Love in the Wind Episode 10 The End

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A recent music school graduate applied for a teaching position in a remote village to subsidize her goal of studying abroad. During her time there, she discovered her love for teaching and love for two men: a free-spirited artist and a former plastic surgeon.

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Anonymous

    ok the ending sucked!! was like everybody just got tired of the whole thing and started cramming to end it…so whatever happened to mo li and mu xi?

  • Sophie

    what a waste of time,
    this drama sucks
    from the beggining til the end !
    omg cant believe i watched it all just for nothing… -.-
    bullshit !

  • 標題更本沒有點出來!!你是春風我是雨 定這個標題意義為何呀 感覺沒演完..

  • saraheyILoveyou.

    qian qian should be with li da 🙂 <3

    • vivian

      i think she is.. maybe it’s just that she didn’t say it out.. hehe.. 😛

  • Penni

    wow, it’s a short drama

  • Pirie

    Kind of rushed ending… It’s like everyone ran out of gas.

    • diamond


  • aww last episode…xiao mifeng is adorable