Miss No Good Episode 14

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Jiang Xiao Hua is a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When prince charming Jia Si Le comes back from Japan with intentions of dating her, she blackmails Tang Men, a poison-tongue style guru, into helping her become a lady worthy of Si Le.

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  • RaineFan

    im sorry if people dont like my response but i skipped all the ep and went straight to the last ep and her voice irritates me so fucking much…. LOL just finished hi my sweetheart so i really cant stand her voice

  • lima

    I love Wilber Pan! So funny><

  • Emy14824

    This was a very good drama…………

  • U&me

    unrequited love is the saddest… poor jis se le…

  • Hermyles_moises

    I fell in love with this drama. I’m looking forward to see a part two of it picturing how Tang Men and Xiao Hua live their lives as married couple and how they bridge the gap of their differences. Thanks for this movie! I enjoyed watching it.

  • grabbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!! i love much tang men !!

  • shawolelfsone

    thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i really mean it

  • derek

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!

    I wish the ending would reveal more on xiao hua parents anda scene of xioa hua and tang men wedding ^_^that would set all things right hehe

  • 1120933002


  • omg poor jia se): hes cryingggggg

  • Guest

    It’s so upsetting to watch Wilber cry. His tears look so real and genuine. </3 

  • Jannell

    its one of those airport scenes in dramas…lol

  • Jannell

    omg. she’s talking to a fricking object ==

    • jy

      lols very sadly i did the same. but not as exaggerated as hers. at least i dun name my stuff!

  • [YT] totally love this drama!
    thanks so much for sharing! in HQ too!

  • [YT] why oh why must EVERY asian drama have to jump years in the final episode? in reality who makes a girl wait 5 years?! geez. she shoulda gone with jia si le.

  • [YT] she shlda gone with jia si le. he’d have married her quickly! telling her to wait 5 years is ridic….but DANG that boy can kiss. did they have sex?!!! !the mom was so pretty in the end. why didnt she find the truth about her family?

  • [YT] what do you mean that you don’t understand the end?

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  • [YT] i dont understand the end… O.O

  • [YT] thats a really good drama!! its soo funny too lol

  • [YT] i love hana kimi!! i love this drama too XD

  • [YT] wait a minute ! where does he think he is going with his scissors in his HAND? in a PLANE? i don’t think so !

    you can’t even bear a nail clipper in your bag so a set of sharp scissors?! come on…


  • [YT] what the heck did they do with her voice ?

  • [YT] if i was him i wouldn’t be able to bear that annoying voice of her
    s for even 10 mins.

  • [YT] i love Wei Bo at 1:06:40 when he says “i’m sou li-ah” he looks so cute ;]

  • [YT] wilber pan is so cool,,,
    love him,,,

  • [YT] READ THIS PLEASE Can you please do subs for boys before flowers episode 22??? please? thanks.

  • [YT] ermmm this isn’t korean its actually taiwanese drama, have you heard of hana kimi?

  • [YT] that was the best drama i’ve seen since hana kimi…… GO WILBER PAN!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] such a great ending, i cried “/
    sad its over though.. wish they made more episodes.

    does anyone know of any really good korean dramas to watch? let me knooooww(=

  • [YT] I think xiaohua’s mother looks nicer in curly hair.

  • [YT] Miss No Good was soo good! -lol- yah its mah 4th time watching it and its still as good! wilbur is adorable and rainie is pretty! they make hawtt couple. i think rainie luks like taylor swift… kinda

  • [YT] so depressed 🙁 at least they ended up together! omg Chinese videos are so much cooler then American videos by far. except they all get married in the end (witch is annoying)

  • [YT] Ahhh, when Xiao Hua’s real father showed up, I knew it from the moment that guy said “An old actor is coming that hasn’t acted in a long time.” and when he showed up I was like “Oh SNAP! Oh hell no! No he didn’t!!” my screaming frenzy woke up my family and it is 2:00a.m. here. xD

  • [YT] NO NO NO…
    it’s the last episode..
    I Love Miss No Good!!
    Wilber is so Hot and so is Dean Fujioka

  • [YT] btw, what’s the latest drama you guys are subbing these days?

  • [YT] 雅安 dunno say sorry how many times in dis show….

  • wkh297