Easy Fortune Happy Life Episode 17

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  • Xiaomin Summer Wen


  • Scchen123

    i luv the part where dong jie said 不可以了你已经有粉圆了

  • guest

    LOL fen yuan ah? XD i love roy qiu’s character.

  • xShizukaX

    this is like…the SWEETEST Taiwanese drama i ever watched!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT SOOOOO MUCH ♥♥♥♥

  • Ghie022108

    can u pls eng sub dis drama

  • [YT] Apparently they had to cut down the storyline, because all the actors had other dramas and had to end early…..

  • [YT] yea yea espcailly the first one hahah lol

  • [YT] OME VANNESS! xD soo cute =)

  • [YT] wat no way man !
    its some one from F4
    hes not good looking but hes not ugly !
    this new drama look similar to meteor garden 1

  • [YT] i agree..she looks much better^^

  • [YT] im sorry but i have to say the next drama’s main male character is ugly

    BUT the girl seems like a really good actor

    sorta looking forward to watching the drama

  • [YT] omg I see a lil baby in the circle (:
    is that how a real ultra sound is?

  • [YT] 少了甜蜜互動 可惜這兩人組合
    期待喬恩新戲 還有藍正龍

  • [YT] sm of th scene were cut

  • [YT] What is the other show called in the ending.

  • [YT] Awesome ending !
    heheh, vanness is handsome ! The mom looks like the mom in Meteor Garden haha.

  • [YT] I hope dongjie gets a good girl. 😀
    & omg i love zhen zhen so much now hahah, she’s pretty and cute !

  • [YT] Hahaha, yeye looks so cute !
    So great to see the two old men being friends. 🙂
    Hohoho dongjie is super cute too hahaha !

  • [YT] I love dafeng’s intro part 😀

  • [YT] Crap storyline, but as long as I can see Blue I’m happy enough ! 😀 hahaha.

  • [YT] lol yeh.. it was.. haha it was in one of the behind the scenes at the end of each episodes..

  • [YT] I don’t understand what you said about nice guys and time (irrelevant much?), so I am going to not answer that question. If it was a mentally healthy adult, then no I would not forgive them. This is not a movie, its a soap opera. Secondly, studies have shown that tv shows have effects on youth’s decision making. If shows broadcast that its socially acceptable to do these things, some youth might/will be significantly influenced and might/will embody some of these lessons.

  • [YT] whoa! why dafeng got the time to change his clothes ??? LOL

  • [YT] You mean he forgot that he loved this girl ?

  • [YT] 你们那么厉害自己去编啊~! 相信设么都没有,可能更烂!

  • [YT] 请参阅此影片…谢谢您…和平 ! ! !:



  • [YT] the drama looks so touching ^^ hope its nice ^^

  • [YT] 我完全理解为什么提早结束这部剧 因为编剧自己都编不下去了 这么好的演员 真是浪费啊

  • [YT] 如果是內出血,中醫來比較有危險吧..

  • [YT] 這編劇是…..

  • [YT] You know… you can’t just trust any nice guy. Just pass by a nice person and know em for a few hours and say “Oh you seem nice, you can be my friend forever” and yea. And take it this way. If someone murdered your father, would you forgive the murderer? it wouldn’t be their fault and you would forgive them easily? and if your lover cheats/deceives you, he’s obviously not a person you should’ve been with in the first place. movies are just to entertain… not to teach you valuable lessons…

  • [YT] OMG I really wanna watch!
    But then it only shows the first ep and its probably just an intro…
    I was reading the summary of it and it was SO awesome! better than I thought (:

  • [YT] The ending’s lil bit boring. nice yet would have liked something more. chen qiao en acting is good.

  • [YT] at the end it shows all these other dramas what is the name for the first one

  • [YT] It was an okay drama. Da Feng is a unique looking character thats for sure.

  • [YT] Don’t you think your taking this drama a bit too seriously?!!

    It’s nice for what it is, but nothing more than that. I wouldn’t fashion my life after it. 🙂

  • [YT] thanks very mcuh

  • [YT] thanks very much…

  • [YT] the acting of blue is coolll…..

  • [YT] blue身上的血很假…

  • [YT] this was filmed in a private resort hotel.. I read that some place.

  • [YT] Wow I am thankful for all the lessons that this drama has taught me. If your lover deceives you, hits you, and/ cheats on you its ok to forgive him because he “will” change. If a nice guy comes around, just make him your friend, because nice guys can’t be boyfriends. And if someone kills a member of your family, its okay to forgive, because it wasn’t like it was there fault she died in anyway. Thanks 福氣又安康 for teaching our youth these important lessons of life.

