Meteor Garden Episode 21

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Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

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  • Hazylvaldez

    love it…is there meteor garden 2 as well? thanks!

    • rainie yang


  • Dtien356

    this is just the taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers >.> arranged into different order of time

    • xRia

      uhh i believe this came out before boys over flowers.

  • Anon

    the cake scene was too funny i kno its lame but it was i was like ill laugh if he smashes it into her face and next thing u kno he does lmao

  • [YT] LEI bat ang talino m alam m feeling k magaling k s puzzle makita lng kita buo n agad ang araw k

  • [YT] Shancai gives up too easily =(

  • [YT] LEI !LEI!LEI!

  • [YT] poor shanchai, palagi n lng cla umaasa kay shancai at kay daoming si,nagiging pabigat p, : (

  • [YT] this is taiwan’s production XD

  • [YT] lol..Ximen and Si looked funny when they threw punches at each other,.,hahahaha

  • [YT] haha but if you translate more accurately to english, it is ‘why is this weirdo crying?’

  • [YT] wat a punch! i love you LEI!!! cuz ur soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!

  • [YT] is dat da fiancee of DMS???

  • [YT] nokia phones miss those days

  • [YT] shancia it’s not that life is made miserible for you…you make it that way.

  • [YT] her parents are annoying!! i just want to watch the parts where it is the SERIOUS part NOT the nonsense stuff…..

  • [YT] it’s DMS’s fault for thefact that he never had any experience in relationships besides this one with shanci, look at meizuo and ximen, they are soo chill

  • [YT] agree, very annoying

  • [YT] Poor Shancai!! I know her parents are having a hard live too, but they’re making everything even more difficult for her…

  • [YT] whats with them punching each other’s faces??
    thats really lame…

  • [YT] Big Deal

  • [YT] LOL @ the concoct

  • [YT] O
    that’s cool, Asi

  • [YT] poor daomingsi…….
    really sad…T-T

  • [YT] her parent is very annoying…..
    i hate them….

  • [YT] Yaaawn.

  • [YT] “So weird. Why is he crying?” – Shancai

    .. Omg. Is it that hard to understand ._.

  • [YT] boys~ if u wana fight, cut ur hair short.

  • [YT] Omg..ever heard of trying to DODGE the punches?!?!?!

  • [YT] LOL!!!
    I can’t believe that girl would cry though…what a wimp…^O^

  • [YT] 因為他是香港人嘛

  • [YT] 那個海邊男孩 國語音好煩啊 好像是廣東腔…

  • [YT] why not try breaking both there necks? :)) i’ll join you then. =))

  • [YT] back to work

  • [YT] I like meteor garden better than the japanese or korean hana yori dango but the japanese hana yori dango has way better songs than this one.

  • [YT] Zai Zai is soo hot with hair like that. I like this better than his short hair now

  • [YT] haha, I know right?? Like in the first episode or something, Lei paid for the damage in the pub.

  • [YT] wait hold on is this like hana yori dango like in real life version or something?

  • [YT] This episode is so boring.

  • [YT] I start to hate Shancai. The series start to make no sense.

  • [YT] i think out of the 4 hua ze lei and mei zuo r the most chill people in tht group

  • [YT] omg, daoming need to do some research n see y she left instead of sulking and fighting

  • [YT] guess you cannot buy happiness with money but the lack of money can bring misery

  • [YT] omg, her parents are so annoying! all they are doing is making her feel worse!

  • [YT] this is getting serious..hehehe

  • [YT] hehe ure welcome!!
    im glad i could help!!!

  • [YT] thank you!!
    yes i meant that part.
    thank you so much 🙂

  • [YT] u mean at 0:34?
    its a sms from qing he to shencai
    subject is: where r u?
    everyone is very worried. u(its cut off)
    hurry up(quickly) and contact us ba

    if u didnt mean tat part thn erm? wich part? n i’ll translate it if u still need it

  • [YT] i love that when you watch the fight you think, oh they missed that one, but you hear a punching noise. hahaha

  • [YT] Why can’t you? If you can eat pizza, cheese, tomato sauce, and seafood by itself, then why can’t you eat them altogether?

