Meteor Garden Episode 16

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Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

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  • Yun Zhang19

    明明何跟寺才是般配嘛。。。 又门当户对

  • [YT] oh that was a wrong move by Xiao Zi. aside from the fact that A Si only likes Shancai, Xiao Zi’s body is like half of Lei’s body – skinny with no boobs nor butts, she actually expected A Si to be turned on by THAT? tsk tsk..

    • harris chiu

      IKR!!!!! Totally AGREE

  • [YT] ='(

  • [YT] shancai and xiao zi, will b friends


    • harris chiu

      Obviously HUAZELEI, but shancai likes daoming si and huazeli won’t like anyone else

  • [YT] omg, i actually hate the mom. she’s so annoying and constantly thinking that shancai is as bitchy, conniving and sheming like her! UGH,

  • [YT] eww on xiaozyu

  • [YT] i so hate xiauzi.

  • [YT] Hmmm…

  • [YT] d naman sya patay na patay kay Si

  • [YT] d m b alam na si jandi ay isa sa mga prettiest girl pinakita kaya sa tv patrol pero i like meteor garden i love HUAZE LEI and YI JEONG!!! a lot

  • [YT] same thinking! XD

  • [YT] ew, slut!

  • [YT] mas maganda p rin meteor garden kaysa sa korean version !!! ang panget ni Jandi ! at msyadong takot si jun pyo kay jandi nung una ! ang bilis pang mainlove ! ndii katulad sa meteor garden ndii mo akalaing maiinlove sa isa’t isa .. mabagal ung flow ..

  • [YT] ung korean version panget ! panget ng bida !! tapos ung flow ng story gayang-gaya sa meteor !!! buti pa ung sa hana yori dango may ibang flow hndi mxadong gaya-gaya !!!!!!

  • [YT] SAME HERE!!! LOLS!!!

  • [YT] GOOOO LEI…!!!

  • [YT] Lei is so nice… Guardian Angel…. How could Daoming Si’s mother spy on them? Xiao Zi is so annoying…

  • [YT] Ew… Daoming Si is so.. too much! Lei is so cool!! Shancai is so wierd. She pretends to be ecstatic…..

  • [YT] go go go 8210!

  • [YT] kOMIKU i agree !!!

  • [YT] i think mas maganda yung korean version pati mga bida ok… wla ko masabi

  • [YT] Her mum is a FEAK~~~ =.=”
    Lei will not this to shancai ..
    ROCK lei =D
    See her mum face was soo ungly ~~ =X
    LOL.. “Si SICK” ??? Y she wan to be her girlfriend ??? ….
    Omg~~ shancai MUST JYJY =D
    Qinghe need soooo HaPpY??~~
    EeEeeEeEEee~~~ “HATE” THE GIRL ..

  • [YT] si’s mom just got owned by lei!

  • [YT] i want to cry!

  • [YT] no he’s not! any renditions would not come close to the original!

  • [YT] ximen looks tough in this

  • [YT] i hate si’s mom and he yuan zi

  • [YT] Vic is Hot

  • [YT] Anyone here who knows the title of the song (if it’s a song) that plays from 01:35 to 02:31?

  • [YT] ingit c DMS!! ahahah! bgay!

    can’t believe it jeeezzz
    ahhh= = freak out now

  • [YT] 雖然這部戲很久了 至今還是許多人在看!!=)

  • [YT] lol typical saop opera moments

  • [YT] lolwhen she took off her shirt, DMS was like wtf this bitch have no tits!!!

  • [YT] what can i say, nice guy always finish last…….

