My Queen Episode 21

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What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!What will happen when Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Queen!

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  • areenaaaa

    that same ring from “Fated To Love You” tho

  • Lollipop270200

    I Luvz This Drama!!!

  • maritez

    thanks for upload but could I ask for eng sub please…

  • please help me find eng sub of this series, i love it very much

  • Ghie022108

    can u pls help me eng sub all d ep…dis series is so cute

  • [YT] 趕快送醫院吧Q_Q

  • [YT] wu shuang mother so cute and funny..

  • [YT] 真的有一點嚇人耶~

  • [YT] 太廋了,弱不禁风!哈哈~

  • [YT] Ethan 永远是我的英雄! <3

  • [YT] should have made it like korean dramas and made her get amnesia hahahah that would have been great

  • [YT] seriously love this drama!!! one of the best endings ever!!

  • [YT] me too. love the ending. so sweet and heart warming. x]]]]

  • [YT] how come her hair is straightened after explosion? xD

  • [YT] wats the scene from 7:25 to the end called?

  • [YT] yea wu shuang acted really well in this drama…
    hey fish tried her best alr ok. its not like she is an experienced actress somemore.

  • [YT] 没有啦。是罗密欧太夸张啦

  • [YT] 故事告訴我們 房子別住太上面

  • [YT] 有感动到就好了啊!前面何必计较这么多呢?!

  • [YT] wow. if she die, ethan must be a jinx to be with. girls with him bound to meet mishaps! hahaha
    but its really not making sense that romeo was more injured than wushuang when wushuang was nearer to the scene of accident

  • [YT] 為什麼不是送去醫院呢….?

  • [YT] 我也是/.\

  • [YT] 完全同意﹗ 太完美的男人…

  • [YT] 雅築 在這幕很美

  • [YT] 防洋妞抗遠距XDDD

  • [YT] nice….I love this drama…Love the characteristic of wu shuang…wish that i could be like her as well..

  • [YT] their talking through the radio lol!

  • [YT] 不是ㄅ~編劇太省ㄌ阿

  • [YT] come on, this is just a drama. haha

  • [YT] its wu shuang who wrote it

  • [YT] Hahha, i seriously love the ending! 😀
    And all the couples there looked so loving (:
    Hahah, kinda hope to see more of jj and jiajia together xD
    hahah, they seem sweet too xD hahaha.
    Love this show~ (:

  • [YT] it was wu shuang’ reply to lucas’ question

  • [YT] i know lucas wrote the stuff in light blue. what about the “sorry, it’s too late” in black ink?

  • [YT] It was Lucas who wrote it.. he was trying to draw a “bie” and the #8, turning it half way round, is symbol of infinity

  • [YT] I think Wu Shuang’s acting is really fantastic.. the chemistry between them.. nice!!

  • [YT] i have missed the earlier part where the “sorry, it’s too late” was written on the wall in wushuang’s house. who wrote it?

  • [YT] fish’s acting very exaggerating -.-

  • [YT] shldnt it be to the hospital?
    and she is up front at the scene won she be bleeding or smth?
    even luo mi ou is on cast why she still like no disfigure or wad
    i think the story might be better if she die ( no offence just my own opinion )

  • [YT] wu shuang is so pretty!

  • [YT] 盧卡斯,也太浪漫了吧…..

  • [YT] Love the ending too… Ending doesn’t always have to end with them getting married… Nice…

  • [YT] 我也常常被那個VIVA online的廣告嚇到! 拜託把音量降低!!!

  • [YT] 很入劇情的看到一半…廣告的音量好大 害我嚇到= =”

  • [YT] wu shuang looks like singapore’s rui en…but rui en has a fiercer look…

  • [YT] 最深的感動!!

  • [YT] eng sub please!!!

  • [YT] HAHA..

  • [YT] romeo in pastor suit is so damn kawaii!

  • [YT] 靜茹有說她自己是這齣戲忠實戲迷 本來不想參加客串怕自己不會演 破壞了戲 但想想也是留下美好回憶 就來參一咖了 呵.. ^^..

