Half a Fairy Tale Episode 30 HD two different Endings

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Zhao Ting Yu and Zhao Ting Yuan are twins who were separated at a young age. With their grandfather getting older and older sister Ting Yuan having contracted a serious illness, Ting Yu was brought back to protect the household and take charge of the family business. To stabilize the Zhao family business, the two sisters must overcome their initial estrangement and work together to withstand the scheming Jing Qing Yu. Fighting alongside them are Ting Yuan’s fiancé Du Yu Feng and Jing Qing Yu’s own son, Jing Wei. In the process, Ting Yu and Ting Yuan realize their own strengths as they taste both the sweetness and bitterness of maturation, but most importantly, they finally experience the true meaning of “family.”

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94 thoughts on “Half a Fairy Tale Episode 30 HD two different Endings

  1. To me… Yu Feng should be with Ting Yu and Jing Wei should be with Ting Xuan. Yu Feng is cold and Ting Yu is a happy hearted. Jing Wei is a funny dude and Ting Xuan is peaceful.

  2. First Version, Jing Wei loves Ting Xuan, Yu Feng loves Ting Yu. Second Version, Jing Wei still loves Ting Xuan but admires Ting Yu and Yu Feng loves Ting Xuan.

  3. This drama is interesting but the ending leaves me wondering what it means. Jing Wei is in love with Ting Xuan. Yu Feng is in love with Ting Yu. But the thing is now that Ting Xuan died, Ting Yu plays both her and her sister life now. I think its a twin concept. She lives for themselves. I wish the ending was more depicted in its meaning. Its confusing for me to understand.

    • First Version, Yu Feng loves Ting Xuan and Jing Wei loves Ting Yu. Second Version, Yu Feng loves Ting Xuan but admires Ting Yu and Jing Wei loves Ting Xuan.

  4. I totally agree with you guys both ending are really really reallly… SUCK… How can they could they make up these ending that made no sense, Honestly.. =(((… When I saw it, It mads me feel like getting a slap in my face …. WTH is going on? I love both 2 couples, and I will be more than happy to see Ting Yu and Yu Feng end up together after traveling around the world to persuade his dream of being a photographer and Jing Wei will find out his own happiness while keeping his memories about his love with Yi Xuan… but now they ended up the story like that. It made me totally confused =.=

  5. ting xu wearing veil..but she can be expose to sunlight on the funeral..jing wei ended up going to the wedding?? …cant understand,,,,so waste of the story,,:) 

  6. i hate it ,,i watch this series for like 3 days..and end up dissapointed..:) why they make this kind of ending,,,didnt clarify clearly..but still i love janine chang :))

  7. Oh my god 🙁 the ending is so sux. i thought the starting part of the song got show Yu Feng n jing wei at airport .. why i didnt see it in the show ?? 
    Is a very nice show , but the ending so disappointed 

  8. like the story.. i spent aroung 3-4 days to watch this drama .. it s sorrt of the good drama .. i’m happy with it until the ending … what an ending!!!  but both ending are suck … really suck ..

    the first one is so mess .. non sequence and got switched too many scene order causes many questions while watching the ep.  Plus, it is so so so so unreal that Yu Feng will leave Ting Yu with Jing Wei. So non sence .. they love each other for the whole story. Only Jing Wei himself loves two girls at the same time. Ting Yu has no any romance scene with Jing Wei and has no sign that she would change to him. This means it is impossible for Ting Yu to b happy with Jing Wei who she has no feeling for. Also , how come the loyalty YuFeng left Ting Yu and broke the promise with Ting Xuan to take care of her sister. After the whole story of loyalty he has to Zhao ‘s family. he would never leave them all travelling around.. STUPID thoughts.

    second is unusually more complete than the first and fulfilled the missing part of story. Dont know if it s the trick of production team.. but it s kind of wiered anyway. After Ting Xuan died.. what next ?? v all knew that Ting Xuan is dying from the very beginning.. what v dont know is what next!!! will Ting yu b happy wt Yu Feng ? will Jing Qi get together wt that suitable couple? Come on … wtt all the miserable scene , at least give us the sweet moment ending from the left couple? The death part was funny but still acceptable. No progress of anything after the death is to waste the film.

