Meteor Garden Episode 09

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Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

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271 thoughts on “Meteor Garden Episode 09

  1. [YT] gosh san chai, A Se’s love & patience has their limits. I mean yeh ofcourse you can’t help what comes on your mind but geez girl, self control! A Se’s dating her, protecting her, defending her, and she can’t even has a self control to pay him back? tsk tsk

    hmm i see i got carried away just the way i did 8 years ago hahaha

  2. [YT] omg first daoming si and shan cai are off and not on but it really hurts for daoming si even shan cai didnt like her but you cant blame anyone be cuz u cant stop the feeling of anyonehahah

  3. [YT] it’s not shancai or huaze lei’s fault…it is daoming si..he can’t consider other’s feeling…he must learn to understand shancai because he know thaT shancai likes huaze lei..shancai didn’t choose anyone even daoming si….i really don’t like daoming!!he can’t understand..

  4. [YT] OMG! I like the way Asi respects her… That’s how a real man should act in front of the girl he loves… He forgot that he was too rich to sleep on a sofa and gave the bed to his beloved pauper instead… How sweet!

  5. [YT] I think Shanchi’s parents are as much to blame. Girls always get confused because they’re raised to be a lot more emotional. And guys like Dao Ming are the guys who never grew up and are the result of bad parenting or in his case, non-existing parenting skills.

  6. [YT] I love how she left Lei on the ground to chase after Dao Ming and that the entire time Dao Ming was pouring his heart out, Lei was probably still on the ground.

    It was hilarious!

  7. [YT] All three of them have their own blame in what happened.

    Lei – He needs someone right now and he chose Shancai. Maybe he will really like her one day, but even then, it is because he can’t have Jing.

    Shancai – Nobody asked her who she wanted to be with. Even though she’s trying to be nice, being nice about these things will only hurt others more (and herself).

    Daoming – He should have considered how everyone felt. By pressuring Shancai into getting what he wants, it is not going to work out.

  8. [YT] I agree! Her feelings about the two are messed up. She feels sorry for both of them and because of that, it is not helping her figure out which one she truly likes.

  9. [YT] Funny how a lot of people are bashing the characters when this is just a drama. If everything goes perfectly, nobody will enjoy watching the series. In addition, who doesn’t blame Shancai for lying to Daoming? She wants to protect the friendship F4 has and not have him misunderstand what is going on as she tries to sort out her own feelings. Her feelings for Lei are obviously still there and getting over someone is not easy. She is stuck in between Daoming and Lei right now.

  10. [YT] So wat atleast Im old then not like u ur still young u still 4get mayb wen ur old ull 4get everything 2 s2pid & i dont care thats normal 4 old age so just as u know im only 11 yrs old so that will still b far u asshole!!

  11. [YT] o_o but that’s just it, she hasn’t committed to Shi yet. she’s just barely starting to realize that Shi is actually a nice guy deep down, that’s why she feels bad about hurting him and that she can’t return his feelings yet.

  12. [YT] actually, its also shancai’s fault in some way, because she must have said to DMS when he confess to her that she doesnt love him and its lei, but look what she did. she didnt even bother to do so, so DMS misunderstood her…

  13. [YT] Oh My Gosh..Poor San Chai..This is the first time she confess her feeling to Lei and left all the burden behind..”Even if it were the last day this world existed, I couldn’t care less! I only have Huaze Lei in my eyes” sooo romantiiiiic…since the first time i watched this drama (2001) until now, I still cannot understand why she is ended up with Dao Ming Se…

    anyway, in the real life San Chai (Da S) and Lei (Vic Zhou) is a real couple…thats make me happy…they are so sweet together..

  14. [YT] of course dao ming si and shan cai. how can anyone think of her with lei. lei betrayed his fren. and did u guys watch sumwer at the end duno which episode wer they played bball 2gether? he is so zian. and wen he and sc went dating, he slept on their date. excuse me? wat is that?

  15. [YT] I agree.
    She isn’t in love with Lei at first, but she envy him enough to like him and then all of a sudden Daoming Si forced her to be his girlfriend so it isn’t really her fault…
    But the kissing…(that’s A LOT of effect) >.>

  16. [YT] How so? Daoming Si basically forced her into a relationship she hadn’t asked for. She never actually consented to being his girlfriend.

