Meteor Garden Episode 27

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Shan Cai,whose parents are far from wealthy, attends Ying De University, the private school established exclusively for rich students. Besides being looked down by rich classmates, she has angered the leader of F4, Dao Ming Si. F4 comprises of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo, who are the heirs to the four richest families. Their families are the founder of the school and nobody dares to cross them. Shan Cai isn’t afraid to stand up to DMS, an act that nobody has done before, and sparks Dao Ming Si’s interest in her. However, his constant torture of her has made her miserable while she falls in love with the gentle Hua Ze Lei, who comes to her rescue. Can Dao Ming Si win her love despite his cold and cruel exterior? What happens when his mother decides to use every trick there is to keep them apart? Can they adjust to each other’s differences due to their vastly incompatible social status?

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  • imrhonna09islove

    babye 🙁 MG Season ll , im comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!!!!!!! ^__________________^

  • Kimberly Jane Martin

    Hey Where’s Lei ????

  • Kimberly Jane Martin

    Its So FUNNY When They Was Entering The Room Of Si !! I Could Die Laughing !!! Always Repeat it ! ahahahah

  • trini people

    Way the hell is lei ??????????? <3 him do much

  • Sunshine

    19th feb, 2013
    Just finished watching this drama !
    I scream in every episode like a freak!
    So glad they are back together <3
    I love F4 !
    My first loves <3

  • Butta11

    This and BoF are cool series, I liked both of these.  Even though they are the same theme, completely different in so many ways.  I enjoyed the both.

  • lei back! but si hurt himself poor si

  • Chichannn

    what happen to Lei ?? ; _ ;

  • [YT] the saddest part =(

  • [YT] omg poor dao ming si. threw all the stuff and hurt himself

  • [YT] OMG i love the way lei smiles. melt!!!

  • [YT] What exactly happen to Lei in the end?
    Why didnt they state it?!

  • [YT] can’t help but compare mg o bof…

  • [YT] erm, this is meteor garden. HELLO.

  • [YT] in BOF i like chief jung he was so understanding…he’s helping gu jun pyo en geum jan di…

  • [YT] who died long ago b4 sanchai moved in as DMS’s maid?

  • [YT] ep 24 or 25:]

  • [YT] taiwan isnt a 3rd world country:] its 2nd:].. just read it sumwa b4:]… and arranged marriage dsnt only happen in 3rd world counties..evn in happens..which is one of the richest countries i might add. P.O.!!!


  • [YT] my mossst favorite scene!!!! <3


  • [YT] leiiiii!!!!! i want more leiiii!!!!

  • [YT] iLOVE YOU LEI! wooo!

  • [YT] 我爱庄姐!

  • [YT] 伯母你好!
    F4 is so cute =]
    I LOVE THEM!!!

  • [YT] Whoohoo~~
    Lei to the RESCUE!!~

  • [YT] I H-A-T-E Si’s Mum!!!

  • [YT] I want lei! lei go back!

  • [YT] Yeahh, Jia You sis! ^_^

  • [YT] Hahah, that song when they’re sneaking xD

  • [YT] Finally she confesses her feelings…LOL

  • [YT] best scene in meteor garden!=D

  • [YT] hmmm.. so wat happened to lei?

  • [YT] lovers in black! hehe.

  • [YT] lei at long last!! sighhh!

  • [YT] wat epi po mk2ta ung hinabol ni dao ming ung bus na cnasakyan ni sanchai?

  • [YT] oh. haha! i thought you didnt put the other parts of this episode. haha! :)))

  • [YT] hahahaha! it was so funny when they were so happy that they finally got in and saw Si’s mom. =))))) They were like,” of course not.” hahahahaha! FUNNEHHHHHHHHH!

  • [YT] it was so funny when they were like, “Yu–Yusao.” hahahahahaha =))))))))

  • [YT] LEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! 😀 😀 😀 :)))))

  • [YT] Leiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  • [YT] this is the best!! love this!!!! nothing i mean nothing can replace this….even in hte future or the future movies!
    F4!! and BARBIE HSU!! good job!

