Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 11

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  • Winnie

    omfg hahahahaha when they zoomed into her brother his smiling face was so funny hahahahaha

  • [YT] i really wish there were english subs! =[

  • [YT] omo.. btw someone please tell me, when will this drama ended??^^

  • [YT] 大風好帥, 喜歡福安和大風在一起!

  • [YT] blue is like to qiao en “u’ve been thru so much battles and now u r pretending to be shy” HAHAHA omg!

  • [YT] ep12集好像很久都未貼上來?? 真希望趕緊看到! 謝謝!

  • [YT] 大風幹嗎好像完全一點點開心都沒有哦
    / . \

  • [YT] 啊啊… 韓東杰也太可憐了吧… 趕快找個女人吧~!

  • [YT] I HATED Da Feng in the beginning. Like I didn’t want to watch this drama cuz he was such a jerk. But I was like how the heck does SHE fall for HIM?!?!
    but now… he’s so sweet…!!!!!! and perfect and amazingly hot and good to her! They have such GREAT chemistry!
    But I’m still not 100% certain he is sincere… he did tell Zheng Zheng off though… 🙂

  • [YT] Aw, they’re SOOO Cute!!!!
    Zheng Zheng was totally told off by Da Feng!!!!
    haha the end is so funny and cute!
    “We can practice more…” heheheh so adorable!

  • [YT] omg he’s so sweettt 🙂

  • [YT] 那个凤凰和他的老公真的变好了呢~~~

  • [YT] 哈哈,真的有很多人把项链什么的丢进去哦。。。找到一大堆~~~哈哈

  • [YT] Aww, they look so nice while they were taking their pics.

  • [YT] they probably rebuilt it a little while after fu an left.

  • [YT] 盡量刷 !!! wo ye yao na ge 盡量刷 lah !!!

  • [YT] come on say something, kuai dian shui hua !!!

  • [YT] 盡量刷”haha”

  • [YT] 對ahh”毛毛蟲真得好假喔”

  • [YT] 肯德基爷爷.haha”

  • [YT] 東杰”好型”

  • [YT] 楊有種看戲的FEEL…0.0

  • [YT] I love the way Da Feng smiled when Fu An fell on him and his hand protected her fall. 🙂 Plus while Fu An was all engrossed smiling for the camera, he looked at her! <3

  • [YT] 唉` 還以為珍珍真的變了… =.=

  • [YT] so sweet~ i want this to end right now….not cuz i dont like this show ( cuz i do), but cuz i dont want the sweetness to be disturbed =O lol

  • [YT] *are

  • [YT] ate his words real?!! SO SAD!! SHE PLAYING HIM!!

  • [YT] lol shes funny when shes drunk~ this whole part is funny XD

  • [YT] aww…i cried when he said these at the wedding…so sweet <3

  • [YT] Haha, this scene gotta be the most endearing for me, from the outfits (notice the matching color theme on Fu an and Da Feng?) to the eager reaction on Da Feng’s reply to Fu an, and the way Pi Dan wiggles the caterpillar at Da Feng, haha, so funny.

  • [YT] 陽陽好可愛耶!!超愛他的

  • [YT] 哈哈~~~ 真的很像

  • [YT] can someone please sub this please…………..

  • [YT] hi, humaner
    yes…his last drama with ‘ms lau’ more chemistry than with joe…but still ok cos their acting already in certain level…

  • [YT] the wedding dress okay…but last one ( they push him to marry her that wedding dress) more pretty…

  • [YT] 8:48 so funny…he wake and look at the dog..the dog look back at him…like ‘what a fool…!!’ ..haha..

  • [YT] have got any1 like the opening song…black & white angle’s part…..its kinda nice…

  • [YT] 幾時結局

  • [YT] 太搞笑了,哈哈哈哈

  • [YT] it wasn’t his dad. it was his grandfather

  • [YT] 大風對福安好好喔

  • [YT] didn’t the house burn down in the first episdoe?

