Knock Knock Loving You (敲敲愛上你) Episode 02

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Cheng Xue Ge had lived in the life of comfort and never knew the dark side of human nature until his father's company bankrupted. In order to restore the company, he must learn from his archrival, Yao Zi Wang, the ins and outs of being a shrewd, successful businessman. While working closely together, he slowly realizes her coldblooded ruthlessness was only a front to protect her battered heart. But before he could sort out his feelings about her, another man, Zhao Guan Xi, already has his eyes on her business talent and her hand in marriage.
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  • [YT] 我看子望多半不是那个老头的亲生女吧。。

    • jollyrancher1105

      how come all these comments are by you? if you don’t have a life and that’s why you’re spending your damn time writing this, go and get yourself a life! geez…

  • [YT] she looks old with her hairstyle,,or with her make up…???ugh,,

  • [YT] Hmm…I think i’m starting to understand where this drama is going now (: Finally lol

  • [YT] I’m sooo lost haha! I haven’t seen any other characters in a long while, and this is the first time I can’t really predict where this drama is going lol guess this means i gotta keep watching!

  • [YT] 女主角的國語說的不好嗎?

  • [YT] 為什麼有肝癌的不是那個該死的爸爸!?

  • [YT] 她一直都想努力給爸爸看..

  • [YT] 汗 即使是偶像劇,,,但是這種爸爸的角色。。是不是也有點太離譜了點阿。。。

  • [YT] 被打完后 一点事都没有的样子唉 搞什么 至少也化化妆吧

  • [YT] 可惡 = = 本以為李小璐是女主角
    收視率低到0.50 汪費請到那麼多大明星
    女主角不是很會演 …

  • [YT] 国语很烂,但很好的剧情

  • [YT] 鄭明自己的力量

  • [YT] can you sub or somebody entglish sub tis bcz i dont unerstand Madaren

  • [YT] 極端的天真 極端的悲慘 極端的紈絝 這世界不是沒這些極端 但非要通通擺在一起就是混旦

  • [YT] the father took the car and left them ther.

  • [YT] how did the father get out then?

  • [YT] the dad’s hair is like a fro. haa haa

  • [YT] I think it is her makeup and lighting here, makes her look more harsh, not soft. I saw her on a variety show with Show Lo and she looked really pretty. She definitely has a nice body, being rather tall!

  • [YT] she can’t leave the place if she want… ok she can walk out easily…. but her life will be destory….. c her accout can so easily be frozen… and i guess no one want to go against her dad by hiring her…. that why in another way she can’t leave

  • [YT] 不懂也~他们一下说五一下说7~
    第一part如果我没有记错,又说8。。= =”

  • [YT] do you notice the way she parts her hair? especially when its curled, you dont just switch parts all the time, its obviously filmed at different times

  • [YT] i think they should be around the same height,, maybe she was wearing high heels?

  • [YT] dramas…=_=

  • [YT] even if seven the boy still too old looking….

  • [YT] The guy playing the racing game was Hui En? Wasn’t there just like a 5 year gap since we last saw him? At the most, he was probably about 10? So that makes him 15 roughly?

  • [YT] or untied it agen

  • [YT] It hasnt exactly changed.She just tied it up thats all

  • [YT] 如果直接走了 不回家了 那以后还演什么

  • [YT] 不像

  • [YT] 冠希………-_-!!

  • [YT] 直接离开就好啦..何必继续在这个家里.?

  • [YT] maybe she’s not his biological daughter…she’s his least favorite anyways.

  • [YT] The female lead looks like HK singer Kelly Chen Hui Ling from certain angle.

  • [YT] yes…but i feel she look like her step mom & step sis on 1st epp..cos they both big eyes n long hair…

  • [YT] yes..too fake..why they not film it far distance….

  • [YT] but as overseas…i really thanks they put it as drama so i can watch it…^^

  • [YT] her new style really make her look older…..she seems is only one look different after years….and her expression acting very bad…

  • [YT] 子望中間界髮型(00:00)變了偏邊髮界髮型(00:50)=口=

  • [YT] I know right?! But 趙冠麗 said it was 7 years.

  • [YT] 嗯..打的很假- –

  • [YT] shes so prettyy!!

