Meteor Garden Episode 22

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Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

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  • 平凡人


  • Shangli

    I seriously hope Huaze Lei gets a happy ending. He’s just so awesome!

  • [YT] ang gwapo mo LEI!!!!!!! i LOVE you and yi jung also

  • [YT] LEI can you be my GUARDIAN ANGEL forever

  • [YT] kamukha ni xiang ung friend ni shancai sa school nila ung nagsetup sa kanya

  • [YT] you realise shancai never say ” i like you ” to DMS before? and he assumes she likes him… complicated….

  • [YT] Fickle village


  • [YT] Lei is really so damn good!! I <3 Him!! XD

  • [YT] Lei is seriously damn niceee!
    He rocks to the MAX!! :D<3 LEI!

  • [YT] HE ROCKS!

  • [YT] Lei is seriously ver nice right? 😀

  • [YT] poor qinghe..

  • [YT] I would rather die than to hab those kind of parents who keep having dreams which may not come true in the end n neglecting their child just for money while their daughter is thr suffering by herself

  • [YT] who is lei dating now? does anyone know? lol

  • [YT] leiiiii!!!!!!!! i will have a clean break up with my ex and be with me!! hahahha! jks

  • [YT] lei,so lovable

  • [YT] wow shancai really went to look for the necklace so awesome.go for it Shancai!

  • [YT] ya lo

  • [YT] anung woo?liligwan nya c shancai?
    ai? dats perfect! i rili love them together!



  • [YT] jan di to ji hoo, shancai to lei:]
    wat a perfect copol!
    GO LEI!
    we lhab ya ol!
    ol of ur supporters!

  • [YT] This show cant stop making me cry~

  • [YT] lei isd helping her look for it….

  • [YT] lei to the rescue!

  • [YT] No, he really likes her. He liked her before but for DMS sake he did not do something. Aww, Lei and Shancai would have been a cute couple….:/

  • [YT] Tell me about it! Instead of supporting their daughter they put her in trouble and act like little kids! So embarrassing!

  • [YT] yes 😀
    Who doesn’t want that?? He is always calm and adorable. She is a lucky girl!

  • [YT] 瑋倫….miss her

  • [YT] yah i THINK they dated for like 2years after making the drama MARS together

  • [YT] huhuhu..saying GOODBYE is `d HARDEST thing to do!!!!!

  • [YT] huaze lei and shan cai did became bf-gf before in real life, right?


  • [YT] agreeeeeeeeeeeee

  • [YT] 2:29 – 2:32
    What the hell is that
    Does anybody hear that themesong?!

  • [YT] Honestly why is it no matter what Nationality this show is, we all mostly want Lei/JiHoo/Rui to be with ShanCai, because they are so adorably gentle. Although if the lead didn’t get the girl, this series would be one big sappy love show…and who wants to see Lei getting it on with another girl? >3

  • [YT] Although I would love to see him do that at least once…preferrably to DMS. o_o;

  • [YT] Dude guys, why rate him down!? It is true! He looks much more gentle with his hair down than up….although he still looks threatening now.. :3 Like a large cuddly teddy bear that could snap your head off at any moment.. lol

  • [YT] [email protected]
    poor guy. xD
    he’s liked shancai all this time and she’s never known it .

  • [YT] 1.Cover your mouth with your hand
    2.Make a wish into it
    3.Close your hand (make it into a fist)
    4.Hold your hand (the fist) to your heart for 5 sec.
    5.Send this to three more videos
    6.Tomorrow will be the best day of your life

  • [YT] lei hero…..

  • [YT] parent yg x guna….

  • [YT] I want Lei & Shancai to be together, even though it won’t happen. :/

  • [YT] the parents are so annoying!
    i keep getting the impression theyre just using shancai to get more money and dont seem to care about her at all.

  • [YT] “A Noble Lady in a Horseback”
    ROFL .. that’s exactly what it looks like.

  • [YT] nkkinis ung mga kpitbhay nlaa.
    damn. 😐

  • [YT] I think it’s because she cares too much about her friends, and maybe she doesn’t have confidence DX

  • [YT] wow, i like how lei is so tolerant and like never punches someone or hurt them violently

  • [YT] I don’t understand…So does Lei really like Shancai or is he just doing it to get Shancai and DMS together?

  • [YT] OMG
    but i’m glad lei came to get her!!!!
    i <3 LEI!!!!

  • [YT] WhaT? How does Shancai resemble or remind Song of Xiang?

  • [YT] OMG!!!! Shancai is soo stupid!! :@ why did she tell daoming si that she loved him and all of her problems would be over. and tell daoming si da truth about why she dumped him. ahhhhh, shes so dum.