  • [YT] the Korean version is more good..than this..Kim Hyun Joong is more Cute Than Vic Zhou…^^

  • [YT] this episode is great!!!!!!
    dms really love

  • [YT] If I were Shancai, i would’nt accept to be the love consultant of your ex’s fiancee…
    that just really HURTS and also really awkward

  • [YT] Lei’s too small to carry Sunchai like that, it looks a bit stupid (-_-)

  • [YT] HAH
    TAKE THAT YOU SON OF A BITCH MOM. D:< go lei. :3

  • [YT] I’ll be honest, and hopefully crazed fans won’t bash me for this, but XiaoZi is NOT cute at all! At least in the Korean version, she is somewhat cute, and good competition. Don’t get me wrong, this version is GREAT!! Far the best, in my opinion. Great acting from everyone!

  • [YT] Limpbizkittian I’m glad you think you’re someone. I relize this comment was a long time ago, but you honestly should find something better to do if you don’t like it.

  • [YT] qinghe has a sad life

  • [YT] 為什麼-0-?
    不像吧- –

  • [YT] Si’s mother好賤喔!

  • [YT] If Dms would have walked in during pillow fight he would have been soo jealous

  • [YT] it sounds very much like a guitar…

  • [YT] there are some awkward moments

  • [YT] shancai has really good skin

  • [YT] Please carry on..LOL She is serious?
    it reminds me old joke such as “good husband is the one who see lover with wife says please continue, and a good lover is who can continue after that 🙂

  • [YT] So, as soon as she thinks that he don’t love her she wants him.. DMS should have used that trick sooner. he he

  • [YT] I’m so tired of Daoming Si.

  • [YT] not liking this at all…
    it kinda shows that Si is a Gay…i mean cmon not accepting a naked girl in front of him.,..WTF!!!

  • [YT] the girls hair is so ugly!

  • [YT] 小滋好像棒棒堂阿本- -+

  • [YT] no, u wont be. ur probably right !
    i think everybody understands that.

  • [YT] can you be my guardian angel for life, lei?

  • [YT] poor qinghe….

  • [YT] the girls r skinny

  • [YT] hahahahahhaha. the girl looks so funny. skipping home. :p shes like a kid. hahaha.

  • [YT] Lei You are the best!
    Heaven sent!! 🙂

  • [YT] the subs are a bit off. when it said Si’s mother called Sanchai “destitute” she only actually said she was poor. It’s almost just as bad though.

  • [YT] I’m probably gonna get bashed for this, but if Sanchai doesn’t fight for Si anytime soon then i really don’t think she deserves him.

  • [YT] omfg..what a slut..

  • [YT] Hot Kisser. :)))))

  • [YT] Everybody hates her. :))

  • [YT] Get a life pampered brat. 😐

  • [YT] UH. I hate the MOM. 😐 and He Yuanzi. AS IF Si would love her. and for the mom? go to hell.

  • [YT] lol yea they do =D

  • [YT] lolz this is indeed the episode of awkward moments XD gawd i love those comic relief pplz XD

  • [YT] just reload dear!:)

  • [YT] u can look up mars my sis says they get together in that show

  • [YT] beep dms mom

  • [YT] if u didnt get what i said i ment that obssesd girls hair

  • [YT] uhh i really dont like that girl whose so obssesed about him and i dont like his mom. shancai is not obssesed so she in my opinion is better. ps i dont like her hair- it gives me tha creeps and when in the ep they meet when she bites his ear im like, what the heck!?

  • [YT] u daoming sui is bad u……………..

  • [YT] lei and shancai r cute together….but daoming si and shancai look soo much cuter and they make a sexxy couple..

  • [YT] Xiaozi or w.e her name is…she is a fcuking slut…attention whore

  • [YT] such a BIATCH kiss!!

  • [YT] haha, lei is so cute.

  • [YT] ew!! noo!! dont!! ah, how could u, daoming!!

  • [YT] aw, i love lei 😀 hes such a great friend

  • [YT] poor shancai…watching them kiss =(

  • [YT] lei is so cute!!

  • [YT] lol daoming si isnt fast enough compared to lei when trying to save lives

  • [YT] o.O…. he freaking kissed her!

  • [YT] is it juz me? or is xiaozi wearing the blouse that jing once wore?

    im seriously asking…not a troll…

  • [YT] by 3:22 i think i’m gonna puke!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] Daoming Shi should have said he likes Shancai earlier!

