My Secret Garden Episode 06

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37 thoughts on “My Secret Garden Episode 06

  1. [YT] i agree with shawnnaruto121, only think that the shirt around the skirt it’s exagerated
    and they were being good if xiao ming didn’t call,but wen jing it was stupid too to saying that he’s boyfriend was upset,because they were good and they were “shaking” their hands

    it’s “understandable” to wen jin telling the girls their things because they live together,but i understand that his boyfriend doesn’t like it to

  2. [YT] …
    ni dui ta hao??
    you bi ta gen hao d ren??na ni gan ma mei xuan bieren?
    ta shenme dou qianjiu ni,hai you yingwei ni zhege yangzi name fan,ta danran zenme shuo lo!!
    chaojia jiu hui xiang ni ma hui shuo hen hua ma!!
    ni zhe zhong xing ge chao taoyan d!!

    mei zuo cuo?s ni ti lihun d a!!mei zuo cuo??ni ba ta gen gou bi!!mei zuo cuo??ni shuo tamne tinghua jiu gei tamen chi dian,ni lian na 1dian dou mei gei d chi!!
    ni shuo ni dui ta hao??ni dou zai na ma ta!!

  3. [YT] LOL! when they eating steamboat that part so funny ~ yaowei still didnt orden meat cause xiaomin dont want in the end LMAo and xiaomin so funny when she say wen jing come that 1 haha !

  4. [YT] well.. on the other hand of all you guys are saying. i actaully think that zhi ming is actaully a good boyfriend. he just doesnt want other guys checking the girl he loves out. and its normal for him to get mad and upset that shes riding on another guys motocycle andd being worried about why shes not picking up. i think its normal. hes not a bad boyfriend and not overprotective.

  5. [YT] I think Zhi Ming is too protective…she has her right to wear that she wants! & besides, her style might have changed, she might come back later than before..but she is still her! Her character hasn’t changed at all. & if he loves HER, whyc are about how she wears? He doesn’t care about her feelings… <3

  6. [YT] Wah lao…her bf is a bit harsh. If he dared to say…”Wo men bu yong zai yi qi.”..I wonder if he still loves her! He knows that she is eating and having she might not have heard the ring even so! It’s sad how even the littlest misunderstandings can happen so easily like that… She looks so pretty in her new style! 😀 <3

  7. [YT] When Xiao Min is being mean to Yao Hui..I wonder if she feels guilty afterwards! HAHA the chopstick-hitting-head thing was kind of funny! HAHAHA they were like “oh oh” after Xiao Min told them to eat. So cute!! <3

  8. [YT] HAHA…Xiao Min said: “Wo de xiong tong.” I guess the sister couldn’t recognize her mom’s voice cuz she was too upset to think so much. OMG I just realized that her mom wears the EXACT SAME CLOTHES as BAI HE’S MOM in THE ROSE < >! OMG I’m so proud of the sister! 😀 I’m SO GLAD she finally told her mom the reason why everyone the family moved to those places! XD It’s good that he’s going away…can take a break. <3

  9. [YT] romantic..she skipped class WITH that guy!! haha. His name is very hard to remember leh..haha. Haiyo…the mother is too strict! My goodness…eating and walking..she also has to care >< I don't get how that is impolite. <3

  10. [YT] gurl 2 weak bf overprotective..they dun really match dat well..but they r kinda cute
    the girl is slightly dumb though i mean she dun think bout the guy’s feelings
    n the guy gets mad 2 easily
    makes watching em really annoying

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