  • [YT] no. i want DMS and San Cai together!!

  • [YT] Lei! Every girls dream, personal savior! :)) 😀

  • [YT] The father was a mess. 😐 and the mom, UGH so high pitched voice.

  • [YT] i still would like to have a guardian angel like lei… don’t you guys agree

  • [YT] just start a new internet s2pids lol peace:)

  • [YT] yea! i agree with you!! 😀

  • [YT] have you seen mars? zaizai was totally the prince charming there. XD

  • [YT] WOOT! go lei!! even tho i know he and shancai wont end up in the end, but it makes me happy to see lei make a move. teach daoming a lesson :]

    but i hope lei finds an amazing girl to be w/ in the end. someone even better than shancai 🙂

  • [YT] im so happy that the girl song waited for is back!

  • [YT] i really hate her parents!! but i love lei!! <3

  • [YT] this makes me soooo happy!
    (lei+shancai forever)

  • [YT] Heehee, I figured that afterwards… although Shancai is surely in the blame too! She’s supposed to ♥ Si yet she is sooo happy about Lei moving onto her… ¬___¬

  • [YT] noohoo They are sooo cute together :'(
    And Lei is really a Prince Charming xP

  • [YT] Lei and Sanchai together…YipEEEEE!!!

  • [YT] i want lei and shancai to be together….
    i thought they would because in season 2 DMS had amnesia and…(just watch it^_^) but they didn’t T_T…

  • [YT] Lei is trying to help them make up! Don’t you see? He is trying to make Daoming Si jealous and make him and Shancai together.

  • [YT] No, he doesn’t! He’s just doing this to make Daoming Si jealous and make them make up, because he know they like each other.

  • [YT] But right now, Shancai really likes DMS! It doesn’t matter how DMS treated her at the beginning of the show. He just doesn’t know how to love her. They love each other now, Shancai forgave DMS, and that’s all that matters!

  • [YT] That’s only for Jing, and Jing has her own path to take. Huaze Lei is unhappy in another country, and miss his friends and family.

  • [YT] That’s because she really like DMS!

  • [YT] You mean Shancai’s fu mu shi qiong, wo bu xi huan shancai’s mu qin gen fu qin.

  • [YT] I hate his pineapple hair… Makes him look like a bad guy.

  • [YT] add &fmt=page to the url it works for me

  • [YT] 杉菜父母不懂得拿人家的手短这个道理吗!?

  • [YT] i already refresh it more than 5 times..but it doesnt really w0rk/..

  • [YT] it doesnt w0rk??

  • [YT] shancai’s parents rely on her way too much

  • [YT] wat a fcuk ass quality of this vid!!

  • [YT] it doznt show,,,,what d heck??!!!.,i refreshed it a lot of times already,,,but still it doesnt

  • [YT] i would jump in the lake for the necklace too

  • [YT] shancai parents have to learn to settle their own problems like paying their debt!

  • [YT] i hate her parents, urgg

    lei is so cute!

  • [YT] Song acts so well:)

  • [YT] i think qinghe is so cute somehow.. but just too stupid:P

    to be honest, the existance of qinghe is just for making the drama more fun:P

  • [YT] Whaa!
    Lei likes 杉菜?

  • [YT] Whaat?!
    I thought Lei was joking.. like he invited Si to tell him about Shancai and the necklace… no no no this isnt right! Moving in on your bf’s ex the day they break up!!!

  • [YT] wow go lei
    HE is THE HOTTEST of the HOTTEST guys ever

  • [YT] ♥♥♥♥I LUV LEI -Glitter Eyes-♥♥♥♥

  • [YT] he said im going to WOO shancai wtf lol sounds sexual

  • [YT] LEI!!!!<3

  • [YT] seriously… i hate qinghe…

    Kind of keep pushing DMS alway cause he like ShanChai and he dun wan them to be tgt

  • [YT] lei and si looks like they have the same nose lmfao and the same nose as snape in harry potter

  • [YT] thanks! it finally showed up after refreshing it 5 times.. 😀

  • [YT] Um, I just checked and it is available. Try refreshing the page….or maybe it`s your internet connection…

  • [YT] oh my! why is this video not available???
    i might fail to watch an important event..!

  • [YT] o myy he wont give his blessing …

  • [YT] OMG… I LovE Lei and DaoMinG Si and Ximen and MeiZoU!!!!! I hate U Suancai ur NoT WoRThY oF ThE F4!!

