My MVP Valentine Episode 24

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In this drama based on basketball (and somewhat on the anime Slam Dunk), a Taiwanese national team basketballer, Yan Xing Shu plays the lead Duan Chen Feng, whose world consists of his 2 greatest loves: basketball and his girlfriend, Xiao Xi (Angela Zhang). They find their perfect world shattered, however, when on the day of his most important match, Duan Chen Feng has an accident on his way to the competition, and paralyses Angel (Margaret Lin), who just happens to be the sister of Iceman (David Chen), his biggest opponent since they were young. To shoulder his responsibilty, Chen Feng leaves school and his basketball so that he can take care of Angel. Xiaoxi, who does not know the reason behind Chen Feng’s leaving school and giving up his beloved basketball, is heartbroken and bewildered. At about the same time, the other lead male character Tai Zi, or Prince (Tony Sun of 5566), enters the plot. He falls in love with Xiao Xi’s plucky and determined character.chen feng’s gentleness to angel causes angel to have feelings for him….how complicated can this love triangle be?

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  • [YT] In most parts of Asia, aunty is a term used to address any female who is a generation older than yourself to show respect, usually your parents’ friends or family friend. Same goes for “uncle”.

  • [YT] don’t like Angel, she should just die

  • [YT] ohh!…No audio in this movie..

    anyway..thanks for the subtitles..

  • [YT] LOL, he’s dumb =D

  • [YT] angel gotta give up… dang, im getting mad pissed at her…

  • [YT] 2.52 the women din say probly she say jiao ni bu yao qu… na bie ren

  • [YT] The part where tai zi said all those thing is so touching

  • [YT] who is qiao en??

  • [YT] omg that hella funny when gao xing use her hand to wipe the tears for her! LOL (: cute <3

  • [YT] Angel sounds so super DESPO!!!!
    leave so many messages…..
    i’m glad tt she lost her memory.
    gd 4 her.

  • [YT] i dont like DCF pants in this -.-‘ to short

  • [YT] omg barbies so pretty..
    lol nways baha ew shes still alive? jk
    ahh man i want chenfang to go back with xx 🙂

  • [YT] aww Gao Xing got Barbie hand and wipe her tears:)that is just so freakin Kawaii:) Gao Xing is so cute:)

  • [YT] everything is going so wrong!!! cf should be with xx!

  • [YT] the song beginning of the video is injury by HAL

  • [YT] OMG that stupid bitch Angel…why didn’t they just kill her off?!?!?!

  • [YT] red means yes. -.-

  • [YT] I agree with you except for the pairing of angel with duan Chenfeng

  • [YT] KILL HER!!!!
    SM1!!! KILL HER!!!!!!!

  • [YT] i hate tat ANGEL to e core lah .
    NB !

  • [YT] dont worry, it won’t happen

  • [YT] OMB =O it was so cute and funny when gao xing wiped of her tears

  • [YT] basketball… love… mittens… tea… hm. now homework. no exams. life must be pretty fun

  • [YT] she failed her music
    she attempted to suicide.
    she’s in the hospital.

  • [YT] omfg. Gaoxing is by far the cutest thang in the whole series. I thought he was ‘proposing’ his love to Barbie and he was about to hold her hands and stuff. and then i read all ur comments so i thought it’s be a realy touching moment weh gaoxing becomes really sweet and wipes away her tears. I LMAO wen I saw how he ‘wiped’ her tears! ROFL!!!

  • [YT] Angel is so kelian lurhs! Why is she so silly? ChengFeng is not worth for her to do that manzxzxz!

  • [YT] i agree! you don’t know either red tea or green tea, pick orange juice

  • [YT] i’m not sure if it’s in every country in Asia, and i’m nt sure if taiwan is one of the countries who gives respect to people who are close to them. in some countries they give respect by adding a title to that person. that’s barbie’s way of doing so

  • [YT] Angel look quite pretty when her heart was good!

