My Secret Garden Episode 01

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  • noname

    english sub pleas
    please I really really wants to watch this drama

  • wena

    english sub pleaseeeeee …

  • pogsnet

    No subtitle =( If I can just understand this. o.O I will do it in the name of love… twinkle twinkle a little star… Thanks for this anyway, better than nothing.

  • Miriam

    who’s going to marry such a messy girl?

  • Miriam

    she placed 19th in the class but there are only 20 students! hahahah. oh, i think i am going to like this show!

  • Miriam

    ariel lin looks the same as 8 years ago, except her face is alittle bit thinner now. that just proves, she is a natural beauty! unlike very many “other nationalities” actresses who look beautiful because of some enhancements done to their body and face.

  • Miriam

    “no, no.”…i thought she was asking the guy to not kiss her, but then i was dumbstruck when she continued, “No, NO, don’t stop!”. this start episode is so funny! i think i will continue to watch this episode.

  • 123abc

    Ariel Lin is so cute!<3

  • imelda

    no esta en español por que?

  • [YT] so funny

  • [YT] english sub please

  • [YT] any1 know where i can watch this in english?

  • [YT] awesome drama !! ~ xD

  • [YT] this drama is hilarious !! <3 ariel lin ~ shes a really good actress ~ ^O^ !

  • [YT] wooo I love Ariel

  • [YT] Sweet And Nasty


  • [YT] jw, but how old is this drama?

  • [YT] This is why I’m HOT!


  • [YT] omg, it relly spam

  • [YT] i love it……… so funny!!

  • [YT] WOW her tits are reALLY nice! just like mine!

    wow huh LOL . chck out my profile for more vids. RE

  • [YT] dont really like the sound

  • [YT] i rily,rily luv there luvstory….

  • [YT] you can probably buy it on chinese web sites. if u wana buy it in store then it really depends on wher u live.

  • [YT] what is the theme song called?

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  • [YT] is there anywhere i can watch with eng sub?

  • [YT] pretty much average…now give me the thumbs down

  • [YT] anyone know where i can get this drama?

  • [YT] LOL so perverted hahaz

  • [YT] I am currently learning Mandarin…. If someone knows how to add subs to videos I could translate this… I just don’t have the software or even the know how to add the subs to the video myself.

  • [YT] 多爱我一点by energy

  • [YT] omg damn funny

  • [YT] perverted

  • [YT] its going to be pretty hard to find this in english subs because this is pretty old..but if you want to know its english subtitle, it’s My Secret Garden

  • [YT] I dont want to sound mean, but that really annoying girl, damn she is so freaking ugly. I mean ugly as in freaking ugly, super ugly, ugly to look at it, and all of the above. She is definitly 難看

  • [YT] 多愛我一天 (Duo Ai Wo Yi Tian) by Energy

  • [YT] hey does any1 noe wat is d opening song of this show?if do pls tell me or send a message to me thx….

  • [YT] does anyone know where else i can watch it? it can be a chinese web too

  • [YT] does anyone know where I can find this w/ english subs

  • [YT] veh nice…^^

  • [YT] hey if u dont like her acting and looks, u shld be here.get outta here.and pls keep ur sucky comment to urself.if u want to critisise, dun do it here.

  • [YT] wad is the name of the opening song??

  • [YT] uhh huh!

  • [YT] nice op song lols(:

  • [YT] i find this for so long on other websites but to no avail…thank u a lot. Ariel totally roxs!

  • [YT] anyone knows where to get the drama with english sub?Like the song n drama..thx

  • [YT] Does someone know where I can watch this with English Subs? 🙂
    My understanding of mandarin is really bad, truly I know only a few words… so it’s really hard for me xD

  • [YT] My name is Ariel too! haha

  • [YT] haha !! the last part so funny when she help the girl pay $1 say back the uncle and scold the 2 boy and say “hen hao xiao ma?!” lol ! i think i going carry on watching liao yeah.

  • [YT] looks like really good drama 🙂 wanna see this, thank you!!! 🙂

  • [YT] thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

  • [YT] The older sister and mother are just the same = = <3

  • [YT] Poor her…that could have been the worse day of her life! <3

  • [YT] Haha….GOOD word description!! XD<3

  • [YT] The driver is so the end of the day, she will have to get off anyway! The driver can’t keep her in there forever. <3

  • [YT] AHHH i HATE ariel lin, sorry fans of her, she’s just…i dont like her acting and maybe looks

  • [YT] haha. i think im going to like this drama. ariel has DDR pads in her house! i thought they didn’t have DDR in taiwan..

  • [YT] haha her sister and mother r all like against her haha

  • [YT] wow… >.< i hate the sound it bad condition..

  • [YT] this show is quite nice !! =D

  • [YT] Wow – Ariel’s role is POWERFUL

  • [YT] what’s rubbish?

  • [YT] it’s rubbish

  • [YT] is it in english sub

  • [YT] no the taiwan drama

  • [YT] haha that’s a bungallo it costs millions

  • [YT] yeah sometimes she hits home and you can relate her characters to your friends

  • [YT] what peach girl the anime? what r u talking about

  • [YT] its so awsome!

  • [YT] is she the dumb reporter in hana kimi??

  • [YT] I like ariel in this movie better then “it started with a kiss.”

  • [YT] does anyone know what the song is during the part where the roomates get settled in?

  • [YT] is this the same park as peach girl?

  • [YT] i only know that episode 1.1 has english subs, go to search and type secret garden 1.1

  • [YT] i like ariel lin but this drama has no eng sub…u no wer i can get the sub ??

  • [YT] thee guy on the bus, from the side she kinda looks like xiao S.

  • [YT] AW… Thought he was going to ask her out..
    But she was stepping on his feet…
    So sad.

  • [YT] that house is nice!!! i wonder how much was the rent?

  • [YT] xiao min reminds me alot of my friend…

  • [YT] that girl is so rude and illmannered…i would have spoken up to her…i hate ppl like that…

  • [YT] this is so cute la…

  • [YT] so funny!!!! TY

  • [YT] oh… me lyk! me lyk! LOL

  • [YT] lol the two guys are all kicking each other while run. sweeet haha thanks for postingg!

  • [YT] this is interesting. i’ll think i will keep watching it……

  • [YT] The witty Ariel Lin!

  • [YT] o,o
    interesting =DD

  • [YT] hahha how sad that i can relate to the scoldings.

  • [YT] FIRST 2 COMMENT YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! sry 2 annoy u lol <3 thnx lots <3

  • [YT] thnx sooo much : ) <3