  • [YT] 怎麼連羅密歐都炸倒了 車頂上的記者卻沒飛走阿=.=..? 噗..

  • [YT] SPEECHLESS,,, He’s melted my heartt ARGHHHHHH…..

  • [YT] dangerously cheesy

  • [YT] 真的很不错的结局偶~~

  • [YT] love the ending!!!

  • [YT] damn touching 🙁

  • [YT] 小天是个lefty! wow.

  • [YT] 卡斯真的为无双付出好多噢

  • [YT] 我的妈呀~~

  • [YT] 最好医生可以这样不专注救人啦

  • [YT] so exicting look the ruan jing tian..
    is so handsome arg..

    i love u ruan jing tian..muaacchhhxx

  • [YT] 这段超催泪的!

  • [YT] 你真的喜歡我?

  • [YT] 与其一直相信时间会带走你们的爱,倒不如相信时间会证明你们的爱。无双,这一刻,你终于放下了,你真的值得被真心对待。好喜欢这一幕啊!

  • [YT] 太假了吧……..

  • [YT] 哈哈..司机叫英雄..哈哈!!

  • [YT] 他使唤的人应该都是他学弟学妹之类的..或者护士吧..?

  • [YT] 救無雙的人 怎不第1時間先送去醫院
    而是 送ㄑ卡斯家啊=__=?

  • [YT] 静茹的声音好好听…不管是说话还是唱歌 ,<33333333333333333333

  • [YT] unlogical…

  • [YT] 小天真的演活了盧卡斯這個角色…

  • [YT] What ethan said was super touching. I want to cry. I find it so sad, seeing ethan crying and talking to that radio station person like that .. Right now, i feel that i want to do all the things i want to do such that i would not regret. Regret, according to how he act, is damn painful, damn .. dk how to say leh 😡 .

  • [YT] 卡斯好帥唷!剛剛卡斯在說無雙前男友時,又讓我不禁想起允浩學長,希望他可以早日得到幸福^^

  • [YT] 在 4.24 的羅密歐是怎樣 哈

  • [YT] 梁靜茹當客串DJ還順便幫自己打歌

  • [YT] 其實猜得到劇情 沒有大哭欸

  • [YT] 佳佳的裙子蠻漂亮的

  • [YT] 好感人

  • [YT] true, but it just sounds like weird… doesn’t it

  • [YT] 我的媽啊。。他們真的比任何情侶都要努力啊! 我好感動。。。

  • [YT] i guess because the minute the explosion happened,she flew away and landed in the truck with the mattress so she was okay. and when she flew off, her name tag was left behind and that burned.

  • [YT] that boy looks like 小家柱 in 光陰的故事

  • [YT] her name tag was burning… shouldn’t she also be burned

  • [YT] 台詞怪怪的… 卡斯可以叫人「幫他」把病人帶去哪裡? 他不是正式醫生,不能這樣使喚人吧= =

  • [YT] it doesnt matter about the error , ha ha , i love this drama ,
    i mean if the drama must be in common sense , then what fun would it be , an it will be unable to end up like that ,
    ha ha , great drama .

  • [YT] well , nothing is more important then family , they still can leave if they want .

  • [YT] they prob is one of those politic mag
    some politic mag will report the news , just like if 911 happen again ,(touch wood ) i belive .that news will be go i direct of sport programm as wel , ha ha ,
    beside , u can see it is a politic mag in the very first when they search for politic case .

  • [YT] 因為有吸毒免疫系統較差~


  • [YT] 貨車司機~長的很像強暴犯

  • [YT] 馬的~



  • [YT] 所以今天晚上~~


  • [YT] 看到 最後 還滿感動的!!!!

  • [YT] lol how come she didn’t get scratched or break any bones while d romeo guy ended up in a wheel chair ….