  • [YT] I think this hairstyle makes him look way more handsome.

  • [YT] Qinghe is a nice person.

  • [YT] They are just friends.

  • [YT] Both Shancai and Daoming Shi really like each other. They are just giving up too easily! They are both trying hard to forget each other, but they can’t! They mustn’t give up to Daoming Shi’s mom! They must fight for what they want! They are too weak! They will make their own decision for whom to marry! They should get rid of Daoming Shi’s mom!

  • [YT] Lei only likes Shancai as a friend. And Shancai is together with Daoming Shi, not Lei.

  • [YT] Even if you say that, that hairstyle is in fashion…

  • [YT] haha xi men is funnily threatening….

    *smack fist into palm*

  • [YT] i <33 Lei!

  • [YT] qinghe is cute :]]

  • [YT] I know right?
    GOD. now he’s being an idiot. =.=

  • [YT] excuse me, i want to ask….how u all know lei likes shancai? i really want them to be together! but i keep watching, oso dun get why u all know tht lei likes shan cai… can someone tell me? pls…

  • [YT] hes kinda annoyin lol

  • [YT] What does his mother meant by destitute Shancai? She then destitute ar! DMS so SWAY got this kind of laobu !

  • [YT] i can’t believe dms kissed her

  • [YT] i wouldn’t mind having lei as my guardian angel 😉

  • [YT] Daoming Si is dating that biatch bcoz thats wat Shancai wants him 2 do?
    am i ryt?

  • [YT] just like tohru from fruits basket shancai faints in the hot spring

  • [YT] there hurting there heart

  • [YT] what a . .. omg… she’s such a slut. What a whore!! Oops such words slipped out of my mouth. It’s easier typed than said. no?

  • [YT] LOl in the begining Si is like, crap why did Lei get there first?

  • [YT] most awkward moment of the episode lol this is so sad i kinda noe how she feels cause i like this guy who my friend went out with and one time they were like kissing and i happened to be at the wrong place and time and yea…):

  • [YT] i love this episode it’s my favourite one well not really but one of my faves cause lei and shancai are sleeping in one bed hahha

  • [YT] omg….xiao zi is so annoying in this episode….it doesnt suit her character at all to act so immature….especially when she wouldnt listen to what daoming si was trying to tell her…

  • [YT] I know it’s weird to suddenly say this… but i think qinghe is a nice person

  • [YT] i noe ehh

  • [YT] Qinghe is sooo adorable!

  • [YT] i love that part when xiaozhi(not sure wth the spelling LMAO)was shoutng and asking for help then DMS run fast to save sanchai but unfortunately lei saved her already aww..

  • [YT] that bitches hair is annoying me!!

  • [YT] I love barbie & lei:D

  • [YT] Lei(:

  • [YT] lol XD when xiaozi introduces herself 2 lei, she keeps on holding his hand untill she has to get a chair.

  • [YT] lol but he’ll never have a “place in shancai’s heart”…

  • [YT] lol XD now si knows how shancai felt when she was with him. the girl playing the role of dms, and dms playing the role of shancai! =D

  • [YT] at 3:02, y would He be skipping home? thats just so awkward…

  • [YT] i cant help laughing wen shan cai was telling lei dat she was so escastic that dms’s relationship wif xiaoxi is goin well.. she’s tryin so hard to ocnvince herself dat it totally sounds fake and lei noes it too.. i noe im mean but it was relli funny. i pity lei, he relli likes shan cai but he cant be anyhting except for her guardian angel as he noes dat shan cai doesnt love him anymore

  • [YT] 浴衣 ww

  • [YT] the song is called ” Ni Yao de Ai” by Penny Dai

  • [YT] wanna slap that bitch!
    she can’t get a kiss on her own
    bitch i wanna spanch that girl

  • [YT] thats ok shancai im not used to hot springs too 😀

  • [YT] does anyone know what the theme song is call??

