Meteor Garden Episode 25

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Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

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  • Emma

    DMS has humbled himself so many times and has become completely without pride where she’s concerned so her still not accepting that as truth is so frustrating. I love the story but this is the point where I always consider throwing in the towel because she borders on unlike able. She’s strong and unwavering in everything but being honest about how she feels.

  • Patrice

    She is so irritating … so why this comes close to boys over flowers …

  • Shangli

    Shancai is truly an idiot. I thought she would fight for what she wanted instead of crying over it, like in the first couple episodes. Now she’s acting weak and stupid, and hurting herself and the person she loves.
    I feel so bad for DaoMing Shi. He loved her, and she kept on hurting him. He’s not in the wrong, she is. I like ShanCai’s strong will, but she’s so stupid somestimes.
    I really liked Huaze Lei. Too bad he’s not in these last few episodes. I hope he shows up again and finds happiness and love. He deserves it because he is sooo handsome and smart and cool and awesome 🙂

  • [YT] it was so sweet when she went back to Si =D i luv this part

  • [YT] shancai always keep changing the guy to stick to. last time hua ze lei, then the bad guy who beat dao ming si, then now this guy…haiz. why she keep running away from dao ming si?

  • [YT] she’s really starting to piss me off

    • horce

      yup she’s annoying 

  • [YT] Haha WTF Yamen thinks he can score in the amusement park??! Not gonna happen! LOL The bitch shancai finally got into her senses!

  • [YT] actually i used to hate xiaozi and thought her behaviour was really annoying…but now..i think shes really a very nice girl..=P

  • [YT] Aww. Dao is sooo SWEET. :).

  • [YT] i actually cry in this scene when shancai said ” i’m not sure if love will fade so i’m going to find out” then she went to dao ming si….

    dao ming si and shancai are so romantic.. in a very special way.. hope i could find like dao ming si..(n_n)

  • [YT] she would eaasily go with other guys but not to daoming si….stupid talaga….

    • horce

      she need’s to grow up and tell him how she really feel she’s very annoying.

  • [YT] omg! dms actually said all that?!! my god thats so shameful but hey sweet too! haha.. but uhmm..why did dms ran after the bus? its not like sanchai’s going on a trip to hell! haha..he’d still b able to see her afta that hey! haha! but sure love can make u think so weird..LOL <33 JKVK M.G. and Da S! xxx

  • [YT] haha! sanchai is so different thats why a lot of people like her.. shes not cocky and she sticks to what she believes in:] nyc! a true asian:] LOL!

  • [YT] wtf shancai!!!

  • [YT] shan cai is so … wth ! why can’t she just settles down with DMS instead of keep flirting other guys ?!?!

  • [YT] Love this scene -she finally makes her mind up!!!!

  • [YT] WTF?!!
    This is the 2nd time she did that to DMS!!! tsk,tsk,tsk…
    DMS poured his best to tell Shancai what he really feels…but she always walk out and run away with other men!!!
    Poor DMS…

  • [YT] i hate shancai! hmmmppp…..
    i love daoming si!

  • [YT] Finally , for all the things that Si did ….. was worth .

  • [YT] ARHG . stupid shan cai . y she kep doing all this thingy to SI ? she dont care bout him at all ! she jz wil fel sad when Si don care bout her or when their relation about to end , Grrr . hate her

  • [YT] yeah it made me laugh. hes just sooo cute without doing anything special!

  • [YT] what the hell? the bit was cut off… why?

  • [YT] poor Si,,, Shancai i love u XD

  • [YT] This is so annoying! I love Sanchia and DMS they belong together but she wont tell him she loves him! How many times has she rejected him after a heart filled speech ugh!

  • [YT] “look away! i’m not seeing shancai!”

    lol! xD

  • [YT] WAOH!

  • [YT] the story is soo draggy:(

  • [YT] i don’t like Siouyo

  • [YT] *SCREAMS*
    That fake cousin can play as TaomingSi too
    He’s HOT!!! but i’m ASi’s side

  • [YT] i just realized that shancai’s wearing a playboy bunny shirt

  • [YT] it’s actually just a cold they translated it wrong

  • [YT] aahahah dms is so cute when he said “i want it!” to the sushi she made

  • [YT] I hate Yamen ._. He took advantage of Shancai, since she won’t say she loves him.

  • [YT] Everybody says that she finally admitted her feelings. I am personally not satisfied. She evn have not said “I like you”. Is it that hard? What than will make her to say love word?