  • [YT] Yea, someone that kills your grandma, and verbally abuses you all the time is worthwhile to give any other chance to. Great point.

  • [YT] 真想看韓東杰和宜樺在一起的畫面噢…..

  • [YT] 下一站幸福 超期待的说!

  • [YT] 想看诶,好像还不错的样子

  • [YT] aunty’s hair looks sooo much better here.. haha

  • [YT] wow a house THAT BIG? honestly?? geez.. its like a shopping centre!! geez..

  • [YT] wow a house THAT BIG? honestly?? geez.. its like a shopping centre!! geez..

  • [YT] Oh Roy…..

  • [YT] whats the name of the preview of the drama?

  • [YT] 蛋糕好可爱噢~美国的都超丑的!

  • [YT] 厄~如果真的有这么废的警察,台湾人也太悲哀了吧?不过期待这出戏的结束

  • [YT] 警官蠻可愛

  • [YT] At 10:30 is that an yi xuan or is that another girl?
    o; i thought he loved an yi xuan… XP

  • [YT] blue really handsome oh…..like him very much…..

  • [YT] i guess.

  • [YT] no doubt yang yang is very attractive…. 😉

  • [YT] i thought there is a episode where pai quan nu wang is in?

  • [YT] “只要你叫我的名字,我一定會出現’ 感覺像王子變青蛙.


    三立加油! 另一個尤質戲劇.

  • [YT] it’s not release yet.
    this coming sunday will be its first episode.

  • [YT] 是耶. agree that she is pretty.

  • [YT] 看來是個悲劇阿~~~

  • [YT] oh looking forward to the next drama!
    but in the last few seconds of the preview, the girl that Vanness is hugging should be the rich girl (許瑋甯)?? is that becoz Vanness gonna lose his memory? so thats why the slogan is like ” love never leaves us but u just cant rmb it” … sounds sad~

  • [YT] 下一站 幸福… 我想看

  • [YT] 可能蓝正龙是为了和女演员亲热来拍的

  • [YT] OMG…another cry your eyes out drama coming up

  • [YT] 下一站 幸福…wanna see it ^^

  • [YT] 應該是最後硬要趕拍結局

  • [YT] in the same scene…?

  • [YT] 粉圓 !!! ^V^

  • [YT] in the end of the preview.

  • [YT] wait… what?
    where did he hug her with the kid?

  • [YT] 8.26 , dog also have to carry it’s own bag O:

  • [YT] 6.06 – 6.08 Reminds me of ming zhong zhu ding O:

  • [YT] ohh 下一站 幸福~~looks good….!~!~is that 安以軒?….pretty eh~

  • [YT] ㄜ~~亂演= =

  • [YT] 不是演員的關係..相信這些演員也拍的很辛苦…這編劇真,神,寫這種爛到不行的劇情,跟本就是想毀了這些演員,福安也把與世無爭的角色演的很好,不過就是戲戲不連戲..

  • [YT] Oh….so romantic…..the ppl who say this drama is not nice should try to put yrself in the character’s point of view……then u will understand the story better

  • [YT] 亂演…,難怪會不叫座…藍正龍再接這種戲,有損身價

  • [YT] where can i watch “next stop, Happiness”?

  • [YT] OMGOMG A HAPPY ENDINGGG! 😀 Im happy for DongJie, he found himself a girl lol. Nicee endingg!

  • [YT] 这太假了。。这样都不开枪。。。。。

  • [YT] nope, vanness wont die! He “just” lost his memory…:(( Even though its sad!

  • [YT] no, he won’t die, just forgot

  • [YT] Great story line…great actors…I cried, I laughed, I empatized, I fell in love with Roy Qiu.

  • [YT] ending is so boring

  • [YT] Look like Vanness will die in the show ?

  • [YT] 不要這樣嘛..也許劇情真的沒有很深得人心,

  • [YT] no i meant that he was hugging her with the kid there. meaning that he didn’t hug the kid in the preview but the kid was there when he hugged her therefore, he didn’t die because the kid was already like 4 or something.

  • [YT] 下一站,幸福 (Next Stop, Happiness) With Vaness Wu of F4 🙂

  • [YT] 太老套了, 一猜就怀孕。 太老套了了

  • [YT] 哇哇,终于开完了~^^

  • [YT] can sum1 please tell me the name of the show they previewed after the ending song???

