Knock Knock Loving You (敲敲愛上你) Episode 01

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Cheng Xue Ge had lived in the life of comfort and never knew the dark side of human nature until his father's company bankrupted. In order to restore the company, he must learn from his archrival, Yao Zi Wang, the ins and outs of being a shrewd, successful businessman. While working closely together, he slowly realizes her coldblooded ruthlessness was only a front to protect her battered heart. But before he could sort out his feelings about her, another man, Zhao Guan Xi, already has his eyes on her business talent and her hand in marriage.
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231 thoughts on “Knock Knock Loving You (敲敲愛上你) Episode 01

  1. [YT] google said the opening song is
    Just Fly by Chang Yun Jing
    maybe it is but then i searched around and like i couldnt find it
    and when i type in knock knock loving you opening i get all these other stupid videos that has one of those words

    where can i find the song and wat is the song

  2. [YT] Her 2nd sister said all of them used to hang out together. Besides her husband was also flirting with other woman (Lu’s youngest daughter) so he would pay no attention to her.
    Is this the part you didn’t get it?

  3. [YT] What are they talking about in 8:43 that made her somewhat shocked at her 2nd sister. I thought she was just saying that her husband was having an argument, but obviously not right? Since she was even more shocked when her 2nd sister said that “we do it all the time?” I’m confused? My mando is not very good. Would someone care to explain? Or maybe I was just thinking too much?

  4. [YT] her step mom might have a pretty face, but inside she’s a witch. hui en’s the same. her dad…not fit to be one. if he doesnt want children..dont frickin have any! y bring them into this world just to use them and make them suffer?

  5. [YT] The first ep of this drama was pretty good!

    I can’t believe that 5 years later she’s finally the head of the company! :O Pretty good!

    I can’t wait to see the next ep!

  6. [YT] the music faking is terrible.
    this is not symphonie.
    even so, symphonie does not include piano.
    this piece of music does not include piano at all, how come the suppose-to-be most important member is the pianist.
    can anyone hear piano sound?…..

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