Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 14

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Tipster Rednimer
  • lolz how does dongjie know he wont hurt fu an == it’s not like he can predict the future duh :333 a true love is like how da feng & fu an is (there’s bitter memories and also happy ones)~it’s not sweet sweet or protect u ALL the way [[boring relationship ]] support da feng more jia you ~=]

    • Fu An

      Every person got their own way of thinking mah… In Dong Jie’s eyes, Da Feng is a person who only knows how to hurt and make Fu An cry because Fu An will only find him everytime after he got into a fight with Da Feng and Dong Jie is the one who always cheers her up… That’s why, Dong Jie thinks he can give more happiness to Fu An because whenever he is with her, Fu An always smiles (: That’s also because, Dong Jie had never witness with his own eyes the happy times between Fu An and Da Feng…

  • [YT] What did she say to himat 0:35?

  • [YT] ye!
    he always says shit ~
    i thought he will say shit also…

  • [YT] 珍珍真的好嘔!

  • [YT] Wikipedia. 🙂
    But I don’t know why,… I think they changed it… To 17…. I’m not sure anymore..

  • [YT] 他們現在真的很甜蜜^^

  • [YT] on 6.43 when yan da feng says: 谢福安, 你到底在哪。
    resembles the scene when DAO MING SI says: 杉菜 你到底在哪 in meteor garden

  • [YT] finally a drama that lets the forgotten guy receive happiness in the end .

  • [YT] my life would be complete if i had a dongjie

  • [YT] what’s up with jin jin keep saying “loser”. it’s such a stupid line. she should stop saying that. and when she says it, it’s weird.

  • [YT] I can’t wait till I see the next episode.

  • [YT] he’s gone crazy!

  • [YT] 對啦 拍謝 上集看得哩哩拉拉 八成漏看了


  • [YT] how ya know??

  • [YT] thank you

  • [YT] 姑姑怎么会突然在这个时候说出真相呢.?转的太突然了..怎么连以前讨好福安都说出来了..好奇怪哦

  • [YT] 你没看上一集吗?珍珍告诉皮蛋的啊.!!

  • [YT] =,= havent show on TV yet, of course not out lah.

  • [YT] 轉的有夠硬的…

  • [YT] why ep 15 never out ! ):

  • [YT] i love QiaoEn and Blue Romantic Scene. 😀

  • [YT] i love QiaoEn and Blue Romantic Scene. 😀

  • [YT] 他再鋪[陳= =

  • [YT] killthenoodle,
    there are 20 episodes total.

  • [YT] 是范逸臣的離開悲傷

  • [YT] Yangyang is s smart!<3

  • [YT] 就是啊,还要喜欢这种难看的货色, 拜托!! 要喜欢就喜欢个年轻一点的, 这种老太婆加老巫婆去死就对了拉!!!

  • [YT] 變態!明明是你害自己失去福安ㄉ 幹嘛拿自己爺爺出氣阿

  • [YT] yea they always make a movie like thats… 2 people love eachother and something happens, they seperate and then this other person likes em too. but eventually they still like them and get back together ._.

  • [YT] She says its 报应 but she will have hers too! she did so many bad things along with him!

  • [YT] 自作自受 是如果你做什麽很不好的事情》像杀人或者是像爷爷,利用别》这就是报应。是你应该被除发的时候了。

  • [YT] I’ve seen the aunt from some movie before… but with longer hair i dont remember where i think it was in You’re My Destiny…?
    Gawsh~Why did she have to know!!!
    She won’t get him or money back at all! Whats the point! D;

  • [YT] whats the song at 8:25?

  • [YT] 我同意!而且睫毛太长了。。。

  • [YT] i think he hope fu an can come back again and change him again. I dont think he really meant it, but if you really wanna know, have to watch the next episode! haha

  • [YT] can someone kindly tell me how many episode there is?

  • [YT] can some1 please tell me whats the song name at 1:33

  • [YT] 甚麼叫他自作自受@@?