    • 2nd version ending supposes to mean the different way ending not the fulfilled part. -_-!!!

      otherwise, switch 1st and 2nd version.. let me know how the story goes and how it is twisted in the second ep would b better than let me doubt the missing part in the first version and figure it up in the second.

  9. OK the first version of the ending sucked beyond words, it’s like everyone changed their feelings out of the blue and it was just so jarring inconsistent, not to mention out of place, that I got a headache from it all. IT MADE NO SENSE! Seriously! I’m still horrified when I think about it. Anyway, I just finished watching the second version and I liked it so much more… ok the way she died in the second version was kinda eyebrow-noteworthy and not as heartbreaking as in the first version, but narratively the open ending made so much more sense. Cut out whole wedding fiasco thing that reduced this whole series to garbage (harsh words but in this case sadly simply the truth). 

    I usually don’t like open endings but in this case it was just so much more suitable: we did NOT need to know what happened to Ting Yu and Yu Feng because the whole series had been building up for that particular pairing so it was only natural for them to get together somewhere down the road. And seeing Jing Wei privately bid farewell to the Ting Yu that he’d loved most of his life (as in he’d always had feelings for her), it was a suitable and poignant scene about letting go and moving on with life. Despite his confusion about loving both the twins, in the end I always thought it was Ting Xuan that he truly loved (all the hints about how the night version moved/touched him more than the day version, I mean come on…). I also liked the fact that in the second version, Ting Xuan didn’t die alone at the end but had Jing Wei beside her until the very end. And those last words that she recorded gave so much closure that I missed from the first version of the ending… besides I think it was more true to her selfless personality for her to leave a few last comforting and wise words for her loved ones instead of just leaving and dying on her own without a word to anyone.

    Who knew I’d actually feel better after watching the second version of the ending 🙂

  10. Well done to the person who wrote this 2 ending. After watching both ending, realise why the title is Fairy Tales 2/1…I guess the person who wrote this story want to end this story with something different from the rest of story ending…So he/she create 2 ending but actually there are only 1 ending .. the first version story got so many unexplained situation…this unexplained situation u got the answer from the second version …as for the second unexplained situation u got the answer from the first version…..The Title aldy give the answer that is 2 version – 1/2 + 1/2 combine together equal to 1 story…..

  11. I watched the 2nd ending before the 1st one. Well, there’s no doubt both ending sucked but at least they stuck to the theme of the title “half a fairytale” since both endings were half-ish. I was hoping to at least see one couple get together, whether it’s yu feng with ting yu or jing wei with ting yu or EVEN yang zhe xin and jing qi. What made me the most dissapointed was how all characters were sure about each other’s feelings at one point and suddenly decided to have a change of heart at the ending. Anyways, the acting was good especially from the korean actor and zhu zhi xiao, the girl who played jing qi took me by surprise, she’s damn talented, hopefully we’ll get to see more of her in the future. The whole drama was actually pretty messy and was going back and forth. The concept of this drama was  really interesting, I think the writers should improve the storyline and come up with a similar style of drama but more logical and sustainable ending.

    • I totally agree with you that what made the ending disappointing was that all the characters had clarity and surety into who they had feelings for and the sudden change of heart in the ending wasn’t built on anything so the 360 degree twist was very hard to believe!! 

      I do think this storyline was really clever I just wish they took more time to make the storyline better but I doubt they’ll make another drama that is similar in plot. Also, it won’t feature the same actors/actresses! A thing I like about this drama is the great acting from Janine Chang, Lee Joon Hyuk and Zhu Zhi Xiao! 🙂 

  12. both endings show different facets in love,sweetness sad pain. but all it matters is the love in heart 🙂
    i love the storyline.
    half a fairytale.

  13. in the opening i think.. you get to see a scene with Yu Feng meeting up with Jing Wei at the airport? i was just wondering if it did happen? i dont remember seeing it.. maybe coz i skipped some parts? O_o

  14. I think the song 愛,有你才完整 also hinted us the ending all along.. “让观众再一次对故事的结局想入非非。如果爱情只有1/2算不算爱情”  Is it still love if there’s only half of it? 