  • [YT] 劇情好瞎X)

  • [YT] omg. 超緊張的

  • [YT] 如果看戲都要講究真實…

  • [YT] 怪劇情

  • [YT] 哈哈。。有电台那么好的哦。。一整晚只让一个人call in。。。哈哈。。不过感动就好啦。。。

  • [YT] 她妈妈化妆以后还蛮漂亮的

  • [YT] 罗蜜欧 还蛮可爱后后

  • [YT] 雖然被彈到卡車上又沒死是有點荒唐啦

  • [YT] 拒绝12次,哈哈….继续努力^^!

  • [YT] 感动~

  • [YT] 我好後悔沒看書就去考試

  • [YT] nice ending=]

  • [YT] 在無雙說: 我不是公主 我是女王~~這一幕他笑的超漂亮的!!!~~~

  • [YT] 那麼多人重傷在醫院他爸還可以跟他一起去噢..

  • [YT] 這一段 不自然

  • [YT] 大餅阿大餅真是可惜了

  • [YT] can’t stop the tears

  • [YT] 最後一集真是…荒謬

  • [YT] 說得對,不是只用文字來告訴她

  • [YT] good show…love it…

  • [YT] 哈哈哈!他有说刚好没有载货,载弹簧床~哈哈!做戏麻~

  • [YT] 這段沒有李沛旭

  • [YT] you may visit Sugoidrama’s website, it provides english subtitle for some drama 🙂

  • [YT] 老大,你一直说喜欢。你知道喜欢和爱是有区别的吗?如果你真的那么那么喜欢你口中的她,连爱字都说不出口吗?如果连这样一个字都说不出口,你还在这里死去活来痛不欲生的样子,有p用阿?难怪人家因为父母反对就不和你在一起了。

  • [YT] 拜託 跟我複合好嗎 我線再腦中都是妳我那時高興談話的畫面 我無法在心裡放棄妳

  • [YT] 相信我 好嗎 我不會再讓妳受傷 請妳相信我 我是真心喜歡妳

  • [YT] 我真的很像跟你複合 我不想跟妳當朋友 我想永遠跟妳當男女朋友 因為 我非常喜歡妳

  • [YT] 我真的很希望 我們能複合 不管家人說什麼 我真的很喜歡喜歡妳 雖然我年紀小 不過 我會拼 我會讓你快樂

  • [YT] 我非常希望 妳能看到我的發言 雖然 家人很反對 可是 我真的很喜歡妳 妳是我第一個遇到不會嫌棄我 反而鼓勵我的人

  • [YT] 我喜歡上一個大我9歲的女生 可是 家人的反對 讓她壓力很大 我真的很喜歡她 我非常希望我能再跟她在一起 不管我在怎麼痛苦 我真的非常非常喜歡妳 大9歲又怎樣

  • [YT] I think as long as the truck is located no more than 20 feet then it’s possible. My cousin was in an accident last time and the car blew up about 4 feet from her and she ended up flying really far.

  • [YT] 還蠻貼切的

  • [YT] 屈哥作封面耶!那个大劈腿是乱编的吼?

  • [YT] 爆炸就整个人飞到卡车上?!

  • [YT] 無雙的襯衫好好看

  • [YT] 演戏就是演戏,太夸张。

  • [YT] 小天的演技真不愧是一流

  • [YT] 對阿xD

  • [YT] Pls. add english subs next time ….Thanks

  • [YT] oh my godness~tat da bing so funny at 4.22~==”
    ki siao 1 ~hahahahahahaaa

  • [YT] 好有人情味的檳榔西斯~~~~~和玉蘭花台客!!!!!

  • [YT] maybe 他是一機雙卡之類的吧!?

  • [YT] 哈!這是我之前每天看敗犬的”口頭禪”耶!!真巧真巧~

  • [YT] 台灣偶像劇基本上來說不拖是不太可能的
    漸漸轉變成自己構想 而不是翻拍他國故事
    從命中到敗犬 真得已經算不錯得了!

  • [YT] its very nice though but its quite weird and illogical if someone flies over to the truck
    in real life situation hahaha .

  • [YT] I fell in love with Ethan thru this series, then last week I went to watch FTLY. I got to say, FTLY is much more touching. I couldn’t stop crying for entire episodes in that series. Somehow Ethan has a wider range of acting in FTLY, cos it’s very dramatic. For those who have not seen Fated To Love You, go watch it!!!

