My Secret Garden Episode 10

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34 thoughts on “My Secret Garden Episode 10

  1. [YT] HAHAHAHA EVERYONE WERE SO FUNNY AT THE BRIDGE!! XD And how Yao Hui was the last one…clinging on like a monkey! haha. haiyo..Wen Jing’s bf doesn’t seem to support her at times…how he called her ‘ben dan’ after she told her story! OMG Yao Hui bought a bike from Tai Zhong? How is he going to take it back to where they live? <3

  2. [YT] I just noticed that Yao Hui’s friend’s character is VERY SIMILAR to CHEN EN EN! How he helps Yao Hui to think of ideas like that…and how En En helps Xiao Min too.
    No wonder they will end up together! :)<3

  3. [YT] HAHA…he kept saying “Ying Wei” too many times bah…it gets annoying even watching them! En En’s high pitched laugh was so wierd!!! haha. I thought she screamed or something. <3

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