Magic Ring Episode 13

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Xiao Jun slowly wakes up from a train accident. Losing all her memories and left with amnesia, Xiao Jun has no idea who she is or where she is going. Yet the ancient ring that she is wearing on her finger is proof of being the Du family’s eldest son’s fiancé. Therefore, Xiao Jun is confusingly brought to the rich and powerful Du family. The head of the Du family treats her and loves her as if she is his own daughter, causing the pregnant Xiao Jun to experience the feelings of a warm family that she has never felt before.

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  • amjimenez

    The last four episodes needs to be subtitle in English so we all can understand instead of guessing with their actions. augh!!!!!! so frustrating with drama. Thanks to this website I am able to finish watching this drama. Thanks again even though I don’t understand that last four episodes.

  • [YT] WTH .. first she’s said angry and crying and the next minute it’s totally different thing

  • [YT] how many episodes are there?

  • [YT] 這個annie is so stupid

  • [YT] 好彩有個小女孩,容易過點

  • [YT] It’s funny how Ke Ting had a sort of disgusted look while Annie was talking to her.

  • [YT] It’s so damn fake. Like crying yelling one moment, 2 seconds later happy like they won the lottery then 2 seconds later arkward and romantic.

  • [YT] The most harilious thing is that it’s like giant when she’s in the garden but flat when she goes in the room.

  • [YT] xiao jun de dimples very nice… ^^

  • [YT] i dont think it’s “cute”, i think it’s a meaningful kind of drama. i dont care if ze cai is a good person or not, i dont like him that much. haha. sorry. and ke ting is “perfect”, but i think she’s a little full of herself in sum episodes.

  • [YT] hey the grl playin anna is the teacher from KO One!! she looks a bit chubby in here.

  • [YT] i agree too. maybe if she trys to accept someone else who thinks of her as a true love then he’ll become her truelove :O

    and omg everytime joe smiles like that and in iswak it scares me…but HES SOO CUTE X3

  • [YT] i really agree w/ keting’s dad
    she has let go of true love once and now she is ignoring her true love
    she should really face her true love now

  • [YT] It’s just an observation, a lot of the characters including Papa Du and Annie has dimples. Sort of funny co-incidence? They are all lovable and cute.

  • [YT] joe is so good with children. ^^
    he really likes them ^^

  • [YT] Joe yells too much in this series

  • [YT] zhi kai isnt really that bad i think he looks good with ke ting

  • [YT] lol, guess they concentrate too much on the relationships rather than the “pregnant woman” XD so the belly is flat one time and big on the other

  • [YT] LOL did you notice that her belly is soo big now aside from b4 when it was completley flat
    oh yeah and its just a drama its entertainment deal with it you dont like it dont watch it .

  • [YT] you guys are so ????????????

  • [YT] 可亭真係好偉, 被人拋棄仲可以幫住兩個人講大話, 仲叫小圴面對自己既感情, 真係令人難以相信

  • [YT] MEANIE! in a good way. but this drama is so CUTE ;]

  • [YT] fully agreed. Joe is always screaming his head off in this drama, and sometimes, the dialogue is so poetic it sounds fake.

  • [YT] yeah sometimes their acting are over the top especially the screaming & crying…the director need to be more’s too dramatic!!

  • [YT] haha, the teacher from ko one

  • [YT] oh yeah, the rose is like really messed up in a way

  • [YT] oh gosh what a mess neh!

  • [YT] luckily she is able to explain the true to Annie..phew!

  • [YT] it’s called zai jian 再见 by 費翔

  • [YT] does anyone know what the ending song is called?

  • [YT] annie’s voice sounds REALLY scratchy =_= it’s bothering me.

  • [YT] ahah I love that “IF I DIDN’T PORE IT ON THE GROUND, IT WOULD’VE BEEN ON YOUR FACE” it made me laugh.

    seriously, way to many ko one people in this!

  • [YT] the crying in this movie pisses me off.. it’s SO not real =_=

  • [YT] lawl

  • [YT] ermm…actually tis drama is still ok…the most exaggerated one i’ve seen is The Rose…haha..tis is still one of the most normal show i hav seen joe in..

  • [YT] yup….i totally agree with you…..

  • [YT] thanks

  • [YT] i think in this drama, their actings re kinda a too exaggerated///- – not that real anymore…