  • [YT] why all comments say she finally told her feeling. I am personally not satisfied. She did not even said I like you. So what will take her to say love word?

  • [YT] ????

  • [YT] woah, i love ximen’s smile 🙂

  • [YT] Excuse me?!??!

  • [YT] cuz u guys r acting 2 much say bad words about the artist y cant u just shut up & say omg this show is good but instead u guys say shes bad at acting he ugly y did he do that fuk him its just show there manner or watever is not really like that so just say good stuff they worked hard 4 it then wen they c it ,it says bad things

  • [YT] If you’re going to even bother typing that, then why are you even watching it?

    i wish he could say taht to me!!
    How many episodes are in this drama?
    i heard there’s a Meteor Garden 2?

  • [YT] WHy doesn’t she just take the stairs?

  • [YT] i kno man… i hate dis guy!!
    why cant she just admit shes in love wit daoming si. i dont like dis guy. ahhh

  • [YT] She’s an idiot…whatever, I hope she gets the flu from him.

  • [YT] it’s alright…ull see at MG2!it’s DMS payback time!!!shan cai’s gonna be running after DMS…LOL

  • [YT] Poor DMS! About to choke on food because she said “Would you date me then?” xD Im glad they are finally together again.! <3

  • [YT] How could XiMen reject her! They’re a pair!
    Hooray for DMS & San Cai!! They together again!!! :DD

  • [YT] San Cai your such a flirt. Dms love u so much.Isn’t that enough?. I wish there’s a man like DMS in real life:[

  • [YT] OMG. that moment she was crying on the bus and left DMS running after made me really dislike shancai. ARGH.

    DMS spills his heart out and all she can do is let a stranger tell him off! SOOO irritating!!

    it almost makes me believe that shancai isnt deserving of DMS.

  • [YT] uh, hello? this is the guy who had a mind to force himself on you?

    are you really going to still talk to him? ugh.

    she should realize that shes really lucky to have a guy like DMS who loves her so much!

    im always scared that hes going to close his heart and forget about shancai :[

  • [YT] such a stupid girl haha….

  • [YT] misunderstood occurred everytime Ya men speak to Shancai..he’s influencing her to realize that being with DMS just forsaken her..

  • [YT] yay!! xD

  • [YT] lmao..yeahh i noticed that she gets raped alot too xDD

  • [YT] stupid girl

  • [YT] ur gullible

  • [YT] daomingsi: she’s more honest than you


  • [YT] new guy = hot (but horrid acting, no?)

    and wow, how many times has shancai been assaulted now… too many to count

  • [YT] That’s because she is younger in here….
    This was one of her first appearence in a T-Drama. Just some years later after this drama did she started as a real actress as we know her now from Devil Beside you and Why Why Love. 🙂

  • [YT] OMG!!! when will this drama end. Thank goodness they are back together.

  • [YT] just shut the fuk up its just a show

  • [YT] its just a show s2pids

  • [YT] B-B—But—- I think Ximen and Xiaoyou look so cute together!!! <3

  • [YT] lol when he said shes more honest than u … i laugh so hard

  • [YT] daaamn yamen is so cool to be bf. yeah!!!

  • [YT] Ya Meng is kinda hot. He’s like a mixture between Lei and Ah Si.

  • [YT] lmao. I think she already crossed that damn bridge. She just doesn’t want to admit it.

  • [YT] XD lol

  • [YT] lol i notice tht too xD

  • [YT] lololol..
    mann whats wrong with the director…

  • [YT] the look he had before the window closed said otherwise!!

  • [YT] that impostor was very disturbing. I cant believe she would go to his house! what a creep.

  • [YT] i really luv the part when shancai gets off the bus!^^
    i think she shud rili say wat she feels!
    she’s giving him a hard time!!!! grrrrrrr

  • [YT] aw, ximen…i wonder y he is afraid to settle down

  • [YT] hahah, omg! its true

  • [YT] this drama is taking forever!! just tell him!!

  • [YT] 为什么衫菜太笨了????

  • [YT] urgh…cant daoming si and shancai just be together??

  • [YT] omgosh like wtff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] its good for her to learn her lesson!!!! i hate her

  • [YT] Every boy is like falling for Shancai

  • [YT] i see your point! hahaha!

  • [YT] rainie looks so young!

  • [YT] finally she telling him abt her feeling^^

  • [YT] gosh, I hate shancai so mux mux mux
    I cant believe she realli date that dude after wat he hav done to her ,,, kiss and ..