  • [YT] seaweed is aiight, but would u eat a seaweed pizza? seaweed with tomato sauce and cheese? sounds not appetizing

  • [YT] what is he typing?? anyone who knows mandarin, please translate it…

  • [YT] hahhahahahah!! you should’ve given me the cake if you don’t wanna eat it. hahahahhahaha

  • [YT] MARS? is it another drama? and vic and barbie is in it ….WEEEEEEEEE i’m going to watch it..^_^

  • [YT] That’s only a guess. Nobody really knows why Shancai quit school and moved. Only she herself knows.

  • [YT] What’s wrong with seafood? I love seaweed! Most Chinese love seafood!

  • [YT] aww poor girl

  • [YT] AHHHH. where the heckk is Leiii??? NONONO. I wantt Lei!!

  • [YT] I found this sentence : I met a lunatic. So scary! Funny leh. I dont know why.

  • [YT] to sweetcutie4life….. if you haven’t known about this already, theres the korean version that just started called “boys over flowers”

  • [YT] 酸菜lol?

  • [YT] i completely agree with you xDD … in real life, you dont take turns to trade punches, you push them down, kick their bits and play dirty!!

  • [YT] they wer taking turns hitting eachother lmao i think i herd sumthing crack at the end of the fight…..

  • [YT] waitt hahaha nvmm i mixed it with meteor garden 2

  • [YT] i love this episode when she’s with lei cause i can just imagine them together (:

  • [YT] LMAO lamest fight i’ve ever seen…its like playing chicken ._.”

  • [YT] LOL seafood pizza? sounds like something u dont wannna ever eat ._.”

  • [YT] lawl that girl got owned 😀

  • [YT] omfg her parents are soooooooooo annoying

  • [YT] typing in mandarin must suck..

  • [YT] makes me miss my parents…..somehow after feeling the excitement of being independent comes this feeling of loneliness once in a while….


  • [YT] lolz, I know yeah! I’m like…damn, I miss the way it sticks up…

  • [YT] ahah, and dms’s PINEAPPLE HAIR?!

  • [YT] LMFAO at meizuo dancing!

  • [YT] lol yeaah, instead it was the complete opposite of smooth

  • [YT] OMGG! D: dms’s so mean to that girl!! awwh i feel sorry for her.. i would have eated the cake..

  • [YT] GREEDY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] u can also watch princess hours in you tube..i like it too…
    nice Koreanovela..
    i love Dao and I love Gian (princess hOurs)

  • [YT] I thought xiaoyou already knew about all this? didn’t qinghe already tell her before?

  • [YT] shanchai’s parents are too materialistic…it’s surprising though probably not terribly uncommon these days…

  • [YT] stupid parent

  • [YT] AAAAHHH i cant take this!!!!! I want Shanci and DMS to make up quickly~~~~

  • [YT] corner with love is good, it also has barbie hsu in it and she’s the rich one this time

  • [YT] This is just really random, and I should’ve asked sooner, but where are Ximen’s glasses???

    Who cares though, he looks better without them xD

  • [YT] i <3 lei

  • [YT] ^0^ does her eye hurts from crying all the time even my eye hurts =[

  • [YT] they made the korean verison of hana yori dango. its pretty good. just look up “boys over flowers” on veoh.

  • [YT] WHO THE HELL’S DAT DUDE lol out of nowheere THAT BEACH DUDE

  • [YT] where’s lei alredy

  • [YT] can these idiotic parents so putting so much burden on their poor daughter….the dad disgust me,but the mother makes me even more sick…her voice is annoying and instead of understanding and sharing her daughter’s pain..she is pressuring her even more.

  • [YT] i totally agree with you..i would die if i have parents like that…soo shameless..especially the dad he have no pride, he should be the provider..but always relying on his daughter to marry some rich guy so he can live off her..its disgusting and on top of that he is soooooooooooo damn ugly.