  • [YT] 阮經天演的很好,我很感动。

  • [YT] 靜茹演技好喔!

  • [YT] kinda interesting to see Joe’s drama right after Ethan’s. Well at least that makes the ending of such a great show less painful.

  • [YT] 真的覺得人生無常,我昨天去看了總達客運的翻車現場,撿到一塊司機的名牌,出事的是以前常載我的司機。

  • [YT] 情侶人很好呢

  • [YT] nice people , 阮經天電話這段演得真好

  • [YT] 不然车祸不用采访啊

  • [YT] 小天一哭 多少人心碎阿

  • [YT] I’m really impressed by Ethan’s acting in there. I was so touched by that scene in FTLY where he was grieving the miscarriage, but this one here…definitely surpassed that scene. I think he really improved!

  • [YT] 無雙好漂亮

  • [YT] 為什麼周刊記者要採訪車禍 = =‧?

  • [YT] 是大炳==
    不過亦能希望他重新在銀幕前帶給大家歡樂!! =]

  • [YT] 沒有如果的含意是愛要及時=]

  • [YT] 好好玩喔^^ 廣播電台可以講好久喔 都不會有插撥 by the way 梁靜茹竟然上了敗犬女王 演了一個小人物 真可惜= =大才小用

  • [YT] 好好玩喔^^ 廣播電台可以講好久喔 都不會有插撥 by the way 梁靜茹竟然上了敗犬女王 演了一個小人物 真可惜= =大才小用

  • [YT] Such a great explosion but the phone still in working condition… Must be a sturdy phone eh?

    Either way, great show and thankyou Sugoi! 🙂

  • [YT] 時間不會帶走我們的愛 , 而是證明我們的愛 !

  • [YT] 因為羅密歐摔得很嚴重啊 哈哈

  • [YT] 我覺得很好看!偶像劇本來就這樣!!

  • [YT] 周刊有要報導這些嗎?

  • [YT] 大餅好搞笑喔,

  • [YT] 雖然有的地方感覺有點小拖戲


  • [YT] 那就不要看阿

  • [YT] 这故事编得好假哦

  • [YT] haiz….ending should MORE

  • [YT] 静茹,还来客串有点意外

  • [YT] i think i just kept watching tis cuz ethans in it:/ i mean, it was realli cute, but nothing made sense!!

  • [YT] woww.. tis drama has so many mistakes and things tht doesnt make any sense.. she got throw over from across the street and nothing happened to her. and the truck driver went thru the entire day without realizing tht theres a girl in the back?! but i still love tis drama:D

  • [YT] yang qian hua looks prettier n prettier!

  • [YT] 大炳演得很專業,根本看不出他演戲前天惹了大禍。。。

    8:09 楊雅筑笑得很僵。


  • [YT] poor 羅密歐!

  • [YT] the truck driver and the girl are funny and nice!

  • [YT] fish leong <3
    and the timing for her music is so perfect !!

  • [YT] aww…makes me cry …

  • [YT] 我也想要那樣的男人XD

  • [YT] 好感人喔,哭了

  • [YT] 人生就是那麼的無常,下一秒要發生什麼事我們都不知道,所以一定要把握現在

  • [YT] 謹華與小天都演得很好, 很感動, 只要人在就好啦! 什麼事都能解決.

  • [YT] 春枝跟自摩為什麼分手阿? 什麼時候又跟社長在一起了哩?

  • [YT] outrageous!!!!!!!

  • [YT] JJ还在吃棒棒糖…

  • [YT] so sweet~^^

  • [YT] 那你還一直都看
    那你都挺無聊的 看來平時沒什么事干

  • [YT] very nice

  • [YT] Is a good ending….. loving every minute of it.

  • [YT] the little boy is adorable :D

  • [YT] 為什麼大丙還傷得比她重= =

  • [YT] 没有安全感,是你的一部分,但是如果你现在没有安全感的话,那就是我的错….(好感人…)

  • [YT] 因為十九到二一集而感覺像是一到二一集都被你否定掉似的
    不管結果如何 過程還是比較重要

  • [YT] 原子彈嗎?