  • [YT] she deserve that, when that dude try to..
    I cant believe she go to that dude house
    stupid girl
    never stick her feeling wit one person
    alwaz jumping around

  • [YT] that guy is such a CREEP!

  • [YT] whahha I love that part xP
    And can you image that all lover do that exersice before the call there lover xP

  • [YT] It’s actually a bit before 5:50.

  • [YT] Shancai actually just want an easy life and happy life. Daoming Si gives her a lot of pressure because he’s so rich. They are just so different… Shancai doesn’t want that kind of pressure. She just wants to be a normal and happy person.

  • [YT] LOOK AT DMS FACE!!!!! UHHH!!! SHANCAI IS ANNOYING ME! Just tell him that you love him YOU ASS! His face is like… when he says he can’t live without her. STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] si is getting more mature throughout the series…

  • [YT] 这个世上真的没什么是永远的吗?

  • [YT] ok somebody slap that girl real hard!!!!!!!!! wtf???!?!?! SI is doing his best for her and she keeps acting like a retard…i hate how she’s so wishy washy (sp?:P) she’s so easily influenced!!! its enough for someone nice to tell her something and she’ll listen to them….gosh!!!

  • [YT] ughh. I can’t stand shan cai’s hair -.-
    I <3 lei! where is he?? come backkkk from Japannn!!!

  • [YT] lol ikr! i’m just like cross the bridge!!!! geez ^_^

  • [YT] Jerry is sooo cute. Shancai should lighten up though!!

  • [YT] finally shancai admitted her feelings and her reason for not staying with DMS….aww love

  • [YT] the lovable scene

  • [YT] good observation!

  • [YT] at 5:50 its like the dudes hand is on her neck then its off then its on and then its off… it does that on different angles,
    check it out

  • [YT] i like shao yu and xi-men .
    hope they had a show 2gether .
    and another team-up for san cai and dao

  • [YT] damn girl! why dont you tell him you love him once and for all!! then its over! i hate this story!

  • [YT] shes dating him.. -.-
    he forced himself on her just before. god i wanna shake her so badly!

  • [YT] And Qinghe is right when he said “The way you judge people is worrying!”Man, when even Qinghe is smarter than you, you need to rethink some stuff xDD

  • [YT] Doesn’t Shancai know by now the one thing that would make both her and Si happy is for her to cross that damn bridge??!

  • [YT] love lei

  • [YT] lol in the beggining , she was wearing a play boy shirt 😛

  • [YT] Anyone know whats the background music when DaoMing Si is running?

  • [YT] omgg.
    i’ve been watching since she told him she didn’t love him to now,
    and i’ve been waiting for her to tell him the truth since 3am,
    what’s wrong with her!!
    ;[ daoming si’s so nice to her, and he’s so desperately in love with her ._.;
    why is she even so mad at him?
    bleurgh. i don’t get it.
    ima just skip to the last episode >_>;

  • [YT] hahahha i saw it,,what a bright eyes you have hehehe,,,maybe they forget it hhahahah

  • [YT] Huaze lei is so, cute luh!

  • [YT] kinda lol but meizuo sways when he walks. ROFL

  • [YT] yay! shancai finally said it!… ximen u liar… u do like her! D=

  • [YT] i no eh? XD ROFL at 6:20 when si isn even listening to ximen and meizuo but instead is laughing at his own thoughts of him and shancai… XD

  • [YT] why is she sticking with (ugh) yamen? why didn’t she go with dms? he didnt even do anything wrong (yet…)!!!!!!!!!!! so frustrated…

  • [YT] daing that guy is ugly, I dont know how can Barbie have that kind of boyfriend in real life. it must’ve been puppy love, finally she woke up and broke up with that wierdo

  • [YT] Jerry is so cute when he said “wo yao chi” and snatched over the lunchbox happily. And Rainie’s hair grew so fast..

  • [YT] the couple is so cute!

  • [YT] diD i say somEthiNG?.. D:

  • [YT] DMS: Dont worry, i’m wearing a cap and sundlasses.

    Guy: He’s DMS

    Girl: He’s in disguise


  • [YT] then you’re not a REAL friend… you’ll let your friends suffer while your enjoying your time with DMS?

    tsk tsk tsk shame on ya

  • [YT] umhh to let you know, that was ximen

  • [YT] zvaku bhowa izvi cant she jus make up her mind n stay wit 1 guy!!!!!

  • [YT] lol the way shancai runs is hilarious.

  • [YT] ah sometimes shancai can be so stupid!!!!! i just hate the part when she does that!