  • [YT] lei always pays for the damages..LOL.. but now it was kind of different…lol.. love these guys… so cute specially meizuo and si

  • [YT] if you want one i know some it’s not exactly the same as this one but pretty close there’s
    “Princess Hours” and “It started With A Kiss”
    those are one of my favorites.. hope this helps….

  • [YT] Please i’m hoping that he would be another “burgerking guy”..

    and notice there are almost always 2 guys in her life..

  • [YT] is ther any other drame like this one expect hana yori dango i have already seen it

  • [YT] haha :D!
    finally the guys found out the truth!!

  • [YT] how can u mistaken that girl for Shancia?
    the girls hair isnt smooth like Shancias =]

  • [YT] 钟汉良?wow!!!!

  • [YT] lei is sooo funny

  • [YT] I thought it was kinda funny when Xiao Zi asks Lei how he’s been and he’s like “I’ve always been like this.”

  • [YT] yea. bad script writer. shudn;t give her such a dumb line

  • [YT] these boys r pretty slow huh? only now they’re figuring it out?? lucky they’re all so adorable

  • [YT] Si threw the cake on her face
    so funny :DDD

  • [YT] i luv all of them …so sweet… so cute…omg!!! lei doesn’t care but his’ cute doing that….dao ming si looks so scary when his fights , butr he looks cute when his is with shan cai…especially when he smiles..the dipples are so cute…. 😀

  • [YT] hahahaha

  • [YT] damn that sucks why did he do that i love him but hes rude damn lolz poor gurl if i was her i would have punched him lolz or something

  • [YT] the last punch ah si had in ximen’s face was hitted hard!!! damn!

  • [YT] god…it’s really shameful to have parents like that…not about poverty..but they say things before they do things…

  • [YT] aww but Shancai got spotted!! the girl can’t help it.. they were her friends .. ‘BRo’ before HO’ eah? lol.

  • [YT] OMG DMS’ how rude!!

  • [YT] can’t help but agree wit u there.
    Another fantastic drama.
    A must watch, rrly!

  • [YT] since u guys are talkng bout MARS..ive seen it..and Its da best drama cuz deyve taken it exactly lyk da manga series!!!..VIC and BARBIE were excellent playing deir characters!!!..true its a dark drama but it confides tragedy,overcomming da past and finding love within each other!!!

  • [YT] 哎···竟然有这么sb的家爸爸妈妈····

  • [YT] urgh . hate shan cai !

  • [YT] Damn, that was cold!

  • [YT] lol well maybe it’s me thinking too much but i think that they show his hair down and stright now because they wanna show that DMS has been changed by shancai. like his hair was crazy and stuff before to show he was childish and stuff, but now he’s experienced true love and has been giving in to shancai, he gots more mature and responsible. and i guess the hair down shows the maturity and helps get the message across to the viewers better?

  • [YT] i know that i wacthed this mmore that 23 times.
    I’m just saying so PEOPLE won’t know what the nest episodes are!!!!!
    goshhh ~_-

  • [YT] have you watch d whole beginning b4 dis episode?

  • [YT] shancai lied to him, she just said dat she doesnt love him so he wouldn’t go after her and so dat she wouldn’t “ruin” her friend’s situation but she rilly does love him. uhh duh

    its a DRAMA. if it just went like dat den d show would be boring and pointless. o_0

  • [YT] Lol @ the cake

  • [YT] well… youve got a point =D

  • [YT] another drama with “hua ze lei” and “shan cai” it’s kind of a dark drama though, if I remember
    correctly. if anything just google it

  • [YT] omg only a rl man can cry infront of a girl and he rly wants 2 love shancai but he cant he loves some1 else tthts y hes crying

  • [YT] ShanCai needs to understand that DMS loves her. He got beat up for her. These days you can’t find a guy like DMS, so cherish it. I understand hoe DMS feels, it was his first relationship, so he really don’t know what to do. Shancai should have told DMS the truth. IT’S MAKING ME MAD!