  • [YT] this series is really dragging out…I hope hings turn for the better…

  • [YT] lei<3

  • [YT] I will never be able to understand art. Well, not modern art, at least…

  • [YT] wat lei is he trying to proof..

  • [YT] this is a really good drama

  • [YT] …. This is one part I don’t think they did better than the manga. I liked it so much better when the villagers asked if Rui (lei) was Domyouji (Si) and he said “no, but this is” and there Domyouji (Si) Was 🙁

    So sad he didn’t come.

  • [YT] miss si’s pineapple hair…

  • [YT] Agreed. This show is very contrived. And Shancai makes lots of foolish choices. The flaws one could point out in her reasoning are unlimited.

  • [YT] Lei <3
    he's always the hero and guardian angel <3

  • [YT] yea!

  • [YT] lei looks like he had a white nail polish in the end lol

  • [YT] i hope lei gets a happy ending too

  • [YT] her parents are so annoying running to Shancai and DMS everytime they need money =.=”

  • [YT] Shancai just can’t refuse Lei

    Then again, I can’t think of any girl that can XD

  • [YT] stares at parents rambling -_-
    gets out ducktape
    seals parents’ mouths

  • [YT] yay go lei, ur my hero!

  • [YT] hahaha lei and qinghe are so funny

  • [YT] is tat gal xu wei lun?

  • [YT] aww.lei so nice^^

  • [YT] I dont like to see Shancai’s parents. They are so silly. Is there someone who wants to have a parents like shancai’s mom and dad as in like the way they act and speak???

  • [YT] Shancai’s fu mu shih qiong, wo pu xi huan shancai’s mu chin gen fu chin.

  • [YT] how could he think of all these cool plans?!?! he always knows wat 2 say and do.

  • [YT] oreos! i’m cravin 4 ice cream right now

  • [YT] chaces are he is. he is the best in this drama. well in my opinion. some ppl might think differently

  • [YT] lei is the hottest guy ever!!

  • [YT] omg same!! haha. im 14 as well.

  • [YT] does anyone think that guy looks like Gdragon from BIg Bang, I swear…

  • [YT] Means you are going to get that person to notice you, basically.

  • [YT] Yes, I know. :DDD

  • [YT] meizuo so cool…at 6:00 he’s wearing CIRCA…. omg.. my favorite clothing brand….

  • [YT] im tired of shancai. i cant think why shes doing all these things just so she doesnt have to say she loves dms..

  • [YT] what does woo mean??????

    anyone…please tell me

  • [YT] im kinda annoyed at her parents.. they’re kinda relying everything on daomingsi’s money! .v.

  • [YT] He gave up on her;
    i thought he would never do that
    i sorta think he put up with her tootoo much..

  • [YT] i thought she was brave enough to actually give up her happiness and love for the sake of her friends’ families since they are innocent, so its pretty hard to choose between love and friendship especially since they have nothing to do wit dms’s mom but yet having their family suffer becuz of his mom. so, even tho shancai is frustrating at times, she still kno now that she actually loves dms. she cant blurt that out or itll hurt her friends. its hard to decide so u cant really blame her.

  • [YT] Not Kangta. The K stands for Ken (the guy who plays Ximen).

  • [YT] i have see this movie since i was 9 years old:D now im 14:D

  • [YT] ya…i know…oww so sweet right?

  • [YT] u right

  • [YT] omg…. i love it!!! hehe… i kno its like taking forever for them to realize wat they all want.///… but i like it… hehe

  • [YT] Leii is my mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! LOL

  • [YT] u kno this will never happen in real life…
    just wanna point that out… LOL

  • [YT] embarassing parents!!!

  • [YT] i love u Lei =]

  • [YT] Sobra hehehe 🙂

  • [YT] her parents are really -.-“

  • [YT] she’s too paranoid and whatever

  • [YT] i totally agree with u Ada8282

  • [YT] yes i knew her from True love 18

  • [YT] Oh my god Wallace! Gorgeous gorgeous Ah Song!


  • [YT] they were a couple in real life, but they had broken up already 🙁

  • [YT] 他还是长头发比较帅~!

  • [YT] Who is this guy? What is his real name?

  • [YT] im srry. but i just HAVE to point this out.didn’t xiang kick off her shoes when she was running to song? but then when shancai looked back she had her shoes back…

    anyway, THANK YOU aranelcharis for posting this!(: Keep up the great work.

  • [YT] xiang doesn’t look like shancai at all! what was song thinking?

  • [YT] Daoming Si so poor thing he go to the ice cream shop to buy the ice cream which shan cai eat to get back the feelings..Poor thing

  • [YT] AHHHH!! This is just like the beginning all over again!! I can’t take it!