  • [YT] lol yeah she run really funny, her butt looks funny when she run

  • [YT] hahahhaha F5!!!!, ohhh he’s soo funny! him and He Yuanzi are the olny 2 that are happy at this moment

  • [YT] this is so sad..i would never want to fall in love like that and break my heart into pieces….its just so cruel… 🙁 sob*

  • [YT] what song starts off this episode? any one know??

  • [YT] Her T-Shirts crack me up.

  • [YT] i wished shancai picked lei!!! he’s hotter 🙂

  • [YT] shancai runs like a herd of cattle.. clunk clunk clunk clunk D=

  • [YT] dont forget his smart and thought full

  • [YT] no problem 🙂

  • [YT] thank you! <3

  • [YT] hmm..shancai doesnt need to deny the luv btween her and si

  • [YT] ni yao de ai… such a pretty song ^^

  • [YT] LOL! lei loves hot springs, “is there a hot spring?”

  • [YT] what is that pretty song they always play?
    the play it at the scene when shanchai & that skinny chick are in the hot spring.

  • [YT] i wanna slap that bitch!
    she can’t get a kiss on her own D:< poor shanchai! she's so strong, & lei is so sweet <3

  • [YT] whoooah…i like lei..very..

  • [YT] WOW look like the main body part have open up

  • [YT] That’s why Si is meant for Shancai though, she’s the whole reason he’s changed so much. 🙂

  • [YT] huh. lei looks especially hot here.

  • [YT] Barbie and Zai look good together,
    hope they give their relationship another chance..

  • [YT] DMS’s mom is such a manipulative by-hatch

  • [YT] How sad…Qinghe is confessing, but Shancai doesn’t even noe it…. I feel so sorry for Qinghe!!! T.T

  • [YT] whoa BITCH MUCH
    i hate DMS mothere

  • [YT] Si looks so much better with this hairstyle now…and Lei is always like an angel to me…Meizu looks sweet too..all of them are sweet 🙂 beut Lei has the most appealing character for me :)although Si has positively changed too…

  • [YT] i completely agree. she really has no idea what’s going on. it’s shancai’s fault for not saying anything.

  • [YT] haha! her poor friend! he’s adorable


  • [YT] thats was funny when shancai runs back for her bag

  • [YT] OMG! Lei is so cute!!!

  • [YT] I adore Lei <3 he is smart, sensitive, dreamy and really handsome too <3 It is great that the stresses to be Shancai's guardian angel...lucky her...:)

  • [YT] desperate girl, begging for a guy’s kiss even if she’s not the one he truly loves.

  • [YT] I think it was shancai want him to try to date with her. and daomingsi wanna to prove he and the monkey is not suitable.

  • [YT] i hate dao ming si’s mom..

  • [YT] i love how qinghe is called son of an overnight millionaire

  • [YT] Because in the last episode when DMS slapped Shancai and thinks that is all over with her he doesnt really care what happens to himself anymore… but thats just my opinion.

  • [YT] i want lei so so bad i wish i was the one beside him in the bed

  • [YT] omgsh i cried when he said “i will play guardian angel to shancai all my life” !!!!

  • [YT] how is she a bitch?? i still dont get that.
    she only wants si to love her.
    its not her fault.. she didnt even no wat
    happened between sc and dms in the first place
    and i no i’ll get a lot to thumbs down.
    but someone explain to me how shes a bitch??

  • [YT] i would~! lol. hes a bit adorable too. hahah

  • [YT] wen lei said all that stuff to doaming feng he was soo brave 4 standing up to her and it was soooooo sweet 4 saying all that stuff

  • [YT] agreed

  • [YT] Don’t you hate it when characters go in at the wrong time and that starts the misunderstandings? xDD

  • [YT] Hahaha, don’t we all?! XD He’s so cute and charming.

  • [YT] Love this show very much!!!! Lei is so smart

  • [YT] i felt bad for shancai!