  • [YT] 啊!好期待 下一站,幸福

  • [YT] oh~~~東傑好帥<33

  • [YT] 大風真是個傻瓜

  • [YT] the hugging is another show.

  • [YT] 我很喜歡開始是問題

  • [YT] 看清楚一点好吗?

  • [YT] keke. ill just know its a type of food?

  • [YT] maybe too rush then the ju ben don’t have write properly bahs.

  • [YT] 有點期待..

  • [YT] 烂就别看

  • [YT] 白痴,看电视剧都能看到什么剧情都不懂?

  • [YT] Thx ^^

  • [YT] 劇情真的很爛= =

  • [YT] the girl that vaness hugged in the end is not an yi xuan ye… & where got he hugged the kid?

  • [YT] OMG ~~ NICE :DDDDDD<333

  • [YT] agree cindyuc819…don’t see if u don’t like it …

  • [YT] when male frog and female frog wants to get married, male froggie has to gather courage!:P haha….this one was from pi dan right?…yang yang so cute!^^

  • [YT] 下一站幸福,又是千篇一律的劇情,悶悶的!

  • [YT] 那個宜樺是不是無敵珊寶妹「邱澤」的太太?

  • [YT] wth i think it just gave away the whole endingh ahah

  • [YT] Try copy and paste the 2 words and see what came up.

  • [YT] im sure da feng can get a new car in a period of 2 yrs, so it’s no big deal, the car changed colors…

  • [YT] haha the hair of the face on pi dan’s shirt when they were at the train station kinda matches his, so cute!

  • [YT] 粉圓,hilarious…hahaha. Dong Jie is so cute!

  • [YT] where? i only saw him huggin her… wen did he hug the kid?

  • [YT] i like zheng zheng’s smile.. this time very natural.. =)

  • [YT] I thought there would be at least 20 episodes. : (

  • [YT] i did.
    and it came up to be a different word o.o’

  • [YT] she did pick up.. but after which she step on her ex bf leg, she drop it again.. look carefully

  • [YT] u are wrong.. she did pick up.. but after which she step on her ex bf leg, she drop it again.. look carefully.

  • [YT] they did. in the end, they were hugging with their kid. so he didn’t die.

  • [YT] It’s made of rice type balls…it that make any sense.
    Google it!

  • [YT] ugh. the sound doesnt match for me.
    and it keeps skipping. =/

  • [YT] i think this is so stupid! he should have gone to the hospital!!!!!! i mean, chinese medicine is good, but sometimes, broken bones need surgery. Yikes!

  • [YT] OMG 下一站,幸福 has Mei Zuo from Meteor Garden and An Yi Xuan from other movies! OMG!!! W00T

  • [YT] OMG粉圓….

  • [YT] 最好偵訊室有這麼高級…哈哈

  • [YT] Awh great ending… but sad the drama’s over…

  • [YT] so sweet,sigh how i love to embrace blue lan.. 🙂 that two guys are so freaking gorgeous…. 🙂

  • [YT] its something like the pearl in pearl milk tea. XD

  • [YT] 這個結局真的有夠草率的

  • [YT] can some one sub this stuff

  • [YT] The ending disappointed meeee. Sigh. 🙁


    Vanness 好帥喔。下一部戲看起來不錯,但感覺有點像流星花園。 But I want to watch it! 😀

  • [YT] 這幾場戲都有問題:
    1. 大風的車子從紅色變成白色
    2. 那個女的已經把書撿起來了, 東杰還檢啊?


  • [YT] 從高處墮下

  • [YT] 藍正龍穿成那樣超級帥的!!

  • [YT] hahaz…i also find the policeman at 2.22 cute…

  • [YT] 没见过这么烂的剧情

  • [YT] 我覺得下一站,幸福,有可能會比福氣更好看。


  • [YT] 既然要批評的話幹嘛不乾脆不看了= =?


  • [YT] 每次大風出事..

  • [YT] AGREE.

  • [YT] really nice n funny drama

  • [YT] 105yan….這是大風替福安重新興建的新百年謝家。

  • [YT] that girl already picked up those books/notebooks… haha i found it

  • [YT] 太老套了吧

  • [YT] the new drama look interesting.. even the preview touches me.. haha.. anyway the girl really look alike to QiuZhe Wudi’s wife.. maybe its the same person?