  • [YT] Can i ask why dafeng wants the yeye to die?

  • [YT] i don’t want this as the ending!!! ahh!

  • [YT] 福安這場戲, 睫毛刷和眼線畫太濃了, 當大風向福安告白時,2人面對面坐著, 福安一直是水汪汪的大眼, 我還直擔心會留下2行黑水呢 ! !

  • [YT] imagine what’s going to happen when fu an finds out da feng was dating zhen zhen from the start o.O
    talk about hating him forever even more!

  • [YT] 好喜歡看幕後花絮, …喬恩說她和藍正龍拍吻戲, 心跳很快….臉好像很紅… 喬恩出道那麼久,還會心跳很快, 可見喬恩是 不自覺或下意識, 是真正喜歡藍正龍, 不是邱澤喔! 看到喬恩幕後 要吃大蒜,好自然 好可愛! 不論妳喜歡誰? 我們永遠支持妳!

  • [YT] 東杰長得太帥了吧
    美型卻男人味十足 ,

  • [YT] Why does she have to change clothes everytime when she wants to leave ? And the worse is that they make her think about changing clothes but not taking money… that’s so unrealistic !

  • [YT] 東杰小時候也好帥喔!!

  • [YT] dong jie grab the girl and RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] i would also want dongjie with fu an 🙁 but we all know that sadly won’t happen :((

  • [YT] 謝謝你!那集沒看到 拍謝啦!

  • [YT] 珍珍好像之前就告訴過皮蛋蛋囉 哈哈哈
    叫皮蛋蛋超噁的啦 吐

  • [YT] 期待好久

  • [YT] 身無分文就離開會不會太衝動了!!至少把錶拿去當掉也好ㄚ 哈哈

  • [YT] wat a twist in the story!
    would prefer Dong Jie with Fu An though…
    but in the end, Fu An will definitely be with Da Feng, cos Love conquers all ;p

  • [YT] 福安有那麼聰明嗎?識破了爺爺的心理 把爺爺的秘密都逼供出來!

  • [YT] 笨皮蛋怎知道房間的密碼呢?編劇都亂來!

  • [YT] blue got no expression. haiix!

  • [YT] 珍珍should just stop using english
    her bad and forced pronunciation makes her look stupid

  • [YT] @2:48 it was so damn cute!!! even blue was acting cute HAHA!

  • [YT] Second punch*
    Thought he would say ‘shit’.
    Long time since he last scolded that.

  • [YT] 這奇異果的廣告打的也太司兇了吧

  • [YT] The only part i can see her acting skills are the kissing scenes with da feng -.-

  • [YT] The herb is what zhen zhen called for & not da feng -.-?

  • [YT] aiyo why dong jie’s house transparent one, let da feng see fu an’s bike :O

  • [YT] HAHAHHA :’ you sleep in the living room’

  • [YT] what is 大風 name on 東杰 handphone ?

  • [YT] 東杰好好喔…

  • [YT] 大風跟福安perfect match…

  • [YT] 呵呵是ㄚ

  • [YT] oops!手誤 是baby blue

  • [YT] blue 變成baby bule 了. 太甜蜜了啦!

  • [YT] 火了!火了!

    ….. 怎才2拳而已~~

  • [YT] Sooo…they’re married and Fu An never knew the pass code to that room?

  • [YT] on the first couple of episodes, they mentioned that the grandmother only got married because her dad was sick and they were poor so she had to get married in order to get money for medicine..or something like that

  • [YT] 無知最幸福啊….

  • [YT] HAHAHA!!! But I kinda agree…I think they overly used the boy in this series…don’t understand what’s the significant of having him really at times….

  • [YT] 2:42 blue is so handsome, joe is so cute! love her dress!!

  • [YT] ROFL! i loved the behind the scenes.
    and i can’t beleive yeye is gnna…T_T
    da feng. you better be plotting something good. cuz his life isn’t coming back… T_T~

  • [YT] yes im agree!!

