My Secret Garden Episode 07

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47 thoughts on “My Secret Garden Episode 07

  1. [YT] ha
    yao jia xi zhen zuo l
    danran s ying wei lai ban l
    hai bu hui hai..jiu s yw nimen ji ge tamen
    ai zheyang..

    shui jiao nimen mei an pai hao,xuyao call,bu xuyao call ye bu yong call a!ganma hai ji sheng d a..

  2. [YT] …
    oh girls..u are geting worst the situation..
    the guy don’t pick up the girlfriend from school because he have to work..

    well..he and the other boy can make a good pair to,but it will be bad to her boyfrind,loli..

    my god,her first out fit was really horrible!!wtf!?clouds?
    i like second’s black coat with a white jeans,but the 3rd out fit was to old to,they r 17!!not 40!!

    ye!!and at the end finally 2 of them were good,but ariel’s..omg..

  3. [YT] Aww man…that scene was so touching. WHAT?! They’ve been together for so long..and this is the FIRST TIME he is saying sorry to her?! Does that mean that is how their relationship is all the time? As in…he has always been overprotective of her and stuff? hope not.. ><<3

  4. [YT] He seems to always be by her side when she’s troubled..or upset…or needs help. She just doesn’t notice it. Xiao Min didn’t do anything wrong leh…she just tried to help. Thank goodness Yao Hui had the helmet on!! Or else his head would break the glass and he could die from excessive bleeding of the brain/head! <3

  5. [YT] If i were that girl, i would have dumped him before. Man he wont even let her go out with her friendS. God he’s so demanding. sheeze does she have to be with him all the time or something???

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