  • [YT] 社長的手上有一顆有花的蘋果 哈哈哈

  • [YT] 不管今天給我多少個負號
    只能說 劇本很爛

  • [YT] 好可爱哦
    爱情 是要经过时间与相处的考验的.

  • [YT] 我是女王


  • [YT] 卡斯真的好用心哦..

  • [YT] 卡斯真的好浪漫喔~~~~超感人的!

  • [YT] 無雙當時離車子那么近 怎么會毫髮無傷 – –

  • [YT] 好想哭哦…

  • [YT] lol script

    well she was thrown

    he was knocked over?

    anything, wu xiang’s case is really exaggerated
    but it’s supposed to be “luck and fate”

  • [YT] i THINK it’s acting

  • [YT] 羅密歐都炸成那樣..不知道無雙到底怎麽樣了…!

  • [YT] 天!好緊張..!!!

  • [YT] it is very touching!

  • [YT] hahah…good catch.

  • [YT] 為什麼羅密歐比無雙嚴重??

  • [YT] wo ai jing tian!!!!!!

  • [YT] 卡斯好浪漫。

  • [YT] waaa, shan wu shuang bcame a damn bitch!

  • [YT] 靜茹也哭了,厲害喔~~~

  • [YT] 裝得美美的



  • [YT] 阮經天電話這段演得真好… 好真心好感人~

  • [YT] Last show from Dai Bian…
    good bye

  • [YT] super touching… love it. thx!

  • [YT] lol… call in can talk for so long de arhxx… haha

  • [YT] sorry to ruin the atmosphere, but does anyone know where you can get jiajia’s backpack? its cutee

  • [YT] Fish really like DJ
    good casting

  • [YT] the little boy is really cute,sweet…

  • [YT] Well ur right she was 梁靜茹…O_o

  • [YT] the wedding dress is damn simple!! =.=

  • [YT] haha~是沒錯啦

  • [YT] 我也要

  • [YT] 春枝。。。大方。。。。春枝。。。大方
    lauging my ass off…

  • [YT] Maybe Song’s bride is his assistant Chloe~

  • [YT] 3:44.。。。so sweet!

  • [YT] yes they should end when they both met again. the rest let people think.

  • [YT] lol it is her~ 😀

  • [YT] haha~ seemingly the truck driver and his girlfriend never care about the 8-year gap!

  • [YT] 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈~~~~素鬼啦

  • [YT] its good the ending isnt cheesy…this one shows that the ending u dont haf to always get married…

  • [YT] because I am Rockie!!!

  • [YT] IT IS!!!

  • [YT] Lolz…she is.

  • [YT] it is liang jing ru. Lol

  • [YT] wat is the background music?

  • [YT] 萬一卡斯有甚麼急事想打給別人怎麼辦…

  • [YT] 可是也太扯了 不是第一時間送到醫院而是送回家… 而且那麼靠近爆炸地點 還沒事 沒骨折之類的… 雖然是電視劇可是真的太扯了= =

  • [YT] 啊! 捧花不是丟給了無雙妹…怎麼又上了禮車哩?!

  • [YT] 那個就系樑靜茹啦。

  • [YT] 那個是特別拍的預告

  • [YT] why didn’t they call the ambulance?

  • [YT] 我想那是在比喻他們的關係…並不是真的出現在戲裡的場景

  • [YT] 福氣又安康is the upcoming show
    Starring 陳喬恩 from Fated To Love You and 藍正龍

  • [YT] lol there’s a ribbon on the apple

  • [YT] i feel like the epis after they got together are better

  • [YT] 那個好像只是個”概念”~

  • [YT] this episode is trully a drag…they could totally end this within 10 minutes. But no Ethen, so i’m not reallyc complaning

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    this song is so meaningful

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  • [YT] 作繭自”縛”應該是ㄈㄨˊ(fuˊ)或ㄈㄨˋ(fuˋ)吧。

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