My MVP Valentine Episode 14

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In this drama based on basketball (and somewhat on the anime Slam Dunk), a Taiwanese national team basketballer, Yan Xing Shu plays the lead Duan Chen Feng, whose world consists of his 2 greatest loves: basketball and his girlfriend, Xiao Xi (Angela Zhang). They find their perfect world shattered, however, when on the day of his most important match, Duan Chen Feng has an accident on his way to the competition, and paralyses Angel (Margaret Lin), who just happens to be the sister of Iceman (David Chen), his biggest opponent since they were young. To shoulder his responsibilty, Chen Feng leaves school and his basketball so that he can take care of Angel. Xiaoxi, who does not know the reason behind Chen Feng’s leaving school and giving up his beloved basketball, is heartbroken and bewildered. At about the same time, the other lead male character Tai Zi, or Prince (Tony Sun of 5566), enters the plot. He falls in love with Xiao Xi’s plucky and determined character.chen feng’s gentleness to angel causes angel to have feelings for him….how complicated can this love triangle be?

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  • [YT] the only words i can describe about Gao Xing’s move from 2:55 – 3:16 is AMAZING!!!!!

  • [YT] its call Break Go! actually if u want all the Soundtrack of this show, i have i can send u….the MVP original soundtrack cd some song dun have

  • [YT] wad the name of the background song?

  • [YT] those gao xi’s move really very cool

  • [YT] NO ENG SUB T-T !!!!!!!

  • [YT] lol
    at the beginning
    the ” tai zi ” already travelling ler =_=
    so obvious ~_~’

  • [YT] probably… but if your speed is superior to the defender’s, all the moves would work…

  • [YT] where is the english sub ?

  • [YT] Gao Xing is sooooooo awesome!!! He saves the day!!!

  • [YT] it sucks though, he didnt want to go to a basketball league xP

  • [YT] isnt tat a self pass from prince?

  • [YT] oh i just noticed xP

  • [YT] that guy has moves man!!!!

  • [YT] gao xing is the best

  • [YT] this is my fave move of all time

  • [YT] where the hell is the english sub?

  • [YT] omg gao xing tricks are cool and good to pass ppl

  • [YT] gamble rumble

  • [YT] lol it looks cool, but if u think about it, only the 3rd move will really throw somebody off, a good defender will be able to stop all others easily

  • [YT] gao xing dunking at 4:20, cool

  • [YT] gao xing is the best

  • [YT] lol u then noob

  • [YT] its nt la is gamble rumble by move.AND the song break go is by da pump not 5566.

  • [YT] fuck..gao xing damn pro in basketball..i hope can learn from him

  • [YT] There is no subtitle? what a Fuck!?

  • [YT] those shot are so fake lolz but this is the show that got me into basketball when i was lil

  • [YT] break go..5566

  • [YT] wtf horrible graphics now and no subtitle 🙁

  • [YT] wadds de song in de beginning? tell me please

  • [YT] wadds song is that at abt 4.16? tell me pls

  • [YT] There is no subtitle?

  • [YT] i keep looking at 02:54 gao xing pattern cool…………

  • [YT] the reporter so extra . -.-

  • [YT] y i cannot the embed code?????????????

  • [YT] love gao xing!!!

  • [YT] now oni i noe gao xing de name is gao tian qi nickname is Angu……

  • [YT] its initial D=.=

  • [YT] gao xin is so talented!!

  • [YT] gao xing=happy

  • [YT] same with you guys i think Gao Xing is the best out of all the other guy; which i mean is the cutest. 🙂

  • [YT] i have never seen a more retarded principal than him.. this is just getting funnier and funnier…

  • [YT] its perfect man by shinhwa

  • [YT] y is the vd quality like that?

  • [YT] sayang ipa embed nyo naman yan anu ba kau….

  • [YT] i think gao xing is like the hottest guy in dis show lor. omg,gao xing play bball so shuai!

  • [YT] hindi ko maintindihan intsik kc ehhhhh!!!!!!!

  • [YT] the reporter is ugly

  • [YT] break go by shinhwa

  • [YT] da song in the beginning sounds so familiar.
    it sounds like it was from an anime.

  • [YT] even tho the subs are gone,

  • [YT] can i know what the break go song ?
    title and artist?

  • [YT] eh can tell me what the song of the break go break go exact title ?
    and the artist who sing this thanks you !

  • [YT] no english subs??

  • [YT] i like gao xing most of all guys in this movie

  • [YT] wat is the song when chenfeng went into the court?

  • [YT] thankies.

  • [YT] thanks.good vid and game.

  • [YT] Thankies!!

  • [YT] gaoxing is so cute!

  • [YT] ups… sorry not INJURY but gamble rumble

  • [YT] that ost 4 anime INITIAL D.injury from MOVE

  • [YT] break go that japanese song.chinese not

  • [YT] wad the song played when tai zi was in the game?

  • [YT] nah let gao xing be sg better

  • [YT] PG- Gao Xing =)
    SG- Sha Shou
    SF- Tai Zi
    PF- Duan Chen Feng
    C- Hei Xiong

  • [YT] When Chen fong tio bang , the angel like ghost like that so ugly EEEEK!