  • [YT] anyone notice they are both rowing different ways…not trying to criticise or anything just ssaying..

  • [YT] the father is soo 和蔼!!:)

  • [YT] The guy’s father is so nice… nice to Zi Wang….

  • [YT] 還是席捐的原著小說好看啊!

  • [YT] this show was out a while ago…are they just replaying it?

  • [YT] why does her hairstyle change every scene…even when its supposed to be the same day..from midpart to sidepart

  • [YT] 人生最後幫他兒子選老婆,算是最後幫忙兒子

  • [YT] why does her dad treat her so bad?

  • [YT] what’s going on? I dont’ understand

  • [YT] 聽爸的好不好 …….touch my heart……..

  • [YT] 我覺得佢爸爸真好賤格,成日都罵子望,子望真係可憐呀!

  • [YT] yea, so fake

  • [YT] share market? or stock exchange?

  • [YT] 雪歌的爸爸 好樣的! 這才是企業家的精神和氣度. 現在這樣的企業主已經很少了~

  • [YT] this is what i think:
    zi wang is setting up the plot for her father to agree her marrying to sue ke later.
    because her father only let his da;ughters marry the rich guy.
    zi wang is helping sue ke to become rich again.

  • [YT] wat is the ending????

  • [YT] 這部劇是改編自席娟的’珠玉在側’

  • [YT] The dad is so powerful, so no matter where she goes no one will dare to hire her

  • [YT] 打的也太假了吧

  • [YT] Hehe FINALLY a funny part!! lol

  • [YT] Totally agree, normally the guy’s really up himself and the girl’s shy, in this drama, they guy and girl and both confident and rich(ish) lol (:

  • [YT] i still prefer W than this guan li girl.

  • [YT] the stepmom should age alittle….she still looks young

  • [YT] yeah its not THAT bad haha but it could be better u know?

  • [YT] yeah whatever u know what i mean -____-

  • [YT] i dont think she can…the dad is really powerful in business world…he can like destory her if he wants too…=( it’s not that easy.

  • [YT] wow.,..the guy is shorter than the girl?? dang….

  • [YT] how can a dad treat his OWN daughter like this??? WTF..

  • [YT] I don’t really get this. Why does she have to stay and take all this crap? If she’s so smart, she can go out and take another job in another company, it’s not like he lock her up in a room or something.

  • [YT] 他們的爸爸 很機車 , 希望子望能夠堅強ˇ哦
    演子望的吳亞馨很棒喔 加油

  • [YT] i think her walkman is playing orchestra by the guy… n not share market.. haha..

  • [YT] 姚家的小孩真可憐

  • [YT] omg! i feel so sad for 子望 for having such a lousy father.

  • [YT] 那個爸爸很欠揍…

  • [YT] 不过才5年而已,那个彗恩小孩也长得太大了吧

  • [YT] 阿美@翼勢力

  • [YT] all the boys and girls are so good-looking.
    whoever works with dylan always looks good because dylan is the super “shuai”.
    because dylan is so handsome, all the co-actors, even though, they are “shuai”, still dylan is the top “shuai”.

  • [YT] coco lee’s not in the drama sweety

  • [YT] great !

  • [YT] He’s ArMei @ 翼勢力

  • [YT] why is that the rich people are so sad?

  • [YT] tht scream was realli fake.. and weres ming dao?!!

  • [YT] 我跟雪歌”他媽”求婚的地方…

  • [YT] Where is this drama going?

  • [YT] i dont think shes THAT bad?

  • [YT] the main girl talks. in this annoying way agh

  • [YT] The next episode looks really good!!
    Cant wait!!

  • [YT] i saw the main girls pictures online and she has a really nice body but her face is not that great haha

  • [YT] coco lee talks really loudly haha

  • [YT] she’s really cool 🙂

  • [YT] seriously this man is screwed up

  • [YT] 現代清宮劇喔^^”

  • [YT] tai xie xie ni le

  • [YT] 這種爸爸越看越想砸他!

  • [YT] i love this drama is not like one of those typical idol dramas u know a innocent girl likeing this hot rich “prince” and then he likes her back after seening how kind and innocent she is

  • [YT] this drama is so good! 😀
    can’t wait for the next episode.