Miss No Good Episode 01

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Jiang Xiao Hua is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le comes back from Japan with intentions of dating her, she blackmails Tang Men, a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady worthy of Si Le.

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50 thoughts on “Miss No Good Episode 01

  1. Evidently Ms. Yang has gotten dissed on, by former boyfriends….haven’t they heard that it ain’t cool to kiss and tell.  If they don’t care for her why act with her in a drama, could it be they wanted to be seen with Ms. Yang because she is quite popular and has a large fan following?  All I can say is TUT TUT boys, get over it.

    Ms. Yang is a very good actress, in my opinion, and I will keep watching her.       

  2. [YT] Their high voice and funny behavior just for FUN XDDD
    actually…the girl who is funny in this drama is a pretty girl….and she have a very strong personality…”’
    (you can not image that she can be this character….)

    there is another taiwanese drama
    “My Queen”
    this is awesome one 🙂
    the main characters in this drama are model~
    and “My Queen”, this drama show a lots of superwomen’s thought
    it is not funny, but also sweet and touching~

  3. [YT] wootz.. Dean Fujioka so handsome.. I like him.. Like Rainie too.. Hate Jiang Mi and Tang Men.. 🙁 Dean suppose to be with Rainie.. Argh.. well.. still then love this move!! <3

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