Hi My Sweetheart Episode 14 (The End English Subbed)

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Tipster Rednimer
  • olivia

    I’m pissed because the last part of this has been blocked in my country. NOO AMERICA WHY!? X.X ~ I watched it before, but I wanted to rewatch it D:

  • little ppppig

    wow is the end is sooooooo kool loving awesome amazing unbelievable ending wish there was more i love you show Luo and Rainie Yang ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡

  • My lucky star <3

    This movie is sooo bad. My Lucky Star is wayyyyyy better ):

  • dreamer56


  • Louis Hew

    I LOVE it!!!!!! the show show us how simple love can be so beautiful if only we believe ^^

  • anime111

     nice movie

  • princess

    what an ugly drama not my age how crazy I would never marry lin da lung so ugly mushroom head

    • Icarus

      That doesn’t sound the least bit shallow.

    • Weather girl

      SHUT THE [email protected]&% UP RETARD. At least he’s not a person who looks at someones face instead of there heart. Bi***.

    • Crysbluemoon

      If you’re joking or not I believe one day you’ll find somone that you love for their heart and not their looks. Remember that good looks don’t last when you get older >:)) What’ll you do than? :p

    • someone.

      then why are you even watching it?

    • Iloveyou

      As if he wanna marry u liddat ==

    • 开心果

      just like your name says, you are such a princess.
      good luck finding your perfect prince charming then

    • Michelle23

      LOL,, so many replies to princess and i agree with everyone else, good luck finding your prince chraming

    • Justhatgirl_xoxo

      you’re sucha princess