Magic Ring Episode 07

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Xiao Jun slowly wakes up from a train accident. Losing all her memories and left with amnesia, Xiao Jun has no idea who she is or where she is going. Yet the ancient ring that she is wearing on her finger is proof of being the Du family’s eldest son’s fiancé. Therefore, Xiao Jun is confusingly brought to the rich and powerful Du family. The head of the Du family treats her and loves her as if she is his own daughter, causing the pregnant Xiao Jun to experience the feelings of a warm family that she has never felt before.

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  • [YT] hello, can someone tell me what is this dorama?, I love Joe Cheng! looks very good and his performance in this series.

    sorry not much English

  • [YT] Hey, any idea what’s the english song from 5:58 onwards?

  • [YT] what a greedy father!  Discusting!Heis heathy and all.  He should be able to work and try to pay some debts.

  • [YT] 小女孩老積但還可愛,兩個男的立刻回躬,很有趣

  • [YT] who is the guy with the glasses,actor wise?

    thanks in advance x

  • [YT] i hate her dad, he just wants to have money

  • [YT] she looks so cute in that hair stayle
    and the drass too

    kisskisslove’s note

  • [YT] i hate her dad
    he’s so mean

    kisskisslove’s note

  • [YT] so yummy
    so many sugar
    it’s gonna makke u guy fat

    kisskisslove’s note

  • [YT] niu niu… good acting!! nice~! poor niu niu…

  • [YT] joe’s lawyer outfit let me think abt zhi shu in ISWAK n TKA

  • [YT] HAHA, i kept re-watching dat part too! HE IS SO CUTE!!

  • [YT] hehe ^.^
    your comment makes me want to rewatch the part when YeSiRen was feeding him pizza and nai cha! XDD but i have to idea what ep it was in~

  • [YT] I SO agree! HE IS SO CUTE in X-Family. =]

  • [YT] 可亭好可怜啊~~ :-/

  • [YT] wow
    i wonder how shes gonna tell them
    and i wonder whats gonna happen
    and i hope joe doest end up being with her. hes better with the other girl 😡

  • [YT] wat a gay dad -.-

  • [YT] if i was her…woke up the 2nd morning knowing that i’m not who i supposed to be…then i will go tell them immediatly. such story won’t happen~
    but of course, this is all drama

  • [YT] omg i don’t like his character~ not one bit
    he’s such a cute n’ nice A Gong in x family! how can be act as a evil stepdad ….
    gosh i’m so not used to this!!

  • [YT] that dad has really bad pronounciation

  • [YT] it is really cute!

  • [YT] typical dad/daughter relationship.. how i hate him.

  • [YT] arr.. couldn’t watch the first part of this ep for some reason. Ke ting should just go and be a councilor, poor girl, hearing him say he would start to love her from now on, it’s obvious he’s forcing himself, how can a person suddenly start loving a person?

  • [YT] He has been touched by her letters & her devotion…yet attracted to the “sis-in-law” neh..a very conflicted guy at the moment!

  • [YT] oh dear they are super nice to her…double the guilt neh…how to tell them the truth…jeez it will be soooo tough & painful!

  • [YT] wow..such a yummy looking food…oh dear he will try to love Keting..thanks for the drama!

  • [YT] ARGH when does jing hang find out she’s a fake?????????!!!!!!!! i cant wait for that moment!

  • [YT] 小均 is incredibly good with the kid, she’s really ready to be a mom!

  • [YT] F UCKIN DAD!!!

  • [YT] please put in english subtitle if you know how!!! 🙁

  • [YT] Jinghang’s an idiot//- – he doesn’t love Keting at all, but he’s with her…wtf??!

  • [YT] lol soo funni how she talks like a grown up n shes taking it reali well, n the two guys r afraid of her n bowing to her!!

  • [YT] i agreee!!

  • [YT] the child act so well!!

  • [YT] do u know where is the part 6 ?

  • [YT]’s so cute..~

  • [YT] thankssssss

  • [YT] omg. i love you. i’ve been pretty curious about what was gonna happen for like a week