  • [YT] aw the part where he was handing her the credit card was so cute.

  • [YT] I like the way things are developing for Da Feng and Fu An. This scene sees a great deal of bonding between them as Da Feng got to understand Fu An’s life back at Fu Man San then.

  • [YT] 預告裡面的東杰根大風也太可愛了吧!ˇ

  • [YT] 陽陽實在是很可愛的說…新婚夫妻也太甜蜜了吧!ˇ

  • [YT] 嚴大風也太遲鈍了吧!?盡量刷!

  • [YT] 福安根大風之前那段回憶也太搞笑了吧!

  • [YT] 安東尼實在有夠可愛的ˇ

  • [YT] 東杰真的是有夠帥,可惜二男總是比較命苦…希望他也可以找到自己的幸福

  • [YT] hhaha aww he just left NINI in da cup? ..

  • [YT] 好好笑喔!!!!我的媽呀~

  • [YT] ㄧ隻大約4千至5千不等~

  • [YT] 福安的禮服穿得好肥-,-

  • [YT] 麻麻是誰啊?

  • [YT] I really didnt like ZZ before, but now I see the other side, a little…sure, she’s done loads of bad things so far, but I think she’s just really insecure, she wants to be respected and protected. She has said too many lies now, but I still hope that she has a happy ending~ On a side note, NiNi is REALLY cute, reminds me of my hamster!

  • [YT] haha!! i luv the behind the scenes!! :] xDD

  • [YT] 哈哈哈 陽陽 滿好笑的

  • [YT] 請問蜜袋鼯會很貴嗎? 真的很可愛

  • [YT] 會不會後來福安知道大風是間接害死麻麻的殺手

  • [YT] 通’常暴風雨前是會有一段寧靜的~~~會不會有變數阿?…好期待!

  • [YT] 事情发展得太快了吧!一点feel都没有。

  • [YT] 東杰 好可憐 T^T

  • [YT] wats mi dai wu?

  • [YT] what kind of animal is nini? its sooo cute

  • [YT] YEAH TOTALLY!!! *sad* poor dongjie…


  • [YT] LOL 尽量刷

  • [YT] LOL “say something”

  • [YT] Gino is sooo cute. too bad he doesn’t have much of a role…

  • [YT] OMG….dafeng was so sweet at the wedding…

  • [YT] yangyang so sweet!!~

  • [YT] ehhhh..isit tt 流星花园2’s 剧本? 道明寺 threw 杉菜’s necklace into the river and 花泽类 was helping her to find….. (-.-‘)

  • [YT] 藍正龍的臉—真的是臭到一個極點~~不過好帥~~

  • [YT] after she threw it at the bed, hit him in the head, and literally slammed it at the floor==

  • [YT] ahahaha 大風急速轉頭(03:07)時我笑翻天XD

  • [YT] yeah I know!
    I was going “wheeeee” when they kissed [embarrassed]but I thought that 大風 acting like that was a tad bit awkward 😛

  • [YT] totally agree!

  • [YT] pwhahha i thought he was actually gunna die xD lmaoo but pretty cute how the dad tricked him

  • [YT] where the english part of this it is so good looking

  • [YT] 我觉得应该是,福安是不知道该怎样反应他的告白才会对他那么冷淡的吧。。

  • [YT] 这个爷爷长的很像肯德基爷爷, 呵呵

  • [YT] 真難看……..

  • [YT] Yah, I can get it. Cos his dad is 入赘..

  • [YT] 珍珍有點可憐

  • [YT] 陽陽好cute~

  • [YT] 嚴陽是共犯…………..

  • [YT] 東杰說那句”雖然妳不是我的新娘….”

  • [YT] 邱澤好man 藍正龍好奸^^

  • [YT] i think so ba.
    if he die
    den the show no more ba

  • [YT] this episode is an interesting one..more development from each character. i’m great to see more Yan yang character develops. i wonder how he going to settle his relationship with ZZ.

