Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 13

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  • Nyx.

    LOL! XL undies for Pi Dan please!

  • Jenny

    omg this drama is so cute and romantic, i finally finished watching and rewatched the part where they were in the bed when he was drunk and said he had a surprise for her….and i realized it was the house in fu man shan! so cuteee

  • Eddieee

    if im someonez wife already…then i wudnt b feeding some other man food/med even if hez sick. we’re all adults….we shud at least know how to take meds or eat even wen we’re sick.

  • [YT] 對ㄚ!
    他們倆(東杰 V。S 福安)真ㄉ很配

  • [YT] haha. that’s what you call a drama 😛

  • [YT] pi dan is kinda unrealistic…
    growing up with nothing, yet is so spoiled.

  • [YT] how can fu an just hate them like this? doesnt she love them and hav feelings for them already?

  • [YT] i kinda like the chemistry between fu an and dongjie too, the vibes they emit to one another are just so natural, needless to say, they will make an excellent couple be it in reel life or real life!!!

  • [YT] 福安叫大风老公 好可爱喔 哈哈

  • [YT] 按理來說 雖然珍珍有些自作自受
    但 大風究竟還是拋弃了她啊…

  • [YT] aw…韓東杰你真夠有風度的…
    可憐 – -“

  • [YT] 不知道為什麼 東杰這麼癡情 人這麼好…

  • [YT] i know Blue Lan sure does seem he can KISS hahahha… i guess he didnt have all those real life girlfriends for nothing..hahah nice…

  • [YT] 😀 Thats what im talking about from the point when theres hope for Fu An and Da Feng that was just too good to happen…Don Jie is more suited as the happy man with a happy ending

  • [YT] wow.. the last part of the preview moved me to tears ;(

    looking forward to the final episode.. many thanks for sharing, much2 appreciated

  • [YT] nice twist in the story ! lol .

  • [YT] 可憐的珍珍~哀~

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  • [YT] 支持珍珍

  • [YT] 好

  • [YT] 珍珍真無聊!八百億關她什麽事? 她是個外人?
    而且到尾啦 為什麽要弄一個坏結局…………..?應該是開開心心的結婚后的生活嗎??

  • [YT] wad is the song name??
    When fu an walk on the red carpet time..

  • [YT] 邱澤好靚仔

  • [YT] so funny XD

  • [YT] sorry! i clicked wrongly! this show’s awesome(: deserves more! 😀

  • [YT] eng sub please??

  • [YT] 可是那應該也不算大風的錯吧-.-
    就算是 難道這樣就不愛一個人了哦 ?

  • [YT] 恩

  • [YT] omg, cun zhang so cute haha

  • [YT] 真的比較希望東杰和福安配ㄋㄟ~~

  • [YT] 刺青是他本來有的, 還是因為戲而去刺??

  • [YT] wow the are so immediate

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  • [YT] how u all know whether he is a good kisser or not o.O

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  • [YT] 搬不動為什麼不報警叫救護車=.=

  • [YT] 我以為皮蛋生病是珍珍安排的… =.=

  • [YT] 是呀 韓東杰比較帥也比較適合福安!

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  • [YT] hahaha i dont know if pidan is just unable to make facial expressions but he looks freaking happy when he was “dying of pain”

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  • [YT] o yes! finally..this is the best part of the story”the truth”…can’t wait to see the next ep.

  • [YT] CAN’T WAUT OR NEXT WEEKKKKKK lmao the ngs

  • [YT] 珍珍給皮蛋吃的餅乾有問題吧
    Blue is a good kisser!

  • [YT] Can’t wait for next week!!!!

  • [YT] 很期待啊!

  • [YT] 阿杰比較帥

  • [YT] i fink blue is really a good kisser!!

  • [YT] 守護天使又來出現了!!!

  • [YT] 來日方長。。。

  • [YT] Aiyo.. 這個謝皮蛋雖然很可愛
    但在這個時候出現, 真不對耶

  • [YT] 我哭了啦。

  • [YT] oh my god :O
    will fu an forgive da feng and family?

  • [YT] 這一部偶像劇讓我想到以前一部漫畫叫惡魔的新娘吔………….

  • [YT] roy & joe!

  • [YT] imagine if fu an & ethan. hahaha.. xP

  • [YT] I love Qiao En and Blue!!!

  • [YT] If han dong jie & xie fu an can be 2gether jiu GOOD ler ): Hahaha!

  • [YT] 恭喜两位成为合法的夫妻,新郎可以合法的亲吻新娘了 哈哈!律师都喜欢用合法的吗! xD

  • [YT] 皮蛋演技超爛!


  • [YT] yay! han dong jie going to get fu an…~! quick,yangyang, dump zhen zhen…

  • [YT] 还要做多久??

  • [YT] i really really REALLY want 福安 to be with 东杰 already!

  • [YT] ol the NG is so funny

  • [YT] 15 集便大結局?

  • [YT] omo poor dongjie

  • [YT] the traditional orthodox asian culture doesnt have engagement phase, we usually wear only one ring which is the wedding band & it’s usually on the right hand .