  • [YT] this is the sadest episode and the one where u cry a LOT

    shancia stop saying that the dealine is now……..and it’s over…
    the bodyguards are heartless….they heard everything and won’t let them go 🙁

  • [YT] si’s mom would be the MEANIEST and worst mom ever……in this show…

  • [YT] i know

  • [YT] where is lei!!!’
    just wait….si’d mom…..karma coming ur way

  • [YT] lei! finally!!!!!!!! 😀

  • [YT] ahhh… meteor garden is the best…
    luv them all…

  • [YT] parents just odn’t understand, her backround is completely different from shancei, how can she understand shancei??!! she’s not a bad person, she’s just a straight up rich bitch

  • [YT] i cant believe after all this years.. I still remember the songs being played in this series… I luv Meteor Garden^^… alwaysss

  • [YT] si is cute when he does a puppy face on the part 0:48

  • [YT] love this drama FOREVER!!

  • [YT] hahaha , at the hole -at the back of the mansion, meizuo looks so bla bla, ehem^_^

  • [YT] you so got that wrong xD

  • [YT] DMS’s SIS DID IT!!

  • [YT] LMAO. We will crushed them in either way.

  • [YT] meteor rain i think.

  • [YT] no, hez not alive.
    If u go back to the episode where shancai moved in as a maid, u will discover that he died long ago.

  • [YT] call the cops! she should be in jail! LOL :p

  • [YT] omg. human rights abuse! :O

  • [YT] Yep. I know. In modern Taiwan, they see themselves as Taiwanese— like my mom.

  • [YT] Taiwanese are from China, which does make them Chinese.

  • [YT] taiwanese is really different from china though. the mandarin is spoken in a different accent. and there’s hokkien. plus, taiwan despise china and i think gained their independence from them. people in taiwan are afraid that china will take over taiwan.

  • [YT] best drama of all time!!! It really rocks asian countries even world!!!

  • [YT] best drama of all time!

  • [YT] of course they were taiwanese because taiwan is now separated from china… both of the are separated indeed they are taiwanese

  • [YT] this is a little boring, but very good in a way. I think the korean version boys over flowers is well better! ^_^

  • [YT] its just a tv drama. of course its this exaggerated. The mom’s PA is freakin evil too.

  • [YT] Wow @ his mom.
    just wow …. why would you go thru that much just to make your son suffer and use all of these tactics.

  • [YT] Shancai should have said to him now that she loves him

  • [YT] For this season yes.But there is a second season where he loses is memories.

  • [YT] LOL @ the three stuttering to “Auntie.”

  • [YT] Just “I like you”, not “love you” ? after all he (most) and she just went through… strange behavior.

  • [YT] I keep wondering were the father is? had he no say at all? In Korean version father was in coma, but here he is very much alive. Did he know what his wife up to?

  • [YT] lmaooo harlem yu
    meteor garden I is so much better than the second season
    second season sucks

  • [YT] is this really the final episode???

  • [YT] Taiwanese are Chinese. They just live in an island beside China, and that’s really the only difference. They went there A few decades ago, with Jieshi Jiang.

  • [YT] 保鑣好肥….

  • [YT] i thought they were taiwanese??lol

  • [YT] LOL!!!!
    his pout is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] OMFG
    gosh….she’s drving me crzy

  • [YT] Of course they are!

  • [YT] LOL!harlem yu…

  • [YT] the memories again!LOL

  • [YT] oh r they chinese?

  • [YT] its not workingg!

  • [YT] They never showed what happened to Lei. 🙁 Though I assume he probably went overseas again… I’d still like to know he’s happy like everyone else… except Daoming Si’s mom. God, I hate her. lol

  • [YT] aw poor meizuo

  • [YT] LEII <33!!! AHHH

  • [YT] 作為一個母親 他的確是失敗者 失敗到家了

  • [YT] i love it…i will watch meteor garden 2 next…it is true that love is sacrifice…i will fight for my yumyum whatever happen…shanchai rules!

  • [YT] This drama is really a CLASSIC haven’t watch any other drama that can be compared to this….LOVE it so much 🙂

  • [YT] san ku makikita yung pagbalik nu xiao you?..