  • [YT] nini~! roy~! shiou~! so cute so shuai~!

  • [YT] ok,the sweet dream is over!!!
    and the nightmare is begin!!!!

  • [YT] 東杰和大風條件都很好、好難選擇喔~

  • [YT] Roy Qiu—yikes!

  • [YT] “hao, byebye” so cold, 東杰 heartbroken la

  • [YT] 好sweet…..甜死人不償命呀…..

  • [YT] 那是蜜袋鼯 我家剛好有養


  • [YT] 可以跟blue結婚的話,也是一種很好的福氣。

  • [YT] lol at 納豆xdddd

  • [YT] the da feng illness is fake right ??
    cus the yeye wanna test if he really likes fu an am i right ???

  • [YT] yan da feng is so hot!! I luv him!!

  • [YT] 那個帽子頭飾好可愛喔~

  • [YT] thanks………good show!

  • [YT] can’t wait til the next eps!

  • [YT] 大風的性格本來就是冷冷硬硬的.. 從他口氣裏的無奈就知道他對福安是真心的了.

  • [YT] hm…. 她的禮服不是很適閤福安咧..雖然很保守..

  • [YT] 那條毛毛蟲很假呀! 一直都是直直的.

  • [YT] 哈哈 嚴大風被弄 表情好臭 哈哈哈

  • [YT] The cupboard scene is damn funny!! Haha

  • [YT] if gramps made a lie to see if he really likes her, thats really not funny D; they could really go good together and the family could have a great relation again. to me, i think not being with the one you love seems better than taking the truth that the sickness was a lie.

  • [YT] 福安好漂亮喔..!

  • [YT] 妮妮 is so cute. lol
    what is it..?

  • [YT] LOOL
    oh man so funny.
    I also believe that the grandpa schemed the sickness..he’s too happy for a person knowing his grandson is dying..

  • [YT] HAHA me too!!

  • [YT] 我覺得東杰和福安比較配~~

  • [YT] omg i want dong jie if she doesn’t want him!!!!!

  • [YT] Oh also, 大風 can never relax around people so I can understand the constant frowning, but when he DOES smile, he looks really sincere. And did I mention he looks cute like that? 😀

  • [YT] 陽陽 is pretty good looking but 大風 is so damn hot!
    大風 isn’t good at expressing his feelings. He didn’t know how to impress women that well (ie that biaatch told him to get chocolate, or 陽陽 taught him how to propose) but he planned to take off from work for their wedding photo at 福安’s old home…he’s learning!

  • [YT] lol…really….then can it fly or what? or just the name of fei shu…….??

  • [YT] 我覺得藍正龍和陳喬恩完全沒有chemistry,好像是被迫湊在一塊的,喬恩和邱澤反而感覺比較搭比較有火花

  • [YT] Wow, I have a red jacket like Fu An’s !! Hee Hee.

  • [YT] i know one min the guy is in love w/the girl?
    come on u know.. too sudden n hes so money obsessed just last epi n now he can give it all up? hum… plot is very rushed… not believable at all..

  • [YT] 雖然大風跟福安在一起很棒,因為大風被福安所感化,福安找到了幸福。但是東杰卻被甩了…,做朋友都還可以吧!怎麼結了婚就態度變那麼冷淡?喜帖給了東杰就快閃了。

  • [YT] 大風從小就是在那種龐大壓力的環境下長大,早已忘記快樂的感覺,因此他總是那種冷酷而無感情的表情,而他現在才剛剛被福安給感化,但是二十幾年都是如此,要他依下改過來也不太容易,因此現在他還是這種樣子,但是已經被感化的他我相信會慢慢變的有血有淚有感情。這是我的一些感覺,不過到底是不是如此我就不知道了。

  • [YT] i knew it!

  • [YT] sometimes dong jie’s hair is more brown and others its more black

  • [YT] 杨杨,你是不是跟他有抽啊?你干嘛这样整他啊?!! 笑死了

  • [YT] the wedding was so fancy yet so unformal.