  • [YT] wats mars??

  • [YT] lol they take turns hitting eachother

  • [YT] and i swear if shancai and that guy hook up…im going to break something.

  • [YT] wheres F3?lol i find that funny.

  • [YT] Shancia ‘s perents just want to be rich they never thought about Shancai’s feelings

  • [YT] a cassamova is a gigalo (dont know if i spelled it right)/ playboy.

  • [YT] But you have to put into account a cheap meal costs around 80 New Taiwan Dollars

  • [YT] lol crying infront of a girl?

  • [YT] man that “lunatic” person was so out of the blue

  • [YT] I love MARS,totally.

    The part when the teacher raped barbie and then vic showed up scared me a lot!!!

  • [YT] that was a good fight.
    i’m scared and surprised!!!

  • [YT] <3 lei

  • [YT] hellz yeah!

  • [YT] we luv u lei!

  • [YT] this video suck ballss

  • [YT] barbie is the girl who plays shancai

  • [YT] who’s barbie hsu?does she play in meteor garden?give me a msg plz=D

  • [YT] lei is so smart!!

  • [YT] yay for ximen!
    yay for lei! :]

  • [YT] Whats the name of the piano song playing in every episode of sadness?

  • [YT] i wish xiaoyou and ximen would get together
    maybe she might old his attention longer ;p

  • [YT] hah shan cai is good at punching people!

  • [YT] that was a good fight

  • [YT] what a cassanova?
    lol lol

  • [YT] yep i totally agree wit you 100%.
    THere were some scary moments in mars where there was rapes and near death situations.

  • [YT] hey that hot wierd guy from the fishing place is sorta in DMS’s situation except his reaction is a bit different when his gf left her

  • [YT] yep barbie is her real name
    lol! xD

  • [YT] Xu Xiyuan Barbie hsu is her english name:)

  • [YT] is BARBIE the real name??

  • [YT] Aww she makes them suffer without nowing it poor sanshai !!!

  • [YT] damn DMS…u do get everybody WORKED UP with ur FEELINGS…just HOOK UP with shancai, life is short..lolz

  • [YT] I actually felt similarly to musicandstrawberries about Lei and Shancai being together when I was first watching this because I just finished rewatching Mars, and I just love Barbie and Vic’s acting- but that’s just it, the actors are different from the characters they play, so I end up just falling in love with DMS/Shancai and let Barbie (Shancai) and Vic (Lei) unfold their relationship elsewhere (Mars). Two different dramas, can’t have all the actors keep falling in love with the same actors.

  • [YT] wassup with the daningthing… wird dance..

  • [YT] barbie hsu

  • [YT] my heart is really achin’….seriously… i’m not even diz sad when i broke up with my bf

  • [YT] im gnna cry now…the last one doesn’t work and this one doesn’t work either :((:((:((:((

  • [YT] it is not playing

  • [YT] quinghe is too full of himself

  • [YT] agreed 😀

  • [YT] vaness danced effin hardcore man…

    hes so hot!

  • [YT] Her real name is Barbie.

  • [YT] thats because she cannot accept their hospitality anymore. besides she broke DMS’ heart. how CAN she accept the money w/o losing her pride?

  • [YT] who was that guy on the beach with shancai?

  • [YT] no i dont like lei and shencai

  • [YT] wat happens in mars that freaks you out? lol

  • [YT] i like mars a lot, it just often freaks me out. This oneis more happy, although it might be even better if it were lei and shencai, but i’m totally satisfied.

  • [YT] finally sum1 tells one of dms frenz the truth

  • [YT] shes not
    her sis Dee is tho

  • [YT] where hav u been? they’re together alright..

  • [YT] i heard Barbie Xu is pregnant

  • [YT] no.i saw a little bit of detail about barbie that she’s dating vic.

  • [YT] no, Vic and barbie are couple not dee xu. Watch the news kid.

  • [YT] if you want lei and shancai together u should watch mars

  • [YT] ye..ximen does luk hotter!!b4 he well..he wsnt..LOL!!