  • [YT] san ku makikita yung episode na bumalik na si xiao you?..

  • [YT] they should make season three,,,and it muzt be better than 1 and 2!!

  • [YT] thats the same in most countries :]

  • [YT] He also threw the food out the door xD

  • [YT] LOL that bodygaurd is just flipping through the magazine while DMS is banging on the door

  • [YT] DMS Says things so fast! Its like all in one flow. xD So COOL!

  • [YT] ah, so good :]

    but i feel like there are alot of open endings. like.. what ever became of xiaoyuo and ximen?

  • [YT] his mom is such a stubborn piece a shiiet.

  • [YT] Excellent acting!!!

  • [YT] is the korean version is boys over flowers right?

  • [YT] or perhaps she needs to buy ticket to her own jet plane? lol

  • [YT] I LOVE YOU LEI!! <33333 XOXOXO hes awsome! ^^

  • [YT] LOVE HIS SIS! HATE HIS MOM!..uuuuurggggg!

  • [YT] arrange marriage was a custom in old days specially for the 3rd world countries, they even sometimes use their own kids to pay their debt…is cruel that there are parents like them but life is cruel itself

  • [YT] yep, hate the second season too

  • [YT] Please does anybody know what the title of the music played after shancai and DMS were talking through the door…

    It sounds like the classical guitar, and i want to play it..=) The music has a sad tune…

  • [YT] dont watch the second season, it’s really sad and bad, go watch the Japanese version, it’s also really good, although this version is classic.

  • [YT] Yea!!! she even goofing around wen they wer doing meteor garden

  • [YT] I imagen that barbie is in pain the whole thing and vic is the one always behind her !!!

  • [YT] part 2 is good but u jst have to bare watching dao ming wit yesha cz it’s too painful nd sanchai,lee situation..there’s a good nd bad twist

  • [YT] yeahh i met her!
    she doesnt even look like that at all.
    shes like… more motherly and less scary looking.

  • [YT] i love ,si’s sister..
    when he fought for si’s happinesz..

  • [YT] yeah!.ur right!
    i also want lei,
    to be back!!!!!!

  • [YT] Dao Ming Feng got served by her own daughter.

    si sis is the best shes my favorite here in mg.

  • [YT] acttually u know what guys si mom is really goofy in real life .

  • [YT] is the second part any good … lol i only watch the last episode ..couse he loses hes memory for like 25 episodes and found it would be super pain if i watch it completly

  • [YT] L is BACK!!!!!!!! with all the detective music too <3

  • [YT] OMG!!!! i HATE si’s mom…i just wanna hook her in the face >:O she pisses me off sooo much X.x

  • [YT] T_T So sad!! I hope his mom rotts in hell -_-… I hate it!! I started crying 🙁

  • [YT] Aw, some reason, i’m feeling so awful for Yuo Sao.

  • [YT] Gooooo Lei ^_^

  • [YT] Beehive style!!!! lolz

    amy winehouse

  • [YT] omg!!!!!!! Si’s mom’s eyes look sooo evil, i sense danger coming

  • [YT] I think, Shancai and Daoming Si have the best ever POWER HUGS AND KISSES>>> what a nice cameo..hehehe..I love JERRY YAN..OMG

  • [YT] ahhhh LEI ..WHEN EVER I SEE HIM I FEEL AT REST peace and security i wont have anixiety and all i would definately feel better wif lei

  • [YT] I really like Si’s sister.

  • [YT] perhaps the jet is under repair lol

  • [YT] lmfao.
    the rain loooks fake.
    if you press audio preview, it’ll sound really funny.

  • [YT] HAHAHAHAHAHA the hair is pretty obnoxious (think i spelled that wrong 0.o )

  • [YT] is it me, or right before the commercial break was there a glimpse of daoming si’s mom smiling?

  • [YT] its done! D: love this drama!!! <3

  • [YT] i love his sister! she is sooooo freaking awesome!

  • [YT] omg, the door part was so sad. i started tearing up during that moment. i really really hate his mom!!

