Love in the Wind Episode 09

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A recent music school graduate applied for a teaching position in a remote village to subsidize her goal of studying abroad. During her time there, she discovered her love for teaching and love for two men: a free-spirited artist and a former plastic surgeon.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • guest

    clearly the show already ended!! where is the last episode??

  • Mandy Ng


  • Mmmm

    I read a report about episode 9. The user review was 1.02 which is better than I expected, taking into consideration that the time slot was 9 pm to 11 pm ( 12 midnight if include episode 10 ). Compared to other shows aired at 9 pm on weekdays, this show has drawn pretty good audience. Hope to see the last episode 10 next week.

    • 大師


  • Lou_tsang

    the main actress needs to improve her pronunciation,  not clear and sometimes quite blur

    • Guest

      還好吧… 大多數台灣人的發音都這樣子啊… 你可能要多練習聽懂台灣口音…

      • Chris


      • Guest


  • 大師

    精彩大結局….該不會還要等一個禮拜吧!!   這樣我只能等待了….

    • diamond


      • 大師


  • Chrisclin

    (本週六晚間九點-十二點 三個小時
    愛情是結束? 是開始?)

  • Chrisclin

    11:00 之後的請繼續收看的精彩大結局呢

  • Chrisclin

    where is Ep 10 (The End)?

  • Chrisclin