    • It reflects the original ending where Ting Yu ends up with Jing Wei and is it still love if Jing Wei is only able to give ‘half’ his love to her

  15. I know that most of you guys are big fan of TingYu & Yu Feng, but from the start of this drama,I’ve dreamt of TingXuan & Yu Feng ended up together. So I like the first version better than the second bcoz at least it put my heart at ease knowing that Yu Feng’s feeling towards TingXuan all this long was real and that at the end he realized who he really loves deep down in his heart (that’s what I think when Yu Feng decided to leave TingYu on his wedding day). The Second version doesn’t make any sense at all to me and it’s just too confusing with all the scenes “re-arranged” in different order but with the same ending. -_-“

  16. I think this ending is better. Try looking at it in depth. It left room for Yu Feng and Ting Yu. He was by her side all this while. A shoulder to cry on and also during the funeral only both of them were left there. Yu Feng did think back about his promise to Ting Xuan. So did the rest. Nothing special. All of us will feel sad of losing someone dear to us. The ending showed that Jing Wei’s love for Ting Xuan more when he was at the beach. So the ending is very clear. Just that they didn’t go into detail that Yu Feng and Ting Yu got married. So it is a happier ending compared to the 1st version where it showed in detail that Yu Feng and Ting Yu were separated and Ting Yu probably ended up with Jing Wei or NOT.

  17. i just wish ting xuan didn’t die..so sad. i wished she and jing wei at least ended up together..obviously jing wei was in love with her and not ting yu..i don;t really understand yu feng..who did he really love? he was confused till the end.

  18. jing wei said he loved the one he grwe up with the one that undertands him. well then obv that’s ting xuan! why would he b confused then? i’m so confused!! no more mainland dramas! they aren’t even well thought thru and endings were soooo gay!

    • But if he really fell in love with the one that grew up with him and understood him, he would’ve pursued ting xuan long before ting yu’s appearance! It was Ting Yu’s lively and fiesty personality that captured his attention

      • Actually Jing Wei did like Ting Xuan but couldn’t pursue her because she was already engaged to Yu Feng. So at the time he couldn’t act on his feelings until he later decided to just go with his feelings rather than keeping them inside.

  19. 我替小漁感到可怜,御風把她从快乐村庄的生活硬是尽量变成姐姐, 一直以来小漁并不希罕这种富贵生活然后呢,,,爱上了,,而且一开始小漁跟本没爱过京伟, 而编辑和导演硬要推给京伟,看了太生气了.那前面几集御風说的都是废话!我看了那么多年的连续剧,第一次看到那么生气和失望,可怜这团体的演员们.你们都演得好才可让我们一直追.太兰的完结篇.???????????

  20. Yes. I also prefer 2nd version of the ending. As is a open ending at least still can think yu feng and ting yu together. And also can let people have imagination space. At least the love line is clearer. The first version like dont make sense at all as totally twist the whole love line, which doesn’t match the whole story from the beginning . 

  21. both ending don’t give satisfaction.. but if there is indeed sad ending, I prefer second ending.. at least it only show that how deep jin wei feeling for ting xuan.. and about yu feng & ting yu, it better left this way.. untouch, so we will have our own assume that they just love each other and life go on.

    the first ending just describe, how yu feng doesn’t appreciate ting yu at all.. do you think she is thing, that you can give it to anybody just because you don’t want it without even ask her opinion whether who she really like. plus this first version made me wonder whether ting yu really like yu feng and vice versa.   

  22. The second version doesn’t help make things any clearer…
    32 episodes and this is what I waited for the entire time? 2 endings that didn’t put an end to anything, what a failure…  

    • well it kinda made it clear that jing wei still loves xuan xuan and in the 1st version its like worse than the 2nd cause the 2nd made sure that jing wei was using ting yu as a substitute for xuan xuan and also in the 2nd ending since yufeng didnt leave or have that phone call you can kinda assume yufeng and ting yu got married or something. so i kinda like the 2nd ending better but yea the two versions are basically the same……

