Knock Knock Loving You (敲敲愛上你) Episode 09

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Cheng Xue Ge had lived in the life of comfort and never knew the dark side of human nature until his father's company bankrupted. In order to restore the company, he must learn from his archrival, Yao Zi Wang, the ins and outs of being a shrewd, successful businessman. While working closely together, he slowly realizes her coldblooded ruthlessness was only a front to protect her battered heart. But before he could sort out his feelings about her, another man, Zhao Guan Xi, already has his eyes on her business talent and her hand in marriage.
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  • Show730

    xue ge kissing really lousy~ really hope guan xi can be with zi wang~ love guan xi’s style~ 😀  GO!! guan xi!! :))

  • [YT] guan xi may not be that bad, but zi wang has liked xue ge longer, and i think, much more than guan xi has liked her

  • [YT] next week onwards interesting already!
    The 2 guys over ziwang!

  • [YT] the guy have a lousy kissing skill..

  • [YT] fashion! dude

  • [YT] I don’t like Kuo Pin-Tsao^^

  • [YT] 我實在是看不下去這個編劇和演員的演技

  • [YT] 人民幣!!


  • [YT] haiz.. guan xi also not bad wad…. she so stubborn…

  • [YT] guan xi v xue ge.. nice!

  • [YT] the father is an a**hole, treat his daughter like s**t, wife oso same.

  • [YT] @ 08:12 anyone can tell me wat thing left 116 days?

  • [YT] 老闆~~老闆~~我要買酒~~

  • [YT] Yao Zi Wang

  • [YT] luv this show to bits ^.^ but y isit on ep per wk? rly spoils the fun…T.T

  • [YT] why is it zhao-guan-xi never wears his socks?

  • [YT] I love the clarity of this drama.

  • [YT] yes i really hope zi wang will stay with guan xi, he’s so cute in a way

  • [YT] poor zi wan, i hope she realises guan xi is truly in love with her…

  • [YT] i hope tat zi wang will be wif guan xi ~ den chen shui ge wif his sis .. although its not fair but isn’t this life?

  • [YT] i think mylollipopXO means the girl on the projector screen thingy.

  • [YT] ming dao looks really handsome in his grey suit with white shirt

  • [YT] This is shanghai. At the BUND

  • [YT] 阿~!子望好偉大喔,為了他媽,連愛情都可以捨棄

  • [YT] 02:23那邊,子望好像哭又好像生氣喔

  • [YT] 可憐的子望,,,

  • [YT] not the intro, but at 7:05

  • [YT] the mv is nan yong ye!!!

  • [YT] In order of appearance, the girls are

    Maggie Wu as Yao Zi Wang 姚子望 who Ming Dao is chasing after in the drama

    Coco Jiang as Zhao Guan Li 趙冠麗 who plays Ming Dao’s character’s sister

    Li Xiao Lu as Tang Qing Wu 唐清舞 who plays Xue Ge’s former girlfriend

  • [YT] Go 雪歌 Go

  • [YT] omg finally! 兩位男主角要槓上了嗎?~
    cant wait til next week!

  • [YT] wasnt this the place at Taiwan when ming dao wanted to ask zhi wang to go to dinner with him? and she regretted and sent him back the flowerS?

  • [YT] who is that girl in the picture behind ming dao?

  • [YT] ahahaha so cute~

  • [YT] nice!