Half a Fairy Tale Episode 29 two versions

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Zhao Ting Yu and Zhao Ting Yuan are twins who were separated at a young age. With their grandfather getting older and older sister Ting Yuan having contracted a serious illness, Ting Yu was brought back to protect the household and take charge of the family business. To stabilize the Zhao family business, the two sisters must overcome their initial estrangement and work together to withstand the scheming Jing Qing Yu. Fighting alongside them are Ting Yuan’s fiancé Du Yu Feng and Jing Qing Yu’s own son, Jing Wei. In the process, Ting Yu and Ting Yuan realize their own strengths as they taste both the sweetness and bitterness of maturation, but most importantly, they finally experience the true meaning of “family.”

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10 thoughts on “Half a Fairy Tale Episode 29 two versions

  1. although i really liked the pairing of ting yu and yu feng and ting xuan and jing wei, i think the first ending actually does make more sense to me.  i think ting xuan was touched by jing wei’s many years of love for her and all he did, but its not unreasonable for ting xuan to ultimately still love yu feng more since she’s grew up loving him.  and even though yu feng’s heart was not really in it from the beginning, i think he did grow some sort of love for her over the many years and he did love her kindness.  and when she died, he realized it.  i think the only unreasonable part was pairing jing wei with ting yu bc ting yu never liked jing wei from the start.  

  2. i feel terrible for Qing-Wei. This is gonna be a TERRIBLY unfair ending for him!!! They should’ve told him about the twins and about Xuan-Xuan’s condition so he could be there for her! Omg. This is so ridiculous that everyone but him knows. What if he doesn’t find out till the day she leaves……….. THAT’S TERRIBLE!!!!! 

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