  23. I feel that yufeng still like ting yu. See his expression when he hang up the call when he ask jingwei to come bk. bec ting xuan mentioned if wif jing wei will be more happy . As ting xuan last scene was wif the glass bottle wif wo hen xing fu note. So yufeng still let his love to jingwei bec he feel only jingwei can let tingyu happy . I guess the scene whereby he think of ting xuan bec ting xuan is a important person to him and he did not keep his promise wif ting xuan in the past so he feel sorry?
    One thing confirm is ting yu love yu feng. And jing wei love ting yu first then ting xuan .He love both of them bec all along he thought is the same person. Even though is abit unbelievable that he love the twins.
    I am ok with ting xuan dying scene bec is quite touching. But the ending make the whole story a twist and doesnt match with the loveline from the begining.But I still will like to see ting yu and yu feng together. Bec Ting yu love the person is yufeng and yufeng with ting yu will make him happy too.

  24. 個人感覺: 配樂其實有好像有偷偷說明人物腳色的內心想法喔!
    一直以來庭諼愛的只有御風. 會退出是因為知道自己活不久了. 而且御風喜歡的是自己最愛的妹妹.
    從最後一集看來, 御風其實也是愛庭諼的. 所以一項冷靜的他, 也忍不住失去愛人的痛苦. 兩人畢竟從小一起長大, 有著深厚的情感.   也許御風不知道他愛著庭諼. 因為從小被父親施壓去接近庭諼, 去照顧且關心庭諼, 其中就算產生了感情, 御風可能也分不清楚是真是假.  妹妹的出現, 就像是另一個庭諼  讓他可以在沒有壓力,沒有目的的情況下去喜歡她. 但最後庭諼的離開以及知道庭諼最初也是最終的心意, 他才發現自己也是愛著庭諼的. “原來愛是這樣子, 亂了人所有理智, 沒有你的日子, 快樂都不太真實”  御風也知道這樣他是不能讓小漁快樂的….

    • I do think you have a point that maybe Ting Yu’s appearance triggered Yu Feng’s underlying love for Ting Xuan and translated it onto Ting Yu because she came with no baggage/pressure/motives…. fine… maybe I guess the one he really love is ting xuan 🙁 and knowing that ting yu won’t be truly happy and blissful if the one in his heart is her sister then he chose to leave </3  

    • well said, my sentiment exactly.  The songs do give an indication of the feelings and thoughts of the characters.  Its funny, the first ending has a deeper impact on me, at first I was rooting for Yu Feng and Ting Yu but towards the end I thought no matter what, Ting Xuan’s true love is Yu Feng and her unselfish and unconditional love for him and Ting Yu deserves a reciprocation from him.

  25. I am 10 minutes from the ending of this episode (yes, i decided to go for a spoiler before i waste any more tears and energy from my life -lol-) ….and seeing all the comments below, all i can say is… i wonder how having this ending is supposed to help this series, production, and ratings? Did they (the director and writer) really think they were going to receive an excellent response from viewers? I’m not saying sad endings don’t exist…. but they’re usually fair and realistic enough to accept. This one,….is just completely absurd. Not only would Jing Wei not be loyal to Xuan Xuan, but both he and Yu Feng disrespected the existence of Ting-Yu. Sigh. Since I know the ending now, I dont know if I want to see the last 10 minutes of it anymore. 

  26. The ending really sucked, my goodness….
    They show all the scenes where Du Yu Feng and Xiao Yu liking each other, and now Du Yu Feng leaves Xiao Yu completely. He should knows that Xiao Yu like Yu Feng better since they both admitted that they liked each other in the previous scenes. How and Yu Feng just cheat on Xiao Yu’s feelings and leave like that???

    By the way if u look closer at the postcard, it is from New Zealand now Africa!!!!!!!!!
    And it is such a sucky ending!!!! Mainland drama sucks… the plot does not make sense at all!!!!!!!!!

  27. The preview for the entire drama was really misleading because they showed the funeral and wedding scene and since Ting Yu had a veil I thought she was Ting Xuan because you know how she can’t be exposed to sunlight so I thought Ting Yu was the one who died! And also the wedding scene had Ting Yu and Jing Wei so I thought it was Ting Xuan!! How smart of the directors!! 