  • [YT] i just don’t understand shancai.. Daomingsi is the MAN who’s willing to give up everything for her… She already had FEelings for him.. but she keeps on resisting.. if i were her .. SURELY.. 😛 ahahaha.. 😀

  • [YT] lol bcuz u dunno chinese.. and they didnt translated so perfectly.. he said I’ll go around the back to find ximen.


  • [YT] What the…
    Okay in the latter part, like 5:46, the hand was on the neck. As they converse, the hand goes down. She replies, and it’s back there. He replies, the hand’s down. WTF. Bad editing! HAHAHA

  • [YT] holy! i think ximen is falling for xiaoyou

  • [YT] maybe lei is just getting his sleep all this time he’s been missing LOL

  • [YT] try watch the new series “I do”
    That new guy is the main character and he is NOT ugly with his hair cut.
    this series is just trying to shape him ugly.

  • [YT] love it!

  • [YT] most of he time I dont like Shancai du bu qi

  • [YT] shancai! cut the crap. after watching so many episodes, i still don’t get her at all. she said she love him and don’t want to hurt time. yet she coldly leave him behind like that after what he said to her. it’s not like there are any more obtacles that doesn’t allow them to be together…well at last not that moment.
    this show is really dragged. how many episode should i watch to see them together again!?!?!?!?!?/

  • [YT] how can shancai be so naive. after what he did to her. but again, from time to time being harassed & cheated, she never learn her lesson.

  • [YT] shancai is a bitch.

  • [YT] GOD i hate that new guy he is ugly and weird and RUDE 😛

  • [YT] aw, Leeeeiii !!!! COME BACK!!! help them (si &shancai)!! so they can be together again! >:D argh, YAMEN!! u DUMASS! go away! &i dont really like that name….yamen….just look like ramen….haha! JOKING! 😀

  • [YT] “Is she the sort you like ?” “Impossible.”

    Aw, that’s mean : (

  • [YT] lol at how he runs at 3:42

  • [YT] i miss LEI already!:D

  • [YT] lol shancai looks like a punk rocker when talking to daoming si

  • [YT] look! barbie has 2 tatoos! one on her hand as well!

  • [YT] I think Si look so cute with the hat on

  • [YT] i can be with meizuo thank you very much lol

  • [YT] why did ahe cook if she doesnt know that guy so much neither consider that guy as her friend too??? She’s so naive.

  • [YT] xD but wers lei do..

  • [YT] i no rite

  • [YT] Well, I was just thinking that Yamen kind of wants Shancai to be safe, like her guardian angel Lei.

  • [YT] shanscai
    so confusin..

  • [YT] xswtstrawb21..
    geeez ty for telling=[

  • [YT] i know right. y is she falling 4 all his tricks. she already DMS loves her she knows that she loves him

  • [YT] yamen can never ever compare 2 lei

  • [YT] Shancai is RETARDED

  • [YT] i miss lei 🙁

  • [YT] how many times is she gonna stand there and hurt him jeez

  • [YT] how many more episodes?..

  • [YT] i was talking about how lei plays the male lead in “silence” its a great series but he dies in the end cause of cancer.but he dies after he found his love(:
    i wasnt talking about neither MGs lol 😉

  • [YT] did lei died? i don’t think so, coz this is my third time watching this drama.. and i don’t think he died.. i think he left to go somewhere… no one died even in MG2.. oh and BTW you’re right bout not talking about other char. in this drama it’s nice i really like it,.,.,.,.,

  • [YT] ohh yea, and people stop talking shit about yamen and other charaacters. this is how the fucking movie goes okay?
    if you don’t like it, why are you even watching the damn thing?
    so stop complaining!

  • [YT] lol, i love lei sooo much! i want him to come back 🙁
    ANYONE who reads and loves lei, HAS to see “Silence” hes the male lead in it and it’s such a sad story even though he dies at the end.
    it made me cry soo many times ;P <3

  • [YT] i thought i was the only one who thought he was ugly

  • [YT] Ahhh, what about pretty Xiaoyou, Ximen?! >:L

  • [YT] Uhmm. . . This is kind of weird & creepy, but did any of you have this happen to you? At 8:20, a weird male voice said, “Uhh” when Xiaoyou nodded? Or was that Ximen’s voice? I can’t tell. XD

  • [YT] She is cute. ^_^

  • [YT] LMFAO. Omg, I didn’t notice that until I read your comment, ahahaha!

