Miss No Good Episode 07

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Jiang Xiao Hua is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le comes back from Japan with intentions of dating her, she blackmails Tang Men, a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady worthy of Si Le.

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  • Nonane


    • guigui

      I agree very much

      • yolo


  • jy

    lols the house of tang men’s parents is the house in ‘fated to love you’

  • jy

    among all the characters rainie yang acted in, i like this character the most, although sometimes she gets annoying.

  • derek

    I love you xioa hua!!!!!! 

    cant believe that just came out my mouth >.<
    shes sucha sweet gurrllll

  • Melody Lin

    i nearly cried!

  • Flowers

    i love jia si le!!!!! he’s soo handsome!!!!!!!!!! :DDDD marry me ??:D LOL

  • lyda

    this is the first time i that i have dried in this drama

  • [YT] i think tang men’s dad’s attitude against all of this
    is totally unreasonable, i mean just cause he didn’t become a doctor they aren’t allowed to see him, cause he wanted to follow his dream /=
    that’s horrible,

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  • [YT] This Could Fit To Be An American Drama Too <3

  • [YT] He is so handsome T_T!!!

  • [YT] he doesn`t .
    rainie goes with ta men .
    but they look cute together (:

  • [YT] I love Jia Si Le’s smile … he looks so handsome

  • [YT] jia si le is sooooo hot i love him i hope he ends up with rainie ( i have a feeling that he wont)

  • [YT] yes, but he’s mostly known outside of japan

  • [YT] Shu Hui! %))))

  • [YT] But Tang Men’s old home really looks like the main girl’s home from Fated to Love You…..

  • [YT] no it’s not



    hes a japanese?

  • [YT] Eh, isn’t the house the same one from Fated to Love You?

  • [YT] ya, so much so, i know. he pised me off, shoutin like dat, gosh…
    on anoda note, i hav 2 say, frm wen tang men’s mom showed up, d actin there was rili real, n all dat stuf xiao hua said, n tang men’s reaction…KOOL!

  • [YT] thanks youking

  • [YT] The name of the song is dai wo zou 带我走
    Take Me Away by Rainie Yang

  • [YT] Hey at 51:29 what is the name of the song that starts playing?

  • [YT] Thanks.

  • [YT] lai rui ke sounds like larry….rite? cuz he hawt…!

  • [YT] Haha Lai Rui Ke so funny

  • [YT] Xia Ri Feng (夏日瘋)
    Summer Craziness by Will Pan

  • [YT] Do anyone know what’s the beginning song’s name?

  • [YT] his dad really is unreasonable

  • [YT] tang men’s parent’s house looks like the house from fated to love you.

    and they’re both so cute!!! <33

  • [YT] Hehe, i love this show! EVERYTHING is soo sweet…well except for Jiang Mi.

  • [YT] omg so cutee! 1:01:10

  • [YT] Lai Rui Ke is funny lol

  • [YT] “Pan Wei Bo” is the pinyin to his actual Chinese name, “潘瑋柏”.

  • [YT] will she get a ticket for illegal parking? LOL!

  • [YT] its actually not WEI BO but wilbur …in a taiwanese accent

  • [YT] the URL everywhere makes me really confused

  • [YT] puki aa cine

  • [YT] Will Pan Is So CUTTTEEE

  • [YT] Tht’s cute.
    Rainie&Yan Xi are so friendly behind the sences 🙂

  • [YT] thanx WAHH the next ep seems so sad

  • [YT] jia si le is so cute XD

  • [YT] if you think that’s a good reason to kick your child out, please don’t have any.