  • [YT] i think zhen zhen is very fake.. i don’t think she knows how to act… it is not that she lie that makes me feel that she is fake.. but i think she doesn’t know how to act…

  • [YT] haha.. yea.. i think so as well.. revenge on zhen zhen is good… she is so fake..

  • [YT] i think that phone conversation with yang yang and his dad was the longest the dad had in the whole drama

  • [YT] she kind of has a really disturbing character in this drama

  • [YT] 嚴大風和江珍珍兩個根本就是五十步笑百步吧~

  • [YT] 就算把江珍珍扼死也沒用啊~

  • [YT] argghhhhhhh blue lan is sooooooo freakin hot and they are so freakin cuteeeeeee together !!!!

  • [YT] 原來 Blue再生氣的時候比較帥…lol
    大概是因為本身臉就很臭吧 囧

  • [YT] 藍正龍演的戲,還是「波麗士大人」最好看!

  • [YT] WOW 東杰是四物堂少東lol
    看來 這部還有一段日子才結束喔0.0

  • [YT] 蓝正龙还是适合演一些邪恶的角色。他的眼神有点可怕 : )

  • [YT] 緊張緊張緊張,刺激刺激刺激,接下來大風有可能回到無情惡魔嗎?福安又有可能再次感化無情惡魔的萬年冰冷心嗎?敬請期待,錯過了….哩ㄟ勞目屎

  • [YT] 哇~福安知道真相之后衣服直接变得跟从前一样呢~~~~哈^^

  • [YT] 一天到晚在說”Loser Loser “的


  • [YT] omg..that aunty can go die die already= =

  • [YT] 还长得不錯。

  • [YT] haha the aunty’s lipstick so red.

  • [YT] blue的表情很彊….

  • [YT] 我要看劇情
    福安怎樣才會回到大風身邊尼 (笑)

  • [YT] 如果大風不是真的對她有感情
    還要謝福安幹嗎 !!!!!
    這樣講千百個理由你也不信啊 對吧 ?

  • [YT] 珍珍快闪啦!

  • [YT] 大風害殺了福安的奶奶..

  • [YT] 死女人臭女人 !
    你破壞他們你也不會得到八百億啊 ! 死女人
    bad woman!

  • [YT] 大風跟福安很甜蜜哦,,,

  • [YT] 江珍珍超賤的

  • [YT] Poor大風又回到一個人的王国裡la!!!

  • [YT] huhuhu..i cant understand put some subtitle plssss..thanks

  • [YT] OMG!! I’m crying!!!

  • [YT] 東杰先找到福安, 是緣分吧… (:

  • [YT] I think Da Feng is plotting revenge on Jeng Jeng.

  • [YT] 好甜蜜了吧!!!!!happy~

  • [YT] we are the “bet”??!! ….

  • [YT] zhen zhen told him in a previous episode

  • [YT] omg they are just soo frickin cuuttteee!!
    omgg i can’t get over how ccututtee they aree!!


  • [YT] I can understand zhenzhen’s feelings and why it would make her do these things, she just needs someone to talk it out with (go yangyang XD love you)

    But Pidan is just stupid!! You’re like 10 and you go around believing stupid things from crazy ppl!!

  • [YT] 说得好像大风是那个放火烧她房子的人。那时他都根本不知道那牛章芝从哪里来的。

  • [YT] 失去了愛的人,贏了世界又如何

  • [YT] Gosh i want to know the ending of the show badly!

  • [YT] i agree! seriously that f**ing retarded a**hole of an ugly fat boy. i really hate him now. hate him more than zhenzhen.

    and i really hope they can stop blaming da feng. not like he was the one who got the niuzhangzhi.. he didnt even know it’s from fu an’s house at first. it was after that then he knew.

  • [YT] 給大風點教訓,韓東杰 你就自私一次吧

  • [YT] omfg so frickin sad i’m like pouring out tears omgggg sooooo sadddd
    ahhhh that old guy is such a good actor!!! and so is qiao en omggg

  • [YT] pi dan is such an idiot. the more i see him the worse he gets. damn. stop being such a stupid idiot lar, use your knee to think also know zhenzhen wont like you right. zzz.

