My Secret Garden Episode 09

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Tipster Rednimer
  • [YT] 哎,你们这些跟屁虫~可是很好笑!

  • [YT] haha. part 7:35 veri funni.

  • [YT] he doesn’t look like wallace huo…and wallace is more handsome than him…

  • [YT] that guy real name is wallace huo

  • [YT] i’m the 4254th viewer

  • [YT] how come i can’t make the picture bigger?

  • [YT] I’m the 3,458th viewer!!!

  • [YT] yeeeea! they are so cute together!! 🙂

  • [YT] 😀 hihhihii 😀 thank you! 😀 hope this episode is goooooooood!:)

  • [YT] _|_ *uck !
    hahahahas !!!
    kkekes .
    in the middle of watching 4 : 50

  • [YT] I am the 3151st viewer, 🙂

  • [YT] HAAHAHHAHAHAAAHAH im laughing my butt off, when they’re at the cast register purchasing the condoms.

  • [YT] …what are you guys doing…

  • [YT] HAHAHA hes afraid of heights. i am too xP
    its so funny.

  • [YT] HAHA that guy is soooo cute…singing that song while shopping. But Yao Hui is SO BLUR LA! “She me zen me yang?”
    HAHAA the last part was so funny.<3

  • [YT] i am the 2788th viewer yey!!

  • [YT] i am the 2594 viewer yey!

  • [YT] paper underwears.

  • [YT] aww they were going to kiss.

  • [YT] LOLLLL…they are so cute

  • [YT] i’m the 2074th viewer..yey!!

  • [YT] he’s not bryon mann is he?

  • [YT] Awsome, its soooooooo sweet ^_^
    from the happy person

  • [YT] im the 1194 viewer..yey!!

  • [YT] OMG dat guy (thingys first bf) is in the chinese west side story.. WAH I LOVE HIM! is he gona come in nxt epi?!? he has to he is SO SO SO SHUAI wah wah wah!! hope so but yea shes gona get in trouble for chucking so many guys n 2 timing or 5 timing

  • [YT] she loves orang juice-like me, she even shares half my name! eeks

  • [YT] haha en en drunk=middle finger

  • [YT] lol condoms

  • [YT] that girl is gonna get herself into a lot of trouble

  • [YT] his bathing suit is like women’s underwear and it’s light blue too..

  • [YT] i’m the 345th viewer..yey!!

  • [YT] i’m the 397th viewer…

  • [YT] did she just flick him off….

  • [YT] thank you ^^