳阳的妈妈是严老头的亲生女的话,那塔不应该姓严啊!

  • [YT] 拜託,找到了,就趕快推回去給醫生護士啊!講那堆五四三,只會拖延病情,延誤治療,真是一點common sense都沒有…

  • [YT] i remember the music from 7:19 – 7:25

    is from a game call “Last Chaos”

  • [YT] 所以下個禮拜結局囉?

  • [YT] haha pi dan is so funny when she kisses him

  • [YT] i love this episode a lot <33

  • [YT] han dong jie looks so hot in that suit 🙂

  • [YT] i like yang yang here a lot <333

  • [YT] 這個韓東杰長相和氣質都太帥了一點吧!!! 真是台灣偶像界的佼佼者!

  • [YT] 天啊小馬太man了吧!

  • [YT] 就這樣..大風開竅了喔[email protected][email protected]

  • [YT] 護士演的..有點誇張耶~xd

  • [YT] kiwi the part so funny

  • [YT] THANK YOU YOU KIND SOUL! TT^ TT Made my day!

  • [YT] 我要韓東杰親下去喇!/_\

  • [YT] 小馬突然好man`;>

  • [YT] 修杰楷好帥啦!!!!!

  • [YT] 有棟樑耶!;’>

  • [YT] xiexie

  • [YT] 超帥!!!

  • [YT] 哈哈哈~~~~

  • [YT] is his STYLE.. haha

  • [YT] 珊寶妹…

  • [YT] Amber Kuo and Nicholas =) and baby too

  • [YT] 哈哈 陽陽 is awesome!!

  • [YT] Thank you so much! 你太棒了!

  • [YT] 好快阿~~^^

  • [YT] thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] 厚~~~終於等到囉~~~~~

  • [YT] LOVE