  • [YT] Angel really forget EVERYTHING la..
    she can onli rmb chengfeng!..

  • [YT] wait what the heck
    angel and dcf?!
    NO WAY!

  • [YT] you don’t get it?
    the point is that the person has to make up their mind of yes or no, once you put the coins in. not the machine random pick but face up to the problem yes or no.

  • [YT] walan the machine selection is dumb can? any idiot knows that what number you presss on the machine would be wat the machine will collect for you isn’t it? director no brains man.

  • [YT] actually i tink gaoxing and barbie are a perfect match and they got together in de end.

  • [YT] qiao en is very cute and beautiful~!! I like her very much!

  • [YT] i like them as a love theme

  • [YT] hah,,gao xing is so cute,,

  • [YT] sad for prince his been so confused and feeling down bcozx of the words of barbie… but barbie’s right… well i guess… love does not know whose right or wrong… cozx love is love… *sigh*

  • [YT] i like the movie but too bad my shaowei only took a small part in here… he looks so cool in dis movie

  • [YT] i like dis movie because they have eng sub for me to ready n i actually learned a lot of chinese words for here too hehehehe like jiao hihih

  • [YT] can anyone tell me the instrumental when iceman was talking to chenfend and xiaoxi..plz!!!

  • [YT] lols did th child understand wht th mum is talking abt ? lols.

  • [YT] oh no~ Chenfeng y dating wif angel~? haiz…

  • [YT] the Angel call so much times…even the fish also boring…Chenfeng Chenfeng…Chenfemg she call de mehxx..

  • [YT] angel stop acting u cant remember anything u fool~ ChenFENG WONT LIKE U THIS KIND OF BTCHY BITCH….FOOL!!!!!…@#$%^&*!

  • [YT] lol…
    when the moment Barbie crying Gao Xing help her 2 wipe her tears…
    i thought Gao Xing hold her hand…
    they r so cute…<3

  • [YT] the song is HAL – Injury

  • [YT] why does Barbie call princes mom Auntie?

    someone pls tell me thx ^^
    i really want this song =x

  • [YT] OMG~!!xiao xi..NoNONO….dON let chen feng date tat bitch…

  • [YT] ANGEL~!!stop acting u bitch~!

  • [YT] haha you are joking right? you’re from singapore.

  • [YT] i wish the show more scenes with the cat!!!

  • [YT] u watched the end didn’t u?

  • [YT] u still can’t prove it though.

  • [YT] His real name Gao Tian Qi.

  • [YT] orange juice is the red tea duh whicn is a no

  • [YT] why did she have to be in the middle if the seats?

  • [YT] yeah!

  • [YT] ya i also think that way….

  • [YT] gao xing’s english name is ryan gao
    my name is bryan gao his bro

  • [YT] maybe angel purposely want t0 act dat she onlii rmb cheng feng…s0 dat cheng feng will be beside her…
    aniiwaes its juz wad ii think larr…

  • [YT] lol! do i pick red tea. or green tea.. and he picks orange juice

  • [YT] Gao Xing is so sweet man,
    he help Barbie tu wipe der tears
    xD LOVES!!!

  • [YT] barbie very cute too….when she cry…hahaha

  • [YT] barbie and gao xing look so cute together. gao xing is really sweet. 🙂

  • [YT] HAHA…so cute! Gao Xing making her wipe her tears!

  • [YT] ice man is very cute guy!!!

  • [YT] I totally agree.

    Gao Xing <33.


  • [YT] I feel sorry for Prince, XiaoXi and ChengFeng both love each other but Prince is all alone…

  • [YT] thats really weird, Angel falls off a building without any injury but loses her memory but only remembers ChengFeng, is that possible? she even forgot about her own brother!

  • [YT] Gaoxing and Barbie is the only cute couple in this drama………>.<

  • [YT] they show his real name in the theme song in the begining of every episode

  • [YT] GASP angel’s inhuman! …=D lol jk jk

  • [YT] ahaha i know riight?