  • [YT] well tenchinquely he has his moms last name…so its his moms dad…but his 爺爺 do you get it?

  • [YT] i think the illness is just a step planned by grandpa, maybe hes not really sick.

  • [YT] 所以東杰那句算告白嗎?不然福安怎麼那麼尷尬?xd

  • [YT] lol it’s amazing how the bottle didn’t shattered

  • [YT] 飛鼠 sugar glider
    長的很可愛 可是臭臭的 我以前養過

  • [YT] shouldnt 陽陽 call his grandfather 外公 instead of 爺爺?

  • [YT] OMG!They are so sweet now ( :
    Dont disturb them!珍珍

  • [YT] this ep little bit silly

  • [YT] 大風的話真的很讓人感動..

  • [YT] the photos put on powerpoint….so random. haha

  • [YT] 喬恩 又穿婚紗了~~~

  • [YT] “Even though your not my bride, i still hope you’ll to be the most beautiful bride.” He’s so sweet <3 makes me sad... D';

  • [YT] THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] hum i feel bad for zhen zhen but she should just let him go and go with the other dude 😀

  • [YT] i don’t like her dress.. :\..
    was hoping to see like a really pretty wedding.

  • [YT] lol caterpillar again :] His worst enemy!

  • [YT] WHOA!!! didn’t see that coming! O_O

  • [YT] wow Mont Blanc rocks then!!! 😀 pontengnow thanks for the info :]

  • [YT] 我听到大风说第一句话就哭了.为什么福安一滴眼泪都没流下来..那么感动的话啊..!!好奇怪哦!

  • [YT] 但我覺得大風對福安的笑容好自在哦~

  • [YT] 副安好聪明!!!!!

  • [YT] 惡魔真的被天使融化了嗎??!!從他的表情還真是看不出來

  • [YT] 為什麼大風對福安的眼神還是很不屑的感覺,他到底有沒有喜歡福安啊?很明顯看得出福安是喜歡大風,不是東杰,可是大風不管對珍珍還是福安或是其他人,表情永遠都一個樣,對愛人的表情應該要跟別人有所區別吧

  • [YT] 妮妮是什么动物阿….好可爱哦…….

  • [YT] 福安前兩分鐘的性格終於變正常

  • [YT] 大風和福安兩人的感情戲超不搭,超突兀~!!

  • [YT] he reallly does love her 🙂

  • [YT] finally da feng’s true feelings come out to zhen zhen! yay!!!

  • [YT] da feng is so cute towards teh end cuz now hes faced his feelings and zhen zhen got owned by da feng 😛 hahh

  • [YT] It’s Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc sponsored both these 2 shows.

  • [YT] Lol. he pulled out his credit card.

  • [YT] no, at least 9 more eps to go

  • [YT] Lol. He’s going to marry her just to get the caterpillar away?! Give up too easily.

  • [YT] Whoa, she knows how to use the wine bottle. =]

  • [YT] Woah….now I know the other way to “use” the red wine…..bottle

  • [YT] 納豆so funny!~

  • [YT] yay! i love dis drama =)

  • [YT] omg they are so sweet

  • [YT] they are so sweet

  • [YT] sugar glider. they’re adoorrable.
    i think that’s what they’re called at least.

  • [YT] do he really love her or just want the money if grandfather give her or him ? what happen to cute boys name roy i wish she get him than main guy 🙁

  • [YT] they are soo sweet now <333

  • [YT] 那是存希的·笔哦!!!!!

  • [YT] haha she ‘used’ the red wine …bottle.

  • [YT] feel so bad for she fou an 🙁

  • [YT] what kind of animal is ne ne?

  • [YT] i this ep the endin?

  • [YT] thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] So Cute <3

  • [YT] how come fu an’s hair looks kinda messy all the time?

  • [YT] MANY thanks for sharing, much appreciated! =)