    What does Jing Wei take Ting Yu as? I feel like she’s just a substitute! like the your-sister-is-dead so you’re the only option left attitude! I was waiting for Ting Yu to say “but the one you love is ting xuan” and THEN jing wei can say “that is true, but I loved the other half which is you” 

    I actually don’t really mind if Ting Yu ends up with Jing Wei as long as Jing Wei LOVES her and doesn’t treat her as a substitute!! Maybe if the directors gave Ting Yu and Jing Wei more sweet moments then the ending would be believable because I don’t think Ting Yu ever harboured feelings for Jing Wei ? 

    and I guess it does make sense for Yu Feng to pursue his initial dream of being a photographer and maybe find his ex-gf? BUT WHAT SO THE ONE YU FENG TRULY LOVES IS TING XUAN? 🙁 or his ex-gf? or ting yu? ALL THREE? 

    I want a SEQUEL!! Then they can focus on the love triangle of Yu Feng – Ting Yu – Jing Wei !! I can see a lot of potential where both Yu Feng and Jing Wei can struggle with their love for Ting Xuan but also come to realise that Ting Yu is the one they love! Sigh but it’s impossible because the actor Lee Joon Hyuk has enlisted for military service for two years 

  29. This drama followed the original novel’s sad ending.  I was expecting this ending according to yesterday’s episode when Ting Xuan died. 

    This is completely off the subject.  Jing Wei’s hairdo looks much better than the previous episodes.  This hairdo is more natural.  The previous one was too pretentious. 

  30. Worst ending ever. Obviously the writer/director is very confused about love, the story is so inconsistent, it spent a lot of time to build on something that turns out to be wasted. If love is to make the other half happy, I just can’t find yufeng and TingXuan ever laughed together in so many long years when they were together, they barely talked to each other about anything but business. the only connection is the remote memory from childhood, when TingXuan was only 6 years old, claiming she will be happy if she marries Yufeng. Does a 6-year-old girl really know what marriage means? Yufeng seems care about her as a family, but never as a love interest. He loved another girl in college, then quickly fell for Tingyu, he smiled with Tingyu, be jealous for her. Suddenly he realized his real love is Tingxuan after she died? Obviously he didn’t find happiness with TingXuan when she’s alive, how could he not even be jealous when she’s with JingWei? Even he realized that he doesn’t love TingYu as much, how could he leave her at the altar just like that? Like all these dramas, the couples never communicate with each other before the wedding. Even he claims he care about tingyu, and will take good care of her, what he did is hurting her most. Has Yufeng even asked Tingyu if she liked JingWei? He just sent Jingwei to the wedding as his replacement? Is Tingyu some cheap gift that can be easily given away? As to jingwei, he is a fool, he couldn’t tell the difference between 2 totally different persons, I feel he acts like drunk all the time when he’s with either of twins, he is in love with “being in love”, never focus/dedicated on the person he is in love with. If you focus enough, you will definitely figure out soon enough, even they are twins.

  31. Ting Xuan wants everyone to find happiness in life. 🙂 The “wo hen xing
    fu” note was from the wish she made, hidden in a bottle since childhood
    with Yu Feng. And at that time they were the happiest, when Yu Feng
    comes to realize that deep down inside, he actually loves Ting Xuan and
    his ex. Due to Xiao Yu’s appearance, he shadows both of his
    feelings/love onto the younger sister. But at the end, discovers what
    and who he loves most. which is photography (to become a wild life
    photographer in Africa), the young Ting Xuan and his ex gf.

    And he thinks that Jing Wei will be most suitable to give Xiao Yu happiness and is best to become the successor of the Y Jiang company. Jing Wei will devote all of his love to ONE twin now, since the other has passed away but still deeply loved in his heart. Coz from the beginning till end, he did love half the twin and the other. Which becomes one and makes half a fairy tale. 😛

    As for Yu Feng’s dad, after his son failed to become the next successor of the company, his revenge plans on the Zhao family has all diminished. And without Yu Feng’s assistance, he can’t do anything or go anywhere. At the end, he has got what he wanted, enough money for the rest of his life as a big failure /gambler in stocks. Coz all he wanted was the Zhao family’s money from the start, as he blamed the grandpa for taking over his amusement park due to his failure to further advance it.


