Knock Knock Loving You (敲敲愛上你) Episode 13

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Cheng Xue Ge had lived in the life of comfort and never knew the dark side of human nature until his father's company bankrupted. In order to restore the company, he must learn from his archrival, Yao Zi Wang, the ins and outs of being a shrewd, successful businessman. While working closely together, he slowly realizes her coldblooded ruthlessness was only a front to protect her battered heart. But before he could sort out his feelings about her, another man, Zhao Guan Xi, already has his eyes on her business talent and her hand in marriage.
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Tipster Rednimer
  • Dora

    What a dad ! really sucks

  • wow


  • Kissradio123

    What kind of ending is this? I mean the first episodes were like epic, with all the love, hatred, and the business competitions. But what, the last 10 minutes of the whole show just fucking ruined everything.

    • 12380

      hey, you don’t like it, say it somewhere else. The comments column isn’t for ppl to scold the show. ><

  • Whitlock Whitlock

    Hate the ending.  Zi Wang should be with Guan Xi, not sure what the f__k she was thinking.  Poor Guan Xi…

  • 859414056

    it would be bettr if xue ge is with guan xi’s sister
    guan xi with zi wang 

    !!! so not fair to guan xi because he been chasing zi wang for a long time !!

    i dont like xue ge cuz he always tried to ruin guan xi and zi wang’s marriage !!
    dont like the ending T^T

  • SKH

    Hate the other guy, MD ftw 🙂

  • Mango28go

    Feel so freaking bad for Ming Dao eh.  I don’t really like the other guy..

  • Teslapuri

    LAMMEEEE. i wished she ended up with ming dao’s character. DD=

  • Show730

    ???????? wat ending is this?!! blurr~~~ lousy ending!

  • [YT] sweet

  • [YT] awsome

  • [YT] ==X what’s up with the ending??? T_T

  • [YT] 好爛的結局…-0-‘