My MVP Valentine Episode 17

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In this drama based on basketball (and somewhat on the anime Slam Dunk), a Taiwanese national team basketballer, Yan Xing Shu plays the lead Duan Chen Feng, whose world consists of his 2 greatest loves: basketball and his girlfriend, Xiao Xi (Angela Zhang). They find their perfect world shattered, however, when on the day of his most important match, Duan Chen Feng has an accident on his way to the competition, and paralyses Angel (Margaret Lin), who just happens to be the sister of Iceman (David Chen), his biggest opponent since they were young. To shoulder his responsibilty, Chen Feng leaves school and his basketball so that he can take care of Angel. Xiaoxi, who does not know the reason behind Chen Feng’s leaving school and giving up his beloved basketball, is heartbroken and bewildered. At about the same time, the other lead male character Tai Zi, or Prince (Tony Sun of 5566), enters the plot. He falls in love with Xiao Xi’s plucky and determined character.chen feng’s gentleness to angel causes angel to have feelings for him….how complicated can this love triangle be?

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  • [YT] Qao Xing always has a coooooool entrance….and he was soooooo awesome to help prince and dcf up together!!! soooooo awesome!!!

  • [YT] angel is really getting on my nerves…..

  • [YT] at 4:34 angel has a devil smile :@ grrrr

  • [YT] her name is chen qiao en
    she play in frog prince and ying ye 3 + 1

  • [YT] dear Angel,
    GET LOST!!!

  • [YT] bitch bitch bitch bitch fuckin bitch hate [email protected]

  • [YT] freak!!! i knew angel was still evill.
    man, piss me off

  • [YT] 03:50

  • [YT] Whats the song on 2.05? Please reply me and tell me Thanks


  • [YT] i like prince’s friend…

  • [YT] haaha xiao xi is a dog? her hair colour do resembles some dog’s fur. haha =P

  • [YT] the way xiao xi hit the hamster at the arcade is so childish!! hahaaha

  • [YT] wOAh killer is someone who always act so happy, brings joys & laughter to others but he himslef…suffering so much LoLs, his acting is great unlike his greedy brother LoLs.

  • [YT] errr..chenfeng was the main character and the director wants that nothing can do without it…at the last part,chenfeng and xiaoxi will be the couples

  • [YT] Xiao Xi didnt even agree and he already picked the date and time already LOL. :]

  • [YT] she asked for it right from the start lor… still show her bottling her own self anger…. completely brainless

  • [YT] this angel is so…. angelic…

  • [YT] ok nvm bout what i said angel being good….

  • [YT] (O_O) The English is wrong in Bear’s study!

  • [YT] chengfeng is kinda too innocent in this show lahh..he always get tricked by that sucking and b!tchy ANGEL..she is like a DOG..a pore one somemroe.

  • [YT] angel acted really good.. I like it even though she acted that way

  • [YT] no…..Prince is gd!!!
    no matter what he does, and i think that he is a better match for Xiaoxi, he cares and trusts her more…

  • [YT] Prince for ever!!!!!!!

  • [YT] angel’s character is so evil, but her acting is really good^^

  • [YT] cool all comments are 00000000 lolol.

  • [YT] DJ is a cutieeee ‘_’

  • [YT] that bitch is full of crapola!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] angel is such a bitch full o crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] angel is such a mean bitch!!

  • [YT] y xiao xi suffer tiz?

  • [YT] Waaaa.Shes A Bitcherdy Bitch Bitch Bitch!!!! But i must say her acting is good to make me say soo many bitches..!

  • [YT] i think tat DJ n gao xing is cuter than chen fong…no offense

  • [YT] xiao xi should b with the prince…….

  • [YT] OMG~!!!tat angel is a bitch…

  • [YT] well, i think the original sentence was “IF i were in his place”

  • [YT] rofl XiaoXi: so i look like a dog?

  • [YT] oh my goodness, the 180 degree turn!!!!

  • [YT] angel is a bitch

  • [YT] xiaoxy look hot in that shirt

  • [YT] fallen angel

  • [YT] oh, oh, chenfeng is so so cute….

  • [YT] thanks i like this

  • [YT] gooo prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] he didn’t give her grenn he gave her red..

  • [YT] lol they ony protecting their love ony mah…
    they did no wrong!!

  • [YT] i tink her devil like appearance can b gd for sex

  • [YT] lol the prince run like an old ah ma

  • [YT] doesnt green tea mean no? so dat means dey cant go back?

  • [YT] what the heck is wrong with angel..?! she really getting on my nervessss!!!!!!