  • [YT] i like sc and lie they pair up good

  • [YT] rawr! hate that monkey! she’s so full of herself…! *chants “this is just a show”*.

  • [YT] ya… i know … i understand u…i like him too…man i want him so bad!

  • [YT] i dont understand why dms wants to date this girl ?

  • [YT] I felt so hateful with da girl who stands between DMS and SC

  • [YT] OMG!!!
    i wanna sleep next to him!!
    i wanna have a pillow fight with him!!
    and i want someone to have as a guardian angel like him!!!.///…


    so0o0o0 cutee!!!

  • [YT] u kno wat… i think leii is a very calm and mature… i meann if that old bitch was talking to me like that,,, i wud have slapped her… i hop ethis all end up good coz if not,, am gonna be pissed….

  • [YT] want to thank da person who posted dis Vid!
    thank you so much Aranelcharis

  • [YT] college of the filthy rich

  • [YT] Can someone please tell me the name of the instrumental that they play? The sad one..

  • [YT] Although I hate her, Xiao Zi has great acting skills.

  • [YT] 4 months ago i watched mg and 2 months ago the mg2,now i’m watching it again.I’m an addict!!!

  • [YT] which song?
    the opening or ending song?
    the opening is Qing Fei De Yi by Harlem Yu
    the ending is ni yao de ai by Penny Tai
    hope this help

  • [YT] WOW. what is wrong with that his mom???!!
    aww what lei said was soooo awesome

  • [YT] 同一家咖啡店碰到的…不同家能碰到吗?

  • [YT] I can’t stand Qing He. HE IS SOOOO ANNOYINGGGG.

  • [YT] He’s just one of those “Nice guys” that the girl would never consider liking.

  • [YT] lol true!!!
    imensly awkward!

  • [YT] omq dis is so sad..i feel really bad 4 shancai..wen he kissed her i wanted 2 sock him in da face

  • [YT] 周渝民好帥!

  • [YT] Daoming Si and Shancai’s relationship is like Chuck and Blair’s from Gossip Girl…love both pairs <3<3<3<3<3 GET TOGETHER ALREADY!!

  • [YT] i like dms pineapple hairstyle better!!!!!!

  • [YT] yeah. xiao zi is a total bitch

  • [YT] lei sounded very true

  • [YT] Quinghe should get a chance…I mean Lie and DMS have had their chances. 😀 haha

  • [YT] lei so cutttteeee

  • [YT] what an awesome college
    all they did was fooling around..never do any work in class

  • [YT] hmmmmm, i really like him!

  • [YT] NOOOOO…hate her. -.-.

  • [YT] I like Daoming Si’s and Shancai’s character, but I wouldn’t really want my love story to be like that. So full of drama.

  • [YT] they both don’t look like an item since first they met.

  • [YT] how awkward!!

  • [YT] at least Si understands that monkey girl’s feelings. Sry i forgot what’s her name

  • [YT] ive been looking everywhere to find the kind of sad song all over please……. if anyone knows this music or whatever its called pretty please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] im gagging when he kissed her

  • [YT] “the episode of awkward moments” haha

  • [YT] hohoho the episode of awkward moments. but i favourited the previous part.

    (: thought it was a cute and exciting part!

  • [YT] LOL ;D

  • [YT] aww poor ziaozi!! it’s all because of his freakin mum!! DMS actually a good person.

  • [YT] this IS the episode of awkward moments.

  • [YT] yea I know xD…lol

  • [YT] well, it’s just a tv show eventually ~~~

  • [YT] sorry but shanxai is simply DUMP! stupid, naive….gosh…how many times dies she need a confession of him until she GETS that he REALLY loves her?! omg…she’s so going on my nerves…how can she be so brainless (SORRY BUT IT’S THE TRUTH XDDDD)

  • [YT] Yeah! I know, couldn’t she be just a little more considerate?

  • [YT] i hope sancai heared the part when dao ming si said he is thinking of sancai only…