Knock Knock Loving You (敲敲愛上你) Episode 04

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Cheng Xue Ge had lived in the life of comfort and never knew the dark side of human nature until his father's company bankrupted. In order to restore the company, he must learn from his archrival, Yao Zi Wang, the ins and outs of being a shrewd, successful businessman. While working closely together, he slowly realizes her coldblooded ruthlessness was only a front to protect her battered heart. But before he could sort out his feelings about her, another man, Zhao Guan Xi, already has his eyes on her business talent and her hand in marriage.
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  • Jessamaelacaste

    engish sub please

  • [YT] guy’s name is Ah Mei

  • [YT] But you can already start to “sense” the romace, and how it’s going to unfold later on, and their setting the plot now for the complications in the future. One thing for sure, is that 明道 and the other guy are going to fight for 子望

  • [YT] This drama is really scary in the way of “wicked minds” … it kind of sets up a reality of how the rich become rich by devious intentions..A very well thought out plot.

  • [YT] 李小璐为什么妆那么浓啊,刷白的脸,有点恐怖

  • [YT] 有時候子望的表情很可愛=]

  • [YT] lol.. michiline not max 3 stars?

  • [YT] 哈哈~也太好笑了吧~

  • [YT] Zi wang hao mei ar !!

  • [YT] vry dislike her brother,汇恩。。。

  • [YT] 我也同意!!

  • [YT] funny how all the 千金s hate dislike and distrust each other but all have each other’s phone numbers XD. It’s like “Oh, I need to make good use of her, let me speed dial her”

  • [YT] Oh really? HAHAH oops. 😛

  • [YT] No…佳佳 is 楊雅筑…not Hsu something. lol. o_o;

  • [YT] can someone explain what happened to the factory?

  • [YT] 明道跟子望 are getting closer ;D

  • [YT] I just realize how tall coco is in comparison to her li xiao lu, and the tall guy

  • [YT] 我觉得子望她不管是穿哪一件衣服都很好看!!

  • [YT] hey how come the rich get bacome handicapped? shes lyk the one of the most naive ppl in the show despite her arrogance…pity her.

  • [YT] she’s wearing more white colored clothes. it started right after she went shopping with Mingdao.

  • [YT] man, mingdao is also using his sister to beat that girl. dude. they both really have business mind. there are motives everywhere.

  • [YT] 这个哥哥好疼兔子妹妹噢~

  • [YT] 張芸京的你飛吧

  • [YT] mingdao’s character is so evil yet charismatic!

  • [YT] Nope, I used to think she was 佳佳 but after looking closely they aren’t. Plus, they have different names too. hahah, 姚子望 is 吳亞馨 (don’t know if the characters are correct) while 佳佳 is Hsu something. 🙂

  • [YT] 雪歌太天真了…

  • [YT] 聽你這麼一說~

  • [YT] 子望個性我超愛!

  • [YT] 我觉得明道和子望好配哦!!!!!

    明道太可爱啦!!! 我希望他们能在一起, 不过导演好象不是这么想的 xDDD

  • [YT] ROFL, i think in every asian drama i’ve watched so far, there’s always a scene where the Guy makes the Girl change clothes and do a MAKEOVER <3


  • [YT] 你飛吧 by 趙之璧

  • [YT] 阿美好可愛^^

  • [YT] i love mingdao:D

  • [YT] thats wat he gets for not listening to zi wang. he’s too naive, when it comes to business, never believe anyone. cuz u never know who mite stand behind u to stab u. but its gud cuz now he’ll trust zi wang is only there to help him. cant wait til next ep! thx sugoideasDOTcom!!!!

  • [YT] ya, i oso wan 姚子望和趙冠希to be together!
    if not, i think i not watch this drama anymore,hehe!
    actually i got one question, izit d 姚子望got acting at 败 犬 女 王 as 韩 佳 佳?

  • [YT] 17 eps…this show is going somewhere lol…

  • [YT] 人最怕的不是苯

  • [YT] 笨雪歌,,,

  • [YT] 很討厭清舞,,,

  • [YT] 片頭曲有沒有人合叫什麼???


  • [YT] 明道♥

  • [YT] hw many eps in this show? it seems to be getting nowhere.

  • [YT] 這樣掉女孩子…..高招

  • [YT] he is an artist…musician… so its understand why…
    he may better just let her running the business and he keep on his music….

  • [YT] why girl doing that job?? how she collecting money..she run n flight both not better than boy so why they choose her doing this???

  • [YT] is early epp said younger bro has no driving license? why his dad not stop him drive the car ??

  • [YT] yes.. i agree ming dao in this drama too…but i also like dylan…^^
    the one thing i dont like is the girls make up…rich girls make up suppose better than these horrible big eyes…

  • [YT] this drama speed better…may b not fully romance so the script fuller…

  • [YT] i agree, zi wan and kwan chi match a lot better cos he’s more witty

  • [YT] 他一定要得到教訓才甘願嗎
    真的太天真了= =

  • [YT] 黑裙子真的超好聽的耶*3*

  • [YT] girl name zhou xiao han

  • [YT] 明道演的角色好可愛ㄛ! 趙冠希,我喜歡!



  • [YT] 我覺得明道演的角色很討喜,我很喜歡趙冠希,希望子望會喜歡上他。


  • [YT] Seeing the beginning and ending clips, I wonder if the 2 pairs we see at the end of the songs foreshadow what will happen…. I really want 姚子望和趙冠希to be together! They match better than 子望 and 雪歌.

  • [YT] oh gosh..that dad has no love for his children or something?
    next ep…kinda sad when he said he was wrong.. TOT

  • [YT] lol’s very unique though..XD i’m sure the romance will come later…haha..

  • [YT] 我真的很討厭這個雪歌先生

  • [YT] 好期待結局

  • [YT] i like her outfit:D
    i just dnt knoe were tis drama is going…

  • [YT] This show is NOT romantic at all.

  • [YT] 我愛明道,他好可愛

  • [YT] watz the guys and girls name at 1:25? can someone plz tell me??

  • [YT] the wife and the husband piss me off sometimes