  • [YT] what makes the aunt and uncle thk they can revenge on da feng, they have done exactly the same thing to fu an at first place :-[ and if the aunt didnt reveal those that shouldnt be said to fu an, things might not be as bad as now!!

  • [YT] i want dongjie and fu an togetehr ):

  • [YT] so depressing

  • [YT] HAH!!!! she got pwned by yang yang

  • [YT] poor Fu an
    only yang yang is the only non liar from the start

  • [YT] Zhen zhen makes me sick in this episode
    so saddd

  • [YT] crying much for me so sad
    and I’ve been thinking this for a while I really think that the company should belong to Fu an and pe Dan cuz the grandpa stole the formula from their family

  • [YT] uh oh he found it

  • [YT] the jin jin told him

  • [YT] how sad that’s dong jies grandpa

  • [YT] What happened to da feng?
    Why he wants his grandfather to die?
    Is he really want the money & give up everything? Even Fu an?

  • [YT] 是真的吗?嚴家还有秘密?

  • [YT] 都是皮蛋啦! 臭皮蛋 去聽什麼真真老師的話 真的很討人厭!

  • [YT] why everytime the behind the scenes dun have yangyang n dongjie??

  • [YT] if u notice…he just left his bike there…he pushed the bicycle and walk them back to his house…

  • [YT] 有时候播的很快,有时候播的好卡。

  • [YT] i think he shouldve slap her

  • [YT] 預告中嚴大風應該是假裝ㄉ吧

  • [YT] i love her dress!

  • [YT] in preview, it looks like blue lan is going to turn bad

  • [YT] omg~! dongjie grand father is that stupid old man in si wu tang…

  • [YT] how many eps is there ? i thought this week is going to be the last ? lol

  • [YT] you know..it’s good she found out now. if she found out later..she’d prob hate him more for never telling her.

  • [YT] 你沒看前幾集嗎?

  • [YT] 陳僑恩真的是很會演耶 哈哈

  • [YT] aww man….Gramps going to die….?? what the heck is going on with da feng??

  • [YT] she’s such a whore
    i hope he actually kills her..what the heck

  • [YT] 他奶奶都死了

  • [YT] last ep the zhen zhen told pi dan secretly

  • [YT] 如果你天天吃你就知道真的会变得很难吃。。。

  • [YT] 我也讨厌他!

  • [YT] so sad!!!
    im crying!!

  • [YT] 東杰~~你是我的偶像~~~

  • [YT] 每個人都有一大堆理由 自私的理由..!

  • [YT] 江珍珍 得不到的東西 也要別人也得不到

  • [YT] ms. jiang told him ~
    cuz she wants to revenge on da feng.

  • [YT] ….怎麽會這樣呢..

  • [YT] 方便面很好吃呀!!

  • [YT] 傻皮蛋!

  • [YT] 珍珍有什麽資格責駡大風啊..是她之前一直勾引大風不放棄那八百億,還一直幫忙想辦法傷害福安的~ 很賤耶

  • [YT] OMG, I’m crying. it cuts me like a knife to see Da Feng hurt and crying. I know that I’m a little bias because ILOVE BLUE LAN but I’m crying for Da feng here. this is so sad. I love this drama

  • [YT] 哇藍正龍那一滴眼淚
    掉下的時間真準 真的越來越會演戲了

  • [YT] how did Pi Dan know the passcode?

  • [YT] OMG! I need to be there to comfort Blue I see tears in his eyes my heart hurts. And roy better stop punching my man lol

  • [YT] omg! 故事總是有這麽一個twist!

  • [YT] I agree with you I want Da feng. I am sick of him just waiting in the wind to help her. she needs to be with Dae Feng only! and by the way BLUE LAN IS SO HOT!

  • [YT] omgg…..八寶堂的少爺和四物堂的少爺….天啊…..!