  • [YT] poor daoming, having a mother that cruel

  • [YT] i cant believe a mother can be so cruel to her own son just because she doesnt like him loving a poor girl

  • [YT] Lei! 😀

  • [YT] <333333333333333333333

  • [YT] <3333333333333333333

  • [YT] waaahh!! lei have returned.. wooooh.. loff him;]]

  • [YT] Cutest couple ever !!!!! I really both of them.

  • [YT] I wouldn’t dare to become a daughter-in- law for such a scary mother even though I love Daomingsi very much.

  • [YT] Hahaha, Damingsi’s mom looks so devil. Sorry to say that I cannot see any of human thing from her acting. She seems ready to be angry at any time when she sees Daomingsi. ^^

  • [YT] When i saw lei’s face infront of door, I totally released my tension. Lei, this role,
    has such a beaming personality who can make people feel secured and safe. I love Lei. Kisses…

  • [YT] meteor garden 2 did suck. i didn’t even really watch it.

  • [YT] 好醜的保鑣,好胖~

  • [YT] no i mean that she goes to a school full of rich people and the guy she likes is rich but she doesn’t like him bcuz he’s rich, she doesn’t care. and he likes her too

  • [YT] That only applies to China 100 years ago.

  • [YT] lol. agree XD

  • [YT] really 😮
    I didný know that and I’m a chinese xP
    Ximen is handing the keys over to Si’s mom like a little boy xP
    It’s soo cute xP

  • [YT] LEI IS BACK ;3<3

  • [YT] geez the mother has the weridest hairs style! it just gets bigger and bigger!!!

    i hate that lady… really get run ovr by a car! it will do the world good!

  • [YT] She’s so powerful you can’t make her go to jail.

  • [YT] It’s in season 2, but I warn you, lots of people say season 2 sucks, and Daoming Si lost his memory… I think he got it back, though.

  • [YT] She wouldn’t, she has so much money, so she can get out of it. Besides, it’s his son, and in China, sons have no choice about whom they marry.

  • [YT] He has one, but his dad is always abroad, not in Taiwan. Besides, his dad wouldn’t support him.

  • [YT] In China, not many people have private jets.

  • [YT] Isn’t that anime about how a girl wants to beat a boy? What has that got to do with this show?

  • [YT] 以前拍的偶像劇多好~~現在的都….唉

  • [YT] samee… i didnt hear anything

  • [YT] Don’t understand why they ended Part I like this…the beginning of part II should be the ending of Part I. Part II really sucks! It was so boring and frustated with all kind of nonsense about Yesha.
    It’s stupid. How could people loss memory so easy? Even memory is not there but basic instance should not be changed…personality, feelings…

  • [YT] whenever shancai has problem Lei will come to rescue her.

  • [YT] yay lei’s back!

  • [YT] 就这样完结啦!haizz…接下看流星花园2咯!出现小雪咯~每一部戏剧,结局是最不精彩的…

  • [YT] 说真的,花则类的表情之类的有点像Death Note里的松山研一…

  • [YT] Bloody Brilliant, thanks!!!!

  • [YT] i love this show so much!

  • [YT] where is episode 28 :-S?.

  • [YT] heyyy. where’s LEIII
    I WANTT Leiiiiiiiiii backkkkkkkkkkkkk 🙁

  • [YT] this show kinda reminds me of the anime SA

  • [YT] I always loved daoming si’s sister she’s bloody awesome i love the way she punches her daoming si it is so f – ing funny


  • [YT] thanks the the uplouds!!! =)

  • [YT] I agree and if they were afraid of hurting her they could of held her

  • [YT] pt2 In real life she will be paying alot for bill or whatever they call it lol.

  • [YT] Si’s mom could go to jail for what she did to her him.

  • [YT] i didn’t hear it.Maybe you two imagine it.

  • [YT] Awesome drama, awesome ending!!

  • [YT] Wow..the actors and actress all are really good at acting 😀 Jiayou!

  • [YT] 0h it’s great I finished it… anyway,the characters are nice!