  • [YT] eheh i think so far dj and gao xing are the ONLY cute ones here in this drama

  • [YT] angel fell on the building without any scrapes and bruises or whatever on her face or body…now that’s weird!

  • [YT] hmm i dont think prince is the right choice for xiaoxi anymore but she shouldnt hurt him. right?


  • [YT] she aint faking

  • [YT] hehe ^^ ice man ^^ keke

  • [YT] she learned that now iceman is her bro

  • [YT] huh? you like my pairing? i know you do

  • [YT] u again?

  • [YT] ur good

  • [YT] i still dun like angel. digusted . i dun wan chen feng to be with angel . i wished she is dead .

  • [YT] y all the cha boh in the movie got flat boobs =.=

  • [YT] Wow… seeing Angel like this now makes me wanna puke -__-;; she’s so happy and bouncy it’s hella creepy.

  • [YT] i now then find out that xiaoxi is a bitch!she oli acts cute oli and act veri kind!she have hurrt prince,angel and duan cheng feng le!she still act like she is innocent…..

  • [YT] she should have given him the present

  • [YT] im guessing that angel is not acting, because i think by that time, everyone would have told her that he was her brother.

  • [YT] you guys think of ugly endings…it should be
    1. xiaoxi & chenfeng
    2. gao xing & barbie
    xiaoxi don’t go with prince

  • [YT] i know that angel is just pretending to not remember xiaoxi and that she remember everything but fakes it. she’s desparate and wants chendeng’s attention that’s why she’s acting.

  • [YT] i feel that prince and xiaoxi wouldn’t make a cute couple if they enf up together. prince is just not boyfriends material compare to best guy friend material.

  • [YT] heres how the couple thing should go
    William(Prince or TaiZi) w. XiaoXi
    GaoXing w. Barbie (maybe DJ)
    Angel w. Duan ChenFeng

  • [YT] seems like ANGEL is faking.. how does she know thats her bro?

  • [YT] I WILL 4EVER BE ON TAI ZI (PRINCE) side!!!!!!!!

    U=Prince I=Me
    If i were to arrange the alphabet, I would put “U” and “I” together!! =) LOL

  • [YT] angel sux

  • [YT] Oh, I feel soooo bad for Cheng Feng now. I don’t know who to root for anymore, Tai Zi or Cheng Feng?

  • [YT] i hope shes not acting or else i will not fall in her little lies anymore!

  • [YT] is She pretending?? Who will Xia Xo choose? Prince or Chenfeng?

  • [YT] wait2…she was just pretending…wtf..she said that she did not recognize iceman,but how could she said “ge”..

  • [YT] LMAO THAT IS SUCH A BLUFF…A KID JACKED SOMEONE ELSE’S BALLOON, LOSES IT and the mom tells him he cant keep something that isnt his…right in front of prince…lmao

  • [YT] what was that song that was played at the beggining of this section?

  • [YT] wait is so angel acting or not!!! omg so confused!!!

  • [YT] angel act cute

  • [YT] presentS!!!

  • [YT] that was funny….one big and one small..hahahahahaha

  • [YT] i swear she had better wrapping when she was about to give the present to him by the machine…

  • [YT] he didn’t pick either =/.

  • [YT] why didn’t he give him the present??

  • [YT] red tea means yes… green tea means no

  • [YT] She’s not acting. Where’d you guys get that idea?

  • [YT] That Angel woman is vicious man….Acts everything to be with Jonny Duan

  • [YT] … the red tea was no the green tea was yes wasnt it?lol=)

  • [YT] ew… the gloves that xiaoxi made was one big one small…. ew….

  • [YT] i was wrong….

  • [YT] or is she pretending?

  • [YT] we will find out in the end.

  • [YT] maybe i was wrong

  • [YT] Angel is so nice now