    THE END!

    NB* Personally, I did think that the ending was really lousy, rushed and disappointing.
           It leaves us to a fairly open ending to imagine and gives us a WTF?! reaction.
          The ending sucks and very sh*tty indeed. LOL EPIC FAIL. >.<" boo~

    • Did Ting Xuan write “Wo hen xing fu” on the other side of the paper before she died or was that her wish when she was young? Because there’s writing on the other side? Do you know what it says ? 

      I guess it does seem really poignant that Yu Feng realised the one he loved was Ting Xuan and it JUST MAKES IT HARDER BECAUSE THEY ARE TWINS OMG 

      Omg I think I would’ve liked it more if Jing Wei came to realise he liked Ting Yu more than Ting Xuan when he realised they were twins!! The scene where he captured Ting Yu demanding answers from Yu Feng he was screaming “I thought the one I loved was the cute and lively Zhao Ting Xuan” so he was referring to Ting Yu? So I guess he loves Ting Yu since hes first reaction was the twin that was bubbly and lively instead of the ‘gracious’ and ‘sweet’ one?

  32. Seriously the ending sucks!!!! I want ting yu with yu fong!!!!!!! This is so not a good ending!! The plot was good and all but they need to work on their ending!! They should have a ending that people actually like!

  33. Can anybody tell me what Ting Shuan write the last 4 words?
    I can’t read chinese (>.<)
    And what Du Yu Feng wrote to Ting Yu and Jing Wei?

  34. super lousy ending.a good story plot to begin with but ending really sucks. The one u love cant be with. 一点都不幸福! It seem that yufeng like ting yu , yet he let out his love! I really cant understand the meaning of 很幸福 here!

  35. what kind of ending is this????????????????????????

    fiuft…. but i dont really wishing it will be a great series,,,because this is typically mainland series 😀
    love TWdrama ,,, mainland drama is sucks 😀
    watching this,,,really just for waste my time 😀
    nothing important -_-

  36. Totally agree with you all for such shoddy ending!!! Come to think abt it, Yu Feng never kiss ting Yu at all, and his claiming his love for her it’s his own choice? What!? Waste of my time to watch this….when ending just left us hanging!!!!

  37. this is not a good ending at all.
    at least tell me whether ting yu did end up with jing wei not?
    and yu feng went Africa or somewhere? to find his ex gf? or what? didnt explain!
    Plus jing wei can consider to be a good man? i mean he like two people at the same time. LOL.
    maybe theres is a deeper meaning at the end i didnt understand.

    it was a very storyline though. 😉 i did cry hard when ting yuan died. ;(

    • I think many things are left for the audience to assume. 
      So I think Ting Yu and Jing Wei ended up together and Yu Feng went to pursue his initial dream as a photographer and maybe get together with his ex?! 
      They should’ve probably shown Yu Feng with his ex for more closure. 

  38. I have great difficulty coming to terms with this last episode.  It feels very rushed with many things left unanswered.  What about Yufeng’s dad?  What part does he play in this whole story?  He has disappeared into the thin air.  Shoddy piece of work.  I should have trusted my gut-level feeling and flee.

  39. Are they giving us a sequel??? It doesn’t answer the question, who she will end with. For the sake of my sanity – give me my happy ending: Ting Yu and Yu Feng!!!

  40. 我只能说京伟很花心。。。难道庭雨是他的后备胎吗?姐姐真可怜,爱的人却爱她与妹妹。。我觉得杜御风应该是发觉原来自己的是爱庭谖的所以才离开??

  41. This is a first for me to leave a comment.  I can’t help myself.  I just have to SHOUT this:” What?!!!” This ending doesn’t even flow with the entire story.  I am suddenly forced to believe that Yufeng prefers to travel to Africa to take photos of a bunch of elephants?  Huh?!  What about his declaration of his feelings for Tingyu?  How loving her is his own choosing?  This is the worse ending of any drama I have watched.  It feels like the writer is trying add melodrama into the drama for the sake of melodrama.  Please don’t cheapen our tears with unnecessary melodrama.  Crap!  It makes zero narrative sense.

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