Hard Persimmon Episode 04

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Ever since little, Ruan Shi Zhi has always been on the receiving end of bullying. At 18, he decides to shed his pitiful past with a new beginning. Yet the moment his steps into his summer class, he is immediately confronted by a group of classmates whom he usually avoids like a plague. Just when he wants to run out of there, an angel-like girl walks in. He falls deeply in love with her. And for love, he tells himself he has to become tougher. He must find a way to survive in this dangerous place, transform himself, and defeat all his love rivals to win the girl’s heart.

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  1. [YT] for the test thing that the teacher passed back and the guy got “95” isnt that good ?? if it is then why does he seem so worried that he won’t be able to pass a “63” . O.o

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