  • [YT] my friend got that happy birthday hat

  • [YT] omg…. the police guy at 2:22 is kinda cuteee. <3

  • [YT] 超級中肯= =


  • [YT] omg haha! shan lao shu guy is sneaking around and then he starts walking calmly… so stupid and suspicious seeming if you were a passerby

  • [YT] 哈哈,粉圓

  • [YT] 粉圆?! HAHA

  • [YT] whats 粉圆? 🙂

  • [YT] 有没有人觉得最后的那个女生很像邱哲在无敌珊宝妹里,饰演他老婆的?

  • [YT] dongjie so ke lian…like fuan but he noe he has to help save n protect fuan n dafeng’s love…oo…pity him…he so shuai!!! arh!! xiujiekai!!!qiuze!!!

  • [YT] ya, vanness gonna die.. omg.. so sad… i hope they can make a little twist so that he dont need to die…

  • [YT] haha i thought da feng supposed to give her a surprise too?

  • [YT] haha when da feng intro himself all got no.8…lol

  • [YT] lol i din noe dog can sit trAin in taiwan too…

  • [YT] 房子不都燒光光了嗎??怎麼還有藥呢??

  • [YT] 爺爺去了薑母島嗎???哈哈

  • [YT] 又看完喬恩了~~~不知道喬恩下一部的戲是什麼呢??

  • [YT] 這劇本很爛…

  • [YT] …omg, he has the weirdest logic ever… anybody care to explain?

  • [YT] hmm i think the new drama vanness’s character lost his memory from the brain surgery which saved his life…

  • [YT] 偶像劇就是要看一些不可能的浪漫阿~~

  • [YT] blue look so much better when he smiles as compared to when he has a black face

  • [YT] Cant wait for the new drama!!!

  • [YT] LOL was he reading FHM magazine? o.O

  • [YT] wahhhh this new drama looks good 🙂

  • [YT] 槍是假的嗎?

  • [YT] 這大結局好難看喔!!!!

  • [YT] can see its gonna be a good ending 🙂

  • [YT] AGREE! i was in total shock lor…though i was guessing it will end this few episode but so fast…T_T

  • [YT] 送大風到醫院治療不是更好嗎?!為什麼要送到福安的家?她真的以為自己是神醫嗎?!

  • [YT] The name of this upcoming drama is Autumns Concerto. (:

  • [YT] 吳建豪這樣跟李威好像喔~

  • [YT] last epi…like so sudden…

  • [YT] ahhhhhhh agreeeeeeeee

  • [YT] ahhhh da feng, my pooor baby hahhaa and yeah go fu an . totally agreee guess she don’t neeed a doctor hahaa

  • [YT] Man, you mean Vanness’s character is gonna die in the end? That really sucks, because the new drama seems really good. Why can’t it be a happy ending?!

  • [YT] NVM..just saw the whole preview….argh….damn it…looks so freaking sad!
    dont think i’ll be able to watch such a sad drama…
    but i still wanna noe the name

  • [YT] hey can anyone plz tell me the new drama’s name…plzzz….
    looks interesting … n m kinda …already excited….lol…
    plzzzz….i think i wanna watch it…as long as no dies … m happy watching it

  • [YT] srsly storyline did suck but that blue’s acting wasnt all that great anyways, but if they werent the cast, i bet the ratings would go down the drain so bad, because lotsa things didnt even go together in this movie

  • [YT] the ending sucked but OMG! the preview for the next drama just made me so freaking hype

  • [YT] 這樣才會符合之前得故事阿

  • [YT] 這集好爛喔!

  • [YT] blue looks so hot in aviators

  • [YT] 好弱的警察


  • [YT] 我猜想下一齣因該也做不到20集吧

  • [YT] 天啊這個劇情也太爛了吧!?

  • [YT] 女:安以軒&男:吳健豪 主演

  • [YT] the birthday hat is cuter than the cake
    so lol when pidan couldnt blow the candle

    the butterfly that came with the ring so cute!

  • [YT] i dont like the ending its could have been better i mean they could’ve shown her baby or how they were in the future

  • [YT] 吳建豪好帥, 女的是誰?

  • [YT] i love love love it!

  • [YT] lol the kiwi part
    haha dong jie didn’t no what it was

  • [YT] Looks like a very sad show =(

  • [YT] how cute i love his cake so cutee

  • [YT] 现在的偶像剧都这样..有多夸张就多夸张..那些少女都会很爱看的..!!

  • [YT] 可能編劇是想說

  • [YT] 下一站幸福感觉好像流星哦 哈哈

  • [YT] LOL 败犬女王 in New York?

  • [YT] LOL..tt’s why is call 偶像剧…

  • [YT] 粉圆啊?