  • [YT] thanks.. i’ve got 7terrible nights to finish this..
    i miss this..
    actually, i’ve watched it already on tv,but i missed some episodes.. after *?!*years i finally completed it! hahaha…
    the F4!..
    next thing is to search for the next part..
    another sleepless nights,hehe..
    anyone here knows where to find the part2?

  • [YT] nice….this movie makes me cry…

  • [YT] so funny comments…i hope ur mum hits by a car…lol…omg…

  • [YT] the actress who played si’s mom said she was having a hard time “torturing” barbie (shancai) in MG because she said that barbie is a sweet girl….

  • [YT] me too


  • [YT] i really love this drama..
    never got tired watching this..
    love jerry sooooooooooo much!!

  • [YT] 禁固是犯法的啊,報警就好了

  • [YT] i’ve never cried watching an episode of this, until the door scene T^T so sad! i hope the mom gets hit by a car >: {

  • [YT] i love this drama
    ill miss this

  • [YT] hayyyy… tapos din ang pagpupuyat ko.. got to sleep now hehehe.. thanks…….

  • [YT] i can’t stop crying soooooo touchhhhhhh…. they were so in love sigh……

  • [YT] wer is DMS dad..?……..doesnt he hv one??

  • [YT] hahahay 3 days ko talaga xa pinanuod hehehhe pero sulit na rin mmthnx for aploading,,maraming salamat,,,

  • [YT] i read all the comments and you guys hate her so much even me i hate her too heheh so she is a good actress,,she deliver her role so good,,,hehhe

  • [YT] The actress playing the lead role is horrible, so small, so ordinary looking, like a 3rd grader and bad acting. I can not see any reason for anyone to love her that much!

  • [YT] i luv diz part the best, no matter for how many times i watched it, my tears will always fall, it’s so touching! ;(

  • [YT] A really sick mother [email protected]

  • [YT] Yes there is a korean version too. I guess you would already know about it by now, and it’s awesome !!!

  • [YT] thank god!!! i finished it!!

    the best drama i’ve ever watch..

  • [YT] i love dao ming si’s sister! she rocks!

  • [YT] the scene where they are talking behind the door is poignant. so painful. i really cried a river, have seen this for so many times and it always make me cry…they are so much in love…yet its so hard for both of them to be together…so painful…

  • [YT] hmm.. if i were Daoming Si.. i ask his friends f4 for money .. all of them lots of it .. and it doesnt cost a lot for them .. hhmmm.. maybe bec of the character of daoming si.., it never came to his mind bec of his pride… lol.. 2 sides comment.. hehehe

  • [YT] SO SAD!! the bodyguards who were there when they spoke should be tearing secretly… unless they had no feelings at all.. 🙁

  • [YT] don’t they marry??

  • [YT] no wonder there’s a sequel…F4 did not find happiness…only Shancai and Daoming Si.
    thank you for sharing!!!!!

  • [YT] lol their facial expression is so funny wen yu-sao caught them XD

  • [YT] OMG!!!! i cant stop crying while watching dao ming si and shancai talk through the door. i can feel my heart breaking in millions of pieces…. ahhh!!!! T_T

  • [YT] This episode is sooo…! ……….

  • [YT] If DMS’ mother is that rich, why does she have a private jet? She still needs ticket for her trip.

  • [YT] i like the ending, i don’t know if i must see season 2

  • [YT] yes i agree

  • [YT] i wished to see more about Ximen, i will miss this drama

  • [YT] i really hoped that Ximen falls in love with chancain’s ffriend also it will be great if they make a drama together now that rainie is famous it’s all my wish ,funny right?

  • [YT] the best drame ever!!

  • [YT] si’s sis is the best!!
    yu soa too!!

  • [YT] What kind of a dumb ass plan was that? They should have knocked out Si’s mom and taken Si away when they had the chance.


