My MVP Valentine Episode 21

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In this drama based on basketball (and somewhat on the anime Slam Dunk), a Taiwanese national team basketballer, Yan Xing Shu plays the lead Duan Chen Feng, whose world consists of his 2 greatest loves: basketball and his girlfriend, Xiao Xi (Angela Zhang). They find their perfect world shattered, however, when on the day of his most important match, Duan Chen Feng has an accident on his way to the competition, and paralyses Angel (Margaret Lin), who just happens to be the sister of Iceman (David Chen), his biggest opponent since they were young. To shoulder his responsibilty, Chen Feng leaves school and his basketball so that he can take care of Angel. Xiaoxi, who does not know the reason behind Chen Feng’s leaving school and giving up his beloved basketball, is heartbroken and bewildered. At about the same time, the other lead male character Tai Zi, or Prince (Tony Sun of 5566), enters the plot. He falls in love with Xiao Xi’s plucky and determined character.chen feng’s gentleness to angel causes angel to have feelings for him….how complicated can this love triangle be?

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117 thoughts on “My MVP Valentine Episode 21

  1. [YT] The other team could have won the match… the ball left the captain’s hands slightly before the buzzer… so that last 3 pointer suppose to count. But the game was ok… btw have anyone notice that some moves from prince, Gao Xing and Chen Fung is illegal from a really basketball games? Cuz some moves are from street ball…

  2. [YT] In my personal opinion, although the captain from the other team is kinda gay…but he is really he winks at Chen fung.. XDDD…beside …i think the way how he shows his gay-ness towards Chen Fung is his style of leadership and friendly personalities!!!

  3. [YT] your english gramma sucks!
    the actor do not sweat is not because the actor cannot act! you do not expect him to run a 100miles before he acts infront of the camera. is the director who did not think of this part

  4. [YT] Does this drama remind anyone else of japanese manga “Peach Girl”. The characters are so parallel to me. . .chenfeng=toji (looks like toji too XD), prince=kailey, xiaoxi=momo, and angel=sai. . .cept the ending will not be the same. T_T I think xiaoxi, though a bit unfair, works very hard and deserve to get what she wants at the end. . .but so does prince and chenfeng. . .yet they can’t all get what they want. . .sad.

  5. [YT] Yea, but he’s still more reliable than CF and he’s always been on Xiaoxis side (unlike CF), and I have a feeling she’s just using him. And I wouldn’t call him cocky, but really unsure about himself and Xiaoxi… (But this is just another opinion. :P)

  6. [YT] Angel`s bck … >=P
    OMFG `! their training is s00 freakin` seri0us.
    Jeez … they show off 2 much btw & hahaha yay !
    Sam is bck ! i love his shorter hair, than his
    long hair from WZBQW ! thnxs btw, for leaving this
    up < 33

  7. [YT] this series is so tiresome…its boring and i dont know why i still want to watch it til the end…huh…rollercoaster, i beleive its a merry-go-round….i said this is boring but not entirely crap….there are good parts such as basketball plays,gao xing, prince, and the lastest barbie, she is amusing

  8. [YT] whoa.. the come in in a line jogging. They even have a van that takes their blood pressure. I thought the coach was being lazy by biking but here comes the other coach in a CAR. LMAO. I love how the director continues to play out the differences between the two teams
    Thanks for the episode!

  9. [YT] something will happen .. =( that’s my guess at least. Poor boy.

    I really like the other team. They have really good sportsmanship. Too bad, short ppl do have a disadvantage on the court =(.

  10. [YT] umm… excuse me.. HE was the assistant coach at the time.. if it wasnt for HIM.. they wouldnt have won.. geez.. at least he dont go budging into other people’s business and stalk people like corny prince.. prince is so annoying.. seriously.. he’s trying too hard.. plus thinking that the world evolves around him.. geezz… i don’t know bout y’all.. but prince is so cocky and annoying.. he makes me wanna puke.. he’s bribin love.. hahahaha.. wat a freakn loser…

  11. [YT] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! this series is such an emotional rollercoaster. i’m not sure if i can keep watching and not be totally scared or totally surprised… maybe i should spare myself the heart attack….

    ah, who the flip am i kiddin? of course i’ll finish watching…

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