  • [YT] Finally Shancai came to some of her senses about Daoming Si, lol. XD Now she need to finally confess. X_x

  • [YT] I agree. Daoming Si would had won my heart a long time ago, haha. xD

  • [YT] 27, I believe.

  • [YT] i guess jerry is still hot. everybody loves him. hes filming a new series called Starlit. i dont think he has a girlfriend, but iono. he prolly does, and prolly doesnt :3

  • [YT] OMG!!! Daoming si is soooooo cute when he smiles like a kid. I love him! And shancai, would you please stop hurting him? Don’t you think you have broken his heart too many times?

  • [YT] How many times does she have to break daoming si’s heart? Stupid woman! I am so angry with her behavior!

  • [YT] but then there is the mother. if they just got together then there would be no story for these ppl to yell and scream at

  • [YT] does jerry stiil hot artist in taiwan??
    he already hv girl friend??
    hehe..silly ques..
    do you like him??


  • [YT] stupid sanchai, i hate her!

  • [YT] yeah same here. isnt meteor garden 2 all about how DMS lost his memory and went through his times wit that girl, forgot her name. its way boring. lol and i wouldnt wanna see it agen, dms wit that girl D:

  • [YT] Ximen moves like a ghost,,, it just makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • [YT] agree…

  • [YT] i love meteor garden 1 than 2..

  • [YT] ohmygodd…why cant yamen shut the hell up?
    who he think he is to interfere in their relationship?
    and shancai gets distracted too easilyy!!
    i love seeing DMS and her together <3

  • [YT] 7:48 DMS’s very cute cute smile, i never seen his “that” smile in whole episodes. That was so charming and cutest smile…

  • [YT] AHAH nice to know Daoming Si doesn’t smoke 🙂

  • [YT] lol yeah i totally agree with you man sze92 . In corner with love , Barbie Hsu was so pretty , i actually dreamt of her LOL !!! Hope there’s corner with love 2 !!!!

  • [YT] barbie is not that bad

  • [YT] neither can i

  • [YT] Shangcai will spend 10X more time with some strange man and she will with Daoming Si, I cannot understand this!

  • [YT] lol really le i go back c at 4.45

  • [YT] LOL DMS says “i’ll look for ximen…”
    then he went to the opposite way.
    BTW i love this show.

  • [YT] 5:45 his hands let go of her, but his hands are on again at 5:46…

  • [YT] agree. I dont get why people are giving u thumb downs

  • [YT] DMS look so handsome!!!!!

  • [YT] hahas
    th chokin part was indeed funny xP!

  • [YT] rainie looked better in meteor garden then she does now

  • [YT] oh gee! yeah it was really funny and cute…! hehe… sweet of them!

  • [YT] becoz barbie dun like jerry…some sort of it…well i still like she n vic pair up as a real couple once again….

  • [YT] shan cai is so stupid the guy wanted to rape her and she still wants to go on a date with him

  • [YT] they arent dating anymore right?

  • [YT] will you date me? #CHOKE#… that part was funny!

  • [YT] i never think she was cute. currently she is more to those elegant and pretty ones. should watch corner with love. it’s a good show.

  • [YT] ..doing exercise before doing a call..lolz..-i think i’ll try that…

  • [YT] ..i think that yamen only knows one english word.. and that’s “SORRY”..haha

  • [YT] u think xiaoyou is pretty?? but anywho is better than shancai lol… (no offence barbie)

  • [YT] cuz if u luv someone u’ll feel they different and uneasy lol. … (i guess)

  • [YT] ah….. how come she gets along with everyone except daomingsi.


  • [YT] Ah Si looks good……really good….never realized that…..

  • [YT] oh pfft^^ i though… aish… nvm lol~!

  • [YT] no.. you mistood what daomingsi said.. he said he’ll make a u-turn to look for ximen..=)

  • [YT] Yes DMS! that’s the spirit!

  • [YT] i a million time agree. he is like my kind of guy. not too gurly looking or skinny but perfect

  • [YT] Hmmmmm….. There could be Xiaoyou and Ximen, and Shancai and Si, and Jing and Lei, but what about Meizuo? And Qinghe?

  • [YT] o my, how can ximen,poor xiaoyou, i think she looks realy cute in that hair style

  • [YT] ahahah daoming si said hell look for ximen but he goes the other way! ximen went to the right side and si went to the other side! lmao

  • [YT] xiaoyou is tooooo cute. ximen really doesn’t deserve her

  • [YT] If I were Ximen. I will like Xiaoyou.

  • [YT] That was so cute of Shancai and Si talking to each other even when they are adjacent to each other <3