  • [YT] i want pi dan’s birthday hat for myself =)

    its wayy cute.

  • [YT] Vaness baby your sooooooooooooo HOT hahah

  • [YT] 哈哈, 爺爺穿成那樣,好可愛!

  • [YT] why was she pregnant at the end?

  • [YT] OMG! ITS THE END?!?!! wow…

  • [YT] don’t you just want to marry him. He is too damn handsome

  • [YT] gahh! yan yang is so cuteee

  • [YT] I love fu an and da feng. and damn I love blue lan

  • [YT] He is just waY TOO HOT! I wish I was lying next to Da Feng/Blue Lan, I would want to stay there for the rest of my life lol

  • [YT] haha. Yeah she doesn’t need any doctors. But all I can think of is that beautiful man lying in the bed. I would be all over him lol. They are adorable together

  • [YT] Fu An is probably the best doctor there is.
    Overexceeds the hospital doctors

  • [YT] I want to ask Blue Lan to marry me

  • [YT] useless polices….why they even have the gun for…they can shot the guy who is running away…

  • [YT] y the ending never show they live until 80 years old then the tong hua grow then then end

  • [YT] omg vaness’ drama looks good! he’s so handsome!!

  • [YT] 我個人覺得這結局爛透了,他們説是什麽收視率不好,提早下檔(所以一定是中間剪了很多)。

  • [YT] was da feng driving a red car? how’d it get white?

  • [YT] looks good!!!!

  • [YT] ahhh!! the ending is so cute!

  • [YT] that interrogating cop looks cute. =0)

  • [YT] why the good hearted and cute guys don’t get good girls?

  • [YT] 吳建豪的中文越來越好了~~

  • [YT] wow. those police are useless! they get knock down by just one push…kinda ridiculous.

  • [YT] 哈哈 董事長 = 董事長 ..

  • [YT] 明明就現行犯 外加擄人

  • [YT] 這樣不是很像當初福安奶奶与旺財爺爺?

  • [YT] 中藥! DUH!

  • [YT] 偶像劇當然要這樣拉

  • [YT] 福安眼睛好漂亮 =)

  • [YT] 他們真的好幸福哦~

  • [YT] 那蛋糕是85的嗎

  • [YT] 下一站,幸福感覺起來很不錯看…^^

  • [YT] 不了解….哪有傷的這麼重卻不立即送醫院的道理….那些甜言蜜語在醫院也能講呀….編劇這麼寫的目的是啥?

  • [YT] 那個警察好帥噢~

  • [YT] 老狐狸 XDD

  • [YT] it’s called Autumn’s Concerto / Xia Yi Zhan Xin Fu

  • [YT] hospital!!! hospital!!! hospital!!!
    Why not send to hospital le??

  • [YT] 福安啊~~ 那離婚證書上只有你自己的簽名ㄟ… 是要怎ㄇ當要脅大風的把柄啦??

    結局也是… 草草就結束 🙁

  • [YT] Xia Yi Zhan Xing Fu or next stop, happiness

  • [YT] as if you wouldn’t take him to the hospital, also his shirt is awfully white from rolling down a cliff.

  • [YT] i would like to say thank you for hard work for this drama

  • [YT] Aw, cute ending for Da feng and fu an same with their grandparents!!! Aw that preview for that drama look so good!

  • [YT] i agree1 hes willing to step down for fu an and da feng 🙂

  • [YT] does anyone know what’s the title of the upcoming drama showing at the end of this video? thank you in advance… please I hope someone can answer my question.

  • [YT] 下一站,幸福
    its another drama~

  • [YT] Thanks! Nice video quality 🙂

  • [YT] thank you…i really enjoyed watching the whole series….very nice ending I’m happy!!!

  • [YT] She’s hinting marriage

  • [YT] ye introducing himself, that funny and by the way al have something with 8

  • [YT] how can ppl just walk by?
    if i was there, i would have paused

  • [YT] So touching!!

  • [YT] 福安的身高号码的后面都是5

  • [YT] i’m really agree with u.. it remind me METEOR GARDEN

  • [YT] omg.. 韓東傑 has such a big heart 🙁

  • [YT] 下一站.幸福……應該會很好看!!

  • [YT] 下一站,幸福

  • [YT] 有小小彬耶~~~ 好可愛ㄛ

  • [YT] wow, no broken bone from a fall like that? sooooooo goddam fake

  • [YT] the upcoming drama reminds me of meteor garden!

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