  • [YT] i agree:]]:]]

  • [YT] what’s the title of the song in 3:40 – why is not subtitled in english.. i didn’t understand a thing in the speaking parts… nyahahaha

  • [YT] dang that guy is funny in 0:55 haha

  • [YT] XX and DCF muttered sweet nothings to each other like if i fell asleep will u piggyback me. then DCF replys of cos i will when did u ever piggyback me b4? (as if petite XX can do it) XX ask DCF to say their password. but DCF refused and said he forgot

  • [YT] DCF went to thank iceman abt wat he said to him during the match (he said DCF is his most important and valued opponent)iceman then replied he wants to compete with a pre-accident DCF and ask him to overcome his problem. then iceman turns to angel and said dont worry DCF will be yours.

  • [YT] for those who need subs

    DCF thanks the coach for letting him into the team then coach says he’ll help him overcome his problem (body contact).
    Prince ask XX abt his perfomance but XX got distracted halfway by DCF.

  • [YT] after that XX said thanks to iceman 4 letting DCF play again and that she will keep her promise and break up with DCF tomorrow.

    the whole team sulks in the room but the coach comes in to tell them they are winners in his eyes. then johnson comes in and blah blah but in the end he didnt force Qishui to disband. saying it wud be a bad image for yunshang to do such a thing. and Qishui is a bunch of trash not worth bothering over.

    -hope this helps

  • [YT] for those who need a little summary.

    Johnson the evil coach kept asking iceman to bang DCF cos hes afraid of body contact aft e accident. but iceman retorts back abt sportmanship so iceman gt scolded.

    XX thinking to herself if the match will mit the same fate as her relationship with DCF jus b4 it ends. DCF tells himself not to give up for XX as he score the last 2 pts. the match ends with yunshang winning but johnson scolds the team and said they lost and perform very badly.

  • [YT] what happened to your subs??

  • [YT] where are the subs??

  • [YT] taiwanese are no good at basketball! poorest ina asia whent it comes to basketball!

  • [YT] duan chen feng ` yan xiin shu . tiian yu xii ` angela . lurbbe x3`

  • [YT] basketball


  • [YT] y suddenly the graphics so lousy alr?

  • [YT] y no one in the comment praisin chenfeng??? i tot he was quite gd too

  • [YT] johnson coach was scolding them for nt getting 20 points and above lead whereas the other coach was praising them lor mostly the opposite

  • [YT] Tat coach oso gt make mistake la nv let chenfeng inside the match coz he dun wan the team to rely on him but they still gt gaoxing wad so in the end they will oso rely on gao xing anyway…bad planning

  • [YT] i badly need the subtitle T_T

  • [YT] its 怎样 by 5566..

  • [YT] *jesus!

  • [YT] jesue why is there a lot of inuyasha songs in there? and most of them is by Ayumi Hmasaki too.

  • [YT] I don’t know the title but i can tell who da singer is, it’s dat japanese singer Ayumi Hamasaki

  • [YT] i forgot da title but i do know dat song is by 5566

  • [YT] wat da hell happened 2 da subs?

  • [YT] johnson has problem…thinks hes the best coach in the world…-_-..

  • [YT] omg the coach is soo cruel whut kind of person is he. [email protected]#

  • [YT] omg whut happen to the subs?

  • [YT] What is the song beginning in the fourth minute?

  • [YT] why did the quality turn bad?

  • [YT] haha, that guy was fakin, his leg wasnt even hurt!

  • [YT] chinese of course! I understand mandarain

  • [YT] we need subs

  • [YT] anyone who can understand the language here? maybe you can tell us what both coaches said to their teams. please…

  • [YT] we need subs

  • [YT] why isnt there any subs?? i dont understand it

  • [YT] killer is so funny

  • [YT] 好好看啊!

  • [YT] hahax…

  • [YT] thanks !

  • [YT] lmao means laughing my ass off

  • [YT] idiot larhs . make Gao Xing out ! OMG Gao Xing , Ice Man , Duan ChenFeng , Prince is so handsome & cool !
    orh yeah ! what is lmao ?

  • [YT] wad is the song title on 6:17 to 7:17??

  • [YT] like u

  • [YT] we dont care

  • [YT] johnson is a fudge tard

  • [YT] at 4:53 tai zi got that trik from duan chen feng

  • [YT] ii hate yun shang lots lor so bad

  • [YT] because, angel past the test, and she is only 16

  • [YT] yunshang —> cheaters stupid coach

  • [YT] stupid reporter and referee…idiotic kept takin pics

  • [YT] i know lmao

    all u white people should learn chinese XD

  • [YT] subsss plss.

  • [YT] omg we need the subs PLEASE!!!

  • [YT] thanx fo the summary!

  • [YT] he needs to go to h*ll!

  • [YT] are you people chinese or english???lol

  • [YT] thanx

  • [YT] heres a lil summary, so they played, yunsung tried to hurt gaoxing (means Happy lol), and johnson told iceman to hurt chuen feng,
    so they lost, and the reporter was being a pain, but Johnson told them that the team did not need to disband.
    And uh… yeah

  • [YT] johnson’s a faggg

  • [YT] the princples shoe fell off