  • [YT] i miss you my first love taiwan series

  • [YT] aih lol did lei use a purse

  • [YT] 周渝民好帥!帥呆了

  • [YT] No. JVKV is their new name. F4 is their show name only.

  • [YT] if it’s at the beginning, lei can be with her, it’s too late now, shanchai already fall in dms

  • [YT] hzl is also an idiot, whenever he loves the girl, he lets them go and then gets regret.

  • [YT] shanchai is really idiot as in love, not honest to herself and other, only when she fancy with hzl at the begining, she can totally give in her pride, but with DMS, she is idiot.

  • [YT] it was adorable how lei waved back to qinghe…i don;’t think any of the others would have

  • [YT] actually, JVKV was their orginal name— F4 was the new name.

  • [YT] i want lei and shancai together

  • [YT] F4 rename themselves to JVKV, Jerry-Vic-Kangta(?)-Vaness.

  • [YT] ang ganda talaga ng story ng meteor garden1

  • [YT] she shld tel hym her feelin&let hym noe

  • [YT] yeahs boyfriend like ahsi
    would b really really fanastic!
    sweeet , carin & rich & etc

  • [YT] From the start of episode 1 to this episode, I have never seen them taking lessons or class on that school… =.=

  • [YT] i want my bf 2 be like Si

  • [YT] he’s back to the place where they had icecream together, just to bring back memories…. how sad ):

  • [YT] lei’s so sweet. 🙂

  • [YT] i think li love her

  • [YT] I partially agree it Ada8282. Sure he made her life hell in the beginning but hello he also went through greats lengths to please her & emotional stress from wondering if she really likes him. For someone who is egoistic like him to open his heart so many times &tell her how he feels; that is a big deal. After all d bullying which happened d first few episode you will see that DMS is the one having a hard time w/ her

    I want them together don’t get me wrong. But she could be so frustrating

  • [YT] lei is so blunt. i wish shancai can love him and he love her, but they love other people. ooohhh the tragedy of it all!!!

  • [YT] dude, dont talk if you dont have any remorse for this couple. DMS actually made her life hell in the beginning so excuse her if its a little hard to be more open with her feelings and she is exactly what he wants and needs so shut the hell up!!!

  • [YT] lei looked happy to see her. it was very cute

  • [YT] haha it’s just a drama. without all this situation going on it wouldn’t be a complete show.

  • [YT] ya i thought so too. f4 is gonna have concerts in japan.

  • [YT] 瑋倫..真的是她

  • [YT] aww this episode makes me cry 🙁 they both’re head over heal. LOok at lei staring at shancai when she serching for the necklace!! LIke finding a pin under the sea!!

  • [YT] Poor DMS, Shanchai should just admit that she loves him.

  • [YT] Daoming can do much better why luv Shancai this kind of girl who can’t even be honest with her feelings?he deserves more than this.

  • [YT] actually in my point of view..barbie played da character of qiluo excellently!!!

  • [YT] i thought F4 has never broken up ?

  • [YT] i know! he gossips WAAAAYYY too much i swear sometimes i just wanna shove a sock in his mouth!

  • [YT] Shancai has got to be the most cowardly and stupid protagonist I’ve ever come across. All she ever does is lie, hide, and cry.

  • [YT] Agree`d.

  • [YT] i know all of us are kinda mad at sancai foralways lying and running away but maybe its just because shes to afraid to say her feelings for him

  • [YT] o…i dont really look out for those stuf…

  • [YT] People neednt think outside the box with this, there are such things called ‘facts’.

  • [YT] you’ve just noticed dat? wow lol
    it’s been der since d first episode

  • [YT] it shows he’s inviduality duh, think outside d box

  • [YT] For god sake will she just tell him that she loves him already? =__=

    its driving me insane

  • [YT] F4 did broke up. And Vic Zhous’ song ”im not f4”, has nothing to do with the f4. He realesed that song/album to show fans that’s how he is as an individual. search it on google.

  • [YT] that Ah song x-girlfriend Ah xiang is 许玮纶!!

  • [YT] why the guy alway go diving at working hour

  • [YT] poor si he’s heart is really broken into pieces because he thought shancai never loved him

  • [YT] How should I know? I posted those comments about a month ago.

  • [YT] hmm .. where did you research on? cuz this is the information i found.
    “The song is a reflection of Zhou’s inner self, as he wants to let his fans know who he is as an individual beyond being an actor and a member of F4 (JVKV).”

  • [YT] I do understand the lyrics, Im taiwanese, duh. & yes I have researched on the internet and all my friends agree o.o