Miss No Good Episode 10

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Jiang Xiao Hua is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le comes back from Japan with intentions of dating her, she blackmails Tang Men, a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady worthy of Si Le.

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  • Myteragram

    love jia si le’s character!!

  • Myteragram

    why is xiao hua’s hands always in front??? looks like a dog with paws in front! hate it when she swings her hands in front like a retard!!

    • Elledee

      It’s just a show. -_-

  • Cookie-kager

    Of course they arent real sister and brother…
    Her mother said in an episode (I think it was the one before this one) that the man she married already had a son with another woman when they married.

  • derek

    same mother and different father and the grandma actually approves of it. . .
    is this the power of love or deception to love >.<

  • Guest

    OMG. Thank goodness they aren’t blood related siblings because that would have been gross!

  • [YT] excelent, thanks

  • [YT] Aaaaah i miss watching these!

  • [YT] why doesn’t it work??

  • [YT] Tang men’s cool~~~~~~
    Jia si le’s cute~~~~~
    i don’t want to see one of them get hurt 🙁
    wish they all have a happy ending…:D

  • [YT] she is so lucky to have 2 boys likeig her awsome

  • [YT] lolz…ur wierd…

  • [YT] They…they made me cry…that’s just stupid. >.>

  • [YT] jia si le’s flashbacks were so cute 🙂

  • [YT] si le handsome le!!

  • [YT] Yes, I totally agree. You mean the character, right? XD
    It doesn’t feel “real” when they keep forcing him. Even though I think they’re adorable :p

  • [YT] dai wo zou (take me away) by rainie yang
    i think its a really good song

  • [YT] …
    i think it’s so slack that one after the other they make/force wilber to act like he likes rainie, i think thats how he started to like her…i feel sorry for wilber…how bout you guys?

  • [YT] it’s called Dai Wo Zou

  • [YT] It’s Dai Wo Zou by Rainie Yang.

  • [YT] I can solve this problem! 😀
    Xiao Hua can go out with Tang Man
    And i meet with Si Le who fall in love with me and that’s all! 😀 This is the end…Is it sounds good? 😛

  • [YT] whats the song called? the one with the girl singing ? can anybody tell ?

  • [YT] i love it very much….he3

  • [YT] zomg,i love will pan so much.

  • [YT] wow addictive

  • [YT] i just think si le and xiao hua dont click…they just dont look good together…

  • [YT] yea, but Si Le really does love Xiao Hua sooo much & for so long, its not easy for him to just let Xiao Hua go~ I really feel sad for Si Le everytime he gets rejected. Sigh T.T though i really hope da story ends with Si Le n Xiao Hua but i knw it doesnt~ neways, its a great show 😉

  • [YT] ywa same lol. xia hua + Si le yayayayay!

  • [YT] ah yeah i dont know who suits rainie better now T_T& rainies voice is actually kinder cute like that xD.

  • [YT] awwh at the memory of jia si le’s 🙁
    felt sad right after that music came up >:|