  • [YT] loool the person who plays Zhen Zhen is a good actor to get this many people to hate her XD

  • [YT] i hate it.why everytime when fuan needs help dong jie will always be there. hate it… i want dafeng

  • [YT] I agree Fu and Da Feng are adorable. I love Da Feng! blue lan zheng long has stolen my heart totally!

  • [YT] please marry me Blue Lan!

  • [YT] Omg, I cried the whole episode. So sad.. 🙁 大風 become very bad le.. sigh..

  • [YT] 不用那麼激動,演戲而已!

  • [YT] 現在好恨江珍珍

  • [YT] fu an and da feng are so cufee together

  • [YT] 陳喬恩很會演耶,她把 emoticon 的轉變表演得很好。But the aunt is sooo gayy, why did she tell her the truth?!

  • [YT] Well, even if he didn’t tell.. I guess Fu an will still ask him why..

  • [YT] 2:47 and the kiss……
    god , da feng !!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] 嚴家 好像有什麼秘密..?

  • [YT] 好高興他們家終於有一個家的樣子,但很快就要被破壞了… 🙁

  • [YT] Lol 3:16 Fu an’s back got a black wire. lmao ~~ and zhen zhen is so bad.

  • [YT] wow! i haven’t cried like this since FTLY!

  • [YT] 我的天啊,東杰是四物堂的少爺啊!

  • [YT] can”t wait until next sunday i hope the old man don”t die:(

  • [YT] 就好像言情小說耶

  • [YT] Pi Dan so sad, always got bullied! But his cute anyway, hahah! 😀

  • [YT] roy is the rigth one for her he could has kisssssssssssssss

  • [YT] yes bitch u did wrong but u not get him back now u will be in hell now

  • [YT] looks like han dong je and yan da feng are not only love rivals???

  • [YT] 嚴陽好聰明 腦筋動得真快= =

  • [YT] no one call tell him any thing 🙁 so sad

  • [YT] How dong jie fetch fu an, pi dan and an dong ni back with only one bike?! LMAO! xD

  • [YT] 皮蛋在搞什么东西啊,一定要帮那个贱女人拆散一个幸福的家吗?!! 好讨厌他们!!!

  • [YT] OMG ! Cant wait until next episode !!

  • [YT] omomomg

  • [YT] omg omg, cant wait for next week episode. i totally cried throughout the whole show. D:

    and yan da feng is like back to the old self already, omg omg omg.

    FU QI AN KANG <3

  • [YT] han dong je!!!!! ssooo handsome…lucky joe chen

  • [YT] 邱泽好帅~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • [YT] poor fuo an & pi dan:(

  • [YT] zhen zhen is a bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] Omg, i can’t wait for the next ep.
    another week!!!!!! 🙁
    Why Yan Da Feng become back to-the-old-him?
    Sighz. This show is awesome.

  • [YT] i kno!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] thats y they have her there got to be at least 1 chacracter that every1 hates

  • [YT] Han dong jie is so hotttttt! 😀

  • [YT] omg THIS IS so touching

  • [YT] pi dan is so cute haha

  • [YT] Jiang Zhen Zhen is sucha whore, wtf. -_-
    ROFL ROFL. I really hate her role in this show.

  • [YT] So touching .

  • [YT] OMG NOO!!! SAD PART! D;

  • [YT] Omg, this is part is so touching. 🙁
    It makes me feel like crying, we love Easy Fortune Happy Life! ^^

  • [YT] thank u<3

  • [YT] lol! what colors do you pick? its so odd! XD

  • [YT] It’s so funny when Yan Da Feng says ” We’re the best “.
    Rofl, so cute. 😀

  • [YT] OMG dis is the first time Da Feng cried. I feel so sad for him. Fu An is sad over the Grandma for nothing, cuz she was about to die anyways. Its not like she a healthy looking grandma

  • [YT] she cant tie a “tie”

  • [YT] fu an is so pretty 🙂

  • [YT] HD!!!1 Yeah!!! Super excited.

  • [YT] Woohoo….first