  • [YT] omg this was sosad i hate da dms mother

  • [YT] omg….the memories!! make me sad! <:) haha !!! so lovin the drama! 😀

  • [YT] OMG WTFFFF I HEAD IT TOO! Creeped the hell outta me -.-

  • [YT] wayyyyy more than the jb. f4 is the best band in the entire world to me yay! lei is back

  • [YT] HEY GUYS THIS IS SO CREEPY! PAUSE IT AT 0:54 then play it!you will hear a low pitched voice humming/singing! it continues till 1:00 .. creepy! tell me what u think

  • [YT] bitch bitch bitch si’s mother…

  • [YT] lei omg..ur back..i heart u so much

  • [YT] lei lei lei i miss u you..where r u come bck….

  • [YT] the violin n guitar backsound really melt me down…hxhxhxhx..
    great backround sound..

  • [YT] at first i thought that si’s mom will be realized how bad mistake she made when she saw her son lying there unconciusness,,but well then again she back evil again..damn!!

  • [YT] the name of the song is Ni yao de ai by penny tai

  • [YT] What was the name of the song that was playing suring the flashbacks?????

    please! I NEED to know!!!!

    And FINALLY! Someone knocks some sense into that bloody “mother”!!! xD

  • [YT] If this were reality, I would seriously go over and punch Si’s mum hard in her face.

    It was so sad to see them talking through the door. I’d probably try to break it down and take my anger out on the guard if the door didn’t fall. But then again, it’s only a movie.

    It’s so touching though -sob-

  • [YT] damn!!! It’s the last ep!!! And just when it was getting good too…-_-

  • [YT] I like the way dms handled things with his mum’s “henchman”

    But Lei’s abroad
    Ximen…ximen is probably off somewhere
    and Meizou’s all alone. lolz

    DAMN YOU WOMAN!!! What kind of mother are you?!

    You know, somebody should teach that bitch how to get a life…

  • [YT] B.I.T.C.H. bitch.

  • [YT] you got to love Si’s sis

  • [YT] OMG!!!!!
    Lei is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] AHHHHHH!!!!

  • [YT] wow..shes a strong girl..after all..

  • [YT] his mother is so evil like da queen of de burning underworld..-Hell-

  • [YT] hey! i miss lei 2 xD

  • [YT] finally his back xD

  • [YT] i no rite wers Lei gawd..

  • [YT] yay i hope his sister is coming to his rescue!

  • [YT] yay! lei is back… sooo relieved to see him. x3

  • [YT] lol yea. the first drama i ever liked! haha

  • [YT] lei is back lei is back lei is back!!!!
    i miss hi soo much


  • [YT] you should watch devil beside you. It’s also reallyyy good. It’s with Mike He and the girl who plays Xiauyou.

  • [YT] 太好了!:D

  • [YT] lol, is it me or did the servant girl really didnt have any shoes? ahahha 😉

  • [YT] that’s so funny how the music made it sound like they were on some dangerous mission. lol xD

  • [YT] omfg!!
    lei made my heart melt when i saw his smile when sc opened the door! i wanted to jump into the show. lol xD

  • [YT] So smart of you, Daoming Si. ^_^ Kudos.

  • [YT] 母女爭吵戲演的太好了~

  • [YT] you go sister…daoming si si so lucky to have a sister like her…..who stand up 4 him

  • [YT] are the f4 sleeping in shancai’s house…welllll….except doaming si

  • [YT] i hate dms’s mom sooo muchh… ugh! i cant even describe it

  • [YT] omg! lei! LEII!! its sooooo gooood to see him..

  • [YT] finally lei has return….weeeeeeee

  • [YT] were is LEI……I Want Lei!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] the scene of they talking behind the door is heartbreaking. I actullay cried when I was watching it. Poor Daomingsi and shancai. They have gone through so many bad things. Why is so hard for them to be together?

  • [YT] yess….is so good to be home…

  • [YT] ya i know

  • [YT] Poor DMS !

  • [YT] DMS’s sister finally knocked some sense into her mother XD
    happy ending =)

  • [YT] poor DMS =(
    stupid motherr!!!

  • [YT] stupid stupid stupid mother!
    why cant she just think about her son’s happiness?
    money cant buy happiness!
    stupid !

  • [YT] ugh…i hate dms’s mom and xizozi’s family they r so cruel in a way!

    YYeaaa..Lei is bac..i wannna hug him right ow!

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  • [YT] Jerry is such a good actor!

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