    Why is it stupid for her to pursue the guy she was interested in first?

  17. [YT] But he’s also the cause of most of the trouble she’s gone through, and when he’s not trying to impress her he treats her pretty much like an object..

    Ultimately, if I were Shancai, I wouldn’t choose any of the men presented in the cast. D:

  18. [YT] hahaha….its been a long time since i 1st watch it 2 years ago.
    i remember watch part where DMS was beaten up by his sister.
    what a fierce sister he got…..

  19. [YT] omg!! lei walks faster than shancai..juz like my boyfren..he always walks faster than me,n left me he’s in a rush or smthng..lei reminds me of my bf.. ;))

  20. [YT] lol its funny how she just punched dms like that. at first i thought she was the mother and im just like what kind of mom would beat up her son like that?? lol

  21. [YT] 8:01 is the best part in the whole drama, its funny lol … besides you can fee more love between DMS and Shancai in the kissing parts, better than this kiss between weird Lei and Shancai

  22. [YT] well, technically, they were going out yet you guys. remember that. they just did it on a spur of the moment to comfort each other. shancai is far from a slut; she’s just a girl caught in a love triangle she doesn’t want to be apart of.

  23. [YT] This is the point when Shan Cai is confused. She likes Lei more because he is her first crush. She’s starting to warm up to Si because of everything he’s done for her but she still has strong feelings for Lei. I suppose she feels that when given the opportunity to be with Lei, she would take it. Her feelings for Si aren’t as strong…yet. 😉

  24. [YT] Hey didn’t Lei say before:
    “Si really loves you. I won’t poach on his preserve”
    And now what’s Lei doing? He’s poaching!!!
    They’re a cute couple though ^3^ i wouldnt mind being caught between DMS and Lei myself xDD

  25. [YT] i think cos its a notion dat most asians have is dat foreigners are free-er with themselves den asian gals are so for dis show dey picked foreign gals cos it would be understandable for d forreigners to get into bed wif a guy dey just know.. not dissing any foreigners here.. i have great frds who are whites and ey are not like dat but basically dats d notion which asians have abt foreigners

  26. [YT] such an idiot…shanchai is sick,,,she let Lei to kiss her slUt..think people,,,who is better lei or asi,,,,,,,,,,,i think dao ming si is better than all,,,,,but shanchai try to fall in love 2 huaze lei,,,,,

  27. [YT] shanchai is so idioT..why did she let huaze lei kiss her,,,dou ming si is better than lei….dao ming si trying to get shanchain fall in love with him but,,,shaichain is sick,,,,idiot,,,

  28. [YT] Lei should’ve known better than taking Shancai away from Si. He shouldn’t be toying with her feelings when he’s still love Jing. I hate these episodes. I can’t stand to see Si sad over them. I really wish thay Shancai would end up with Si in the end.

  29. [YT] “please, hold me in your arms.”
    OMFG T_T

    lei is SO cute <3
    & i love it when he's like that.

    lei & shanchai would make a cute couple,
    but i support shanchai & daoming si completely.
    this series is so cute, so deep.

    i love it. <3 T_T

  30. [YT] At this time in the drama I can understand this scene. I feel bad for DMS, but he can’t make her love him. Also, she never agreed to be his girlfriend. Shancai is just starting to like DMS, but she’s liked Lei for a lot longer.

  31. [YT] if this was the japanese version….i could understand the ‘why’ in kissing rui but not in this one…he has always been nice to her from the beginning…and falling in love just came naturally and w/ a mug like vic chou….whew!!! it is not hard to fall hard in love…so handsome!!! the korean one is cute but not this cute…i personally think the korean tsukasa is way cuter. so tall and good looking!!

  32. [YT] Lei is so adoraboe here…just like in the first episodes…I really like him and Shancei together…although Si is getting really nice and caring too…I still go for the melancholic, soft, calm and dreamy boy…Lei <3

  33. [YT] this is the moment where i really get pissed.. y is it the she has to lie everytime he would meet or talk to lei.. forgiven the thought the she like lei.. but isnt she inlove with dao ming si..? y does she has to make things hard for the guy who truly loves her… i mean,, she too lucky a stubborn guy like DMS had change bcoz he loves her,.. DMS was willing to protect her at all cost.. and was always there to understand the situation… y cant she be thankful that DMS loved her so much…sigh…

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