My Secret Garden Episode 01

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92 thoughts on “My Secret Garden Episode 01

  1. No subtitle =( If I can just understand this. o.O I will do it in the name of love… twinkle twinkle a little star… Thanks for this anyway, better than nothing.

  2. ariel lin looks the same as 8 years ago, except her face is alittle bit thinner now. that just proves, she is a natural beauty! unlike very many “other nationalities” actresses who look beautiful because of some enhancements done to their body and face.

  3. “no, no.”…i thought she was asking the guy to not kiss her, but then i was dumbstruck when she continued, “No, NO, don’t stop!”. this start episode is so funny! i think i will continue to watch this episode.

  4. [YT] I am currently learning Mandarin…. If someone knows how to add subs to videos I could translate this… I just don’t have the software or even the know how to add the subs to the video myself.

  5. [YT] I dont want to sound mean, but that really annoying girl, damn she is so freaking ugly. I mean ugly as in freaking ugly, super ugly, ugly to look at it, and all of the above. She is definitly 難看

  6. [YT] Does someone know where I can watch this with English Subs? 🙂
    My understanding of mandarin is really bad, truly I know only a few words… so it’s really hard for me xD

  7. [YT] haha !! the last part so funny when she help the girl pay $1 say back the uncle and scold the 2 boy and say “hen hao xiao ma?!” lol ! i think i going carry on watching liao yeah.

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