  • [YT] i feel so sorry for dong jie 🙁

  • [YT] im watching this cuz of lan cehng long…but in here i dont really like da feng’s character…chiaoen doesnt match him!…i like han dong tche now 🙂

  • [YT] Roy and Joe have such chemistry on screen…

  • [YT] why is it that in most asian dramas/movies the married or about to be married female characters wear their rings on the right hand, and not on the usual wedding finger of the left hand? Can someone explain?

  • [YT] Sweet day…everyone looked happy, though HDJ was hurting. He looked beautiful in his sadness. Go Roy Qiu.

  • [YT] 這戲愈來愈無聊了

  • [YT] A Ken is hilarious

  • [YT] 我真的覺得就停在這一集就好了,不要讓這個幸福被破壞、中斷。

  • [YT] 沒錯!!! 東杰跟福安最配!

  • [YT] aghh next week arrive
    huh school starts tomorw
    it will be harder to watch dramas with parents nagging

  • [YT] 皮蛋真是死小孩

  • [YT] actually, there are 20 episodes in total

  • [YT] 叫皮蛋滾開啦

  • [YT] 粥还没吞下去又喝药 :S

  • [YT] 東杰好慘ah.

  • [YT] yur sure ?

  • [YT] that was a rumor ;O

  • [YT] That’s a funny looking tattoo on his body!!!

  • [YT] 還是福安和東杰比較配

  • [YT] roy is jus so damn handsome. omfgggg
    i wanna have such a bf too

  • [YT] is 13episodes in total!

  • [YT] 對,就一直這樣幸福下去吧,不要有任何人出來搞破壞了。

  • [YT] 村長好好笑

  • [YT] 已經進入倒數啦=(

  • [YT] 突然覺得爺爺好慘哦 … 嗚嗚 …
    江珍珍 我恨你 !!!!

  • [YT] 翹臀 豐胸 皮膚白XD

  • [YT] 韓東杰好帥<3.

  • [YT] 爺爺真可愛
    ha ha ha

  • [YT] 東杰跟福安最配了~東杰趕快跟福安在一起吧~

  • [YT] 我也已經看慣sugoi
    好清 ~ 聲音又好 ~

  • [YT] 偶像劇真美好 =)
    不然爺爺一直提春香, 大風的奶奶會很可憐的

  • [YT] read in the magzz this week
    that chen qiao en went and stayed in qiu ze’s place…

  • [YT] 15 episodes in total

  • [YT] cant wait next week ,

  • [YT] 38.5度那有ken說得這麼誇張-_-

  • [YT] oh deaaaar.

  • [YT] yucks!!! zhenzhen is so yucks!!!

  • [YT] omgggg he’s suchh a good kisserrrr :)))

  • [YT] 要變復仇天使了..

  • [YT] didn’t this just air like.. a couple of hours ago? O.O amazing! ure so quick!! ^O^

  • [YT] dong jie <333333333333

  • [YT] So, how many episodes are there gonna be again??

  • [YT] 和命中一樣,明明都可以結束了還繼續加戲


  • [YT] oh my gooood!!!! i want to see the next episode..!!! can’t wait it!!!!


  • [YT] i also thought this is the last episode!!!

    have to wait for another week!!!!

  • [YT] i’m totally agree..!

  • [YT] really hate her.. – -” snifsnif

  • [YT] Roy is very handsomeee 😀 ROOOOYY

  • [YT] lol i agree with u and i believe she got so mad when he married the main girl.

  • [YT] dude wtffffff i thought this was the last epp!!!!!!!! ughhhh i was so excited to see a happy ending and now i have to wait ANOTHER week??!?!?!?!?!??!1 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS IS HORRIBLE omgggg i hate waiting!! :(((((( jeeezzz this is too addictinggggg

  • [YT] 對呀~

  • [YT] Yeah~
    I agree with you

  • [YT] 前半段好笑又好看又甜蜜 哈

  • [YT] omg omg omg i can’t wait for the next ep

  • [YT] 又要開始托戲啦

  • [YT] i wish she will has married this one with long hair he so good to her than the main guy snap:)

  • [YT] pi dan so funny hhahahahahahahaah

  • [YT] 我一開始以為皮蛋是在裝病耶 = =

  • [YT] REALLY?! then we have to wait for more den a mth! tt’s sad D:

  • [YT] 4.02 omggg he looked soo cute….!!!

  • [YT] AHH, Zhen Zhen that bitch! She destroyed all the happiness.

  • [YT] 阿ken 真好笑哈哈

  • [YT] I’m pretty sure they’re going up to 20 eps.

  • [YT] 好期待下一集!!!!星期天….好久啊!

  • [YT] Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkks:D

  • [YT] They are so cute together!! <3

  • [YT] wahh. they went to extent the story!! eeee. i thought this was the last episode!! but the preview is sooo interesting!!!

  • [YT] 真是太感謝你了!!每次都是在等這個,而且都已經習慣看你的了!謝謝你喔~大力的推推!!!

  • [YT] how many episode is it in total???

  • [YT] Aw mannn, I hate how Pi Dan disturbed their makeout session. 🙁

  • [YT] ahhh omg thxxx i’ve been waiting all week for this!! :))) wooo so exciteddd