  • [YT] yeah its true lol, the other player just kinda stopped in the middle of the race to let Prince go ahead of him

  • [YT] angel is a bitch


  • [YT] OMG! gao xingg is friggin cute at 8:20. MANN WHYY CANT THERE BE MORE BOYS THAT LOOK LIKE HIM. he’s too hot to have the looks alone):

  • [YT] nuh uhh first barbie and gao xing hated each otherr. then theyy fell in love haha.

  • [YT] angel is a sucker..chenfeng shld trust xiaoxi mahs…chenfeng so blur…

  • [YT] Go PRINCE!!! <3

  • [YT] What kind of name is Barbie?

  • [YT] Was is more common but were is right too. U can use “were” when talking about conditional future. 😛 (I googled it ‘coz I thought it was a mistake too… :D)

  • [YT] AARGH! Stupid Chenfeng! Hope that Xiaoxi could fall in love with sweet and mature Prince. Who would never let anything to come between them! Chenfeng doesn’t love Xiaoxi as much as he thinks, he loves her as much as basketball for christ sake! Plus he doesn’t believe in her.

  • [YT] Mee too! But it never goes like that… it’s the famous “bad-boy -complex” that seems to trouble the whole asian-drama industry. At least this case is not as bad like in “It started with a kiss” for exaple… They are not as cruel but still!

  • [YT] Those bastards! Prince is only good choise she has! Chenfeng does not deserve her! Please fall in love with prince. 😛

  • [YT] wut u mean?

  • [YT] i just noticed, taizi’s hair looks like 2003 leehom

  • [YT] how about no

  • [YT] he really does…i thought i was the only one seeing it that he looks gay. lol.. guess i’m not alone…

  • [YT] he always does

  • [YT] mofos…prince is retarted
    he sux at bball
    thats wut the show is about

  • [YT] lol i hate angel to the core lor….
    so bad lor… hate her to core la

  • [YT] “i were in his place…i were in his place” NOOO!!11 its ‘I WAS in his place’ lol

  • [YT] if u watch the video carefully, when prince ran hia competitor slowed down for him to catch up

  • [YT] prince is such a great guy ~ xiaosi should choose him instead of chenfeng ~~

  • [YT] whats the name of the song at 3:43

  • [YT] ya i like xiaoxi and prince together

  • [YT] sometimes i think the prince looks gay

  • [YT] i think he is a little too old to be his bro… how about a dad or grand dad lol!

  • [YT] is xiaoxi gonna be wit prince at end? they make a better couple…

  • [YT] so hes describing her as a dog!

  • [YT] Nobody’s in mcdonald. thats weird

  • [YT] agreed

  • [YT] i hope xiaoxi would give up on chenfeng and give prince a chance

  • [YT] prince is really a prince charming…how i wish he would end up with xiaoxi…but im sure it wont happen..crap!

  • [YT] i can’t believe that chenfeng was on angel’s side… i mean that’s it…xiaoxi shouldn’t give him another chance…dump him for life…

  • [YT] WAT’s HER NAME AGAIN? ANGEL? *PUKE* she’s the first angel i see in hell…

  • [YT] So disappointed if she stays with the guy who makes her suffer..

  • [YT] yes im totaly agree with that prince is hooot he is so kind and he always take care of xiaoxi luv him 4eva

  • [YT] BITCH

  • [YT] what a lil evil person angel is.
    she should be called devil -.-

  • [YT] OH MY! what a bitch -__- and chenfeng is a dumbass not to believe xiaoxi again.
    prince ftw!

  • [YT] shes a desperate handicap HAHAHA

  • [YT] so i guess killer has a reason to be such a money sucker

  • [YT] because prince is more active! but cheng fong is like a “FATHER” kind of guy

  • [YT] true true i would pick prince because even though he’s not the boyfriend he believes her unlike cheng feng

  • [YT] ahaha what the. the manager’s in the show? LOL, cool.

  • [YT] next episode looks interresting

  • [YT] what kind of brother is he!


  • [YT] yeah he was

  • [YT] agreed. he’s not naive like chenfeng is.

  • [YT] she just doesn’t give up, does she?

  • [YT] I still like Prince better…

  • [YT] yes. he is. He is tonghuashun in wangzibianqingwa….

  • [YT] Why? Coz she’s a damn selfish bitch…

  • [YT] What if he didn’t want that kind of tea, eh Prince? That was an awsome speech Prince. Geeez, he’s so nice to her.

  • [YT] why? geez this angel chick messed up.

  • [YT] w0rd agaiN?

  • [YT] hey its smellslikecheese again!!!
    darn he/she caught up to me

  • [YT] Damn, she’s mean!!

  • [YT] Killer has a funny laugh!!

  • [YT] the butler at 2:58ish is 5566’s manager, Simon

  • [YT] huh… wat?