Hard Persimmon Episode 20

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Ever since little, Ruan Shi Zhi has always been on the receiving end of bullying. At 18, he decides to shed his pitiful past with a new beginning. Yet the moment his steps into his summer class, he is immediately confronted by a group of classmates whom he usually avoids like a plague. Just when he wants to run out of there, an angel-like girl walks in. He falls deeply in love with her. And for love, he tells himself he has to become tougher. He must find a way to survive in this dangerous place, transform himself, and defeat all his love rivals to win the girl’s heart.

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149 thoughts on “Hard Persimmon Episode 20

  1. [YT] 我想如果拍第二部的话,剧情应该是讲他们在重考班一起努力考上大学和生活上的点滴还有在大学毕业~ 这就是我想要的第二部的剧情~

  2. [YT] it lookes natural….and yes i know what u r talking about those um….eye glue?….but i love shi shi(Ivy Chen)’s eye’s….sooooo big and pretty!!!!…i wish my eyes are like that (sigh)… 🙂

  3. [YT] OMG the end is sock me. I thought she was die. The meaning of the movie is really great because the last part give you all kind memories that they had together. love is make every people change.

  4. [YT] are shi shi’s eyelids natural?? it looks like she has used the thing to make her to have double eyelids… looks a lot like my friend’s eyelids…

  5. [YT] honestly , i think chao meng and qi qiao are very selfish.
    they only care about her when she goes into the hospital but they didn’t even care when other people told them that shi shi wasn’t feeling well.

  6. [YT] bt you also cannot say until like tat marh…
    qiao qi is already so ke lian lerh leh..
    if you say qiao qi huo gai and she is hua xin too why you dun wan say chao meng is like tat too??? Dun say until so bad larh…

  7. [YT] to chao meng…
    shi shi already dun need you lerh larh..
    when shi shi need you but you were nt there for her… now she dun need you lerh you still think tat she needs you…
    Think too much lerh barh you.. think you are really worthy for shi shi to like you meh… XDD i pui~~

  8. [YT] 1. why so much drama in the last episode?
    2. an shao’s injuries are really bad. they did a good job with makeup for that.
    3. i think that was the loudest tiger has ever gotten in the whole show.

  9. [YT] gosh, this so cool. i never saw a drama like this. i never knew you can do so much just liking one person. i kinda learn something from here, something stupid. hehe, i would wish someone that i like will be happy too.

  10. [YT] 對呀!

  11. [YT] Anyone know .. what is the name of ..that cute girl showed on < 我要變成硬柿子 第二十集 結局 (特別加長版) Part 8/10> she was holding the (big lion)..plzzz if anyone Know plzzz tell me … the name .. plzzzz

  12. [YT] omg, cant believe that 超猛 is like that! he break up with 詩詩 and get with 喬琪, then now he break up with 喬琪 and go back to 詩詩. he IS a playboy! i used to dun like 喬琪, but now i feel really bad for 喬琪.

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