My Secret Garden Episode 11

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  • English sub please… (T.T)

  • Yahjie_05

    eng sub plwase

  • [YT] ariel always doing the charactor is like this in every taiwanese drama, no brain, impluse, bad temper, kinda boring

    • 123abc

      Your mom is boring…

  • [YT] it is him…he is so

  • [YT] haha
    so afterall, his friend had to grab his legs to ensure him to stand up on top of tha building.

  • [YT] i dun like the character of ariel in this show!

  • [YT] yah that gal with xiao min’s dad is in both tokyo juliet and devil beside you. jorainie88 and kaedyilove didn’t make a mistake…i think xaznbabi mistook that they were talking about ariel

  • [YT] yaohui so cute!!

  • [YT] the oid man`s car actually a cart,haha!

  • [YT] HAHA…the echo was cool.. <3

  • [YT] HAHHAAHAHA THAT WAS HILARIOUS. when she was waiting for HANDSOME man, but a old and wrinkly man appeared.

  • [YT] oo.
    bad temper.

  • [YT] The boy fren of Wen Jing is too much.. never learnt hsi lesson. He wants her to give birth to 15 kids and stay at home to be a housewife.

  • [YT] hahah she know taiwanese… 😛

  • [YT] danm i agree. She really annoys me!!!! She is so stuck up!! arg…

  • [YT] sheeze..their phones NEVER work in an emergancy…

  • [YT] ya~ * agrees with both hands*

  • [YT] it is him…

  • [YT] lol…tokyo juliet is borin =[~


  • [YT] right..she is so stubborn! someone jus slap her!

  • [YT] young woman n old man..
    dat woman was in tokyo juliet as she n xiao ming’s dad…EEEEEEEW

  • [YT] the girl who is having an affair with her dad ..she is also in tokyo juliet….

  • [YT] en en first bf ..looks like wallaca huo…izzit him?

  • [YT] I think she didn’t mean Ariel, but the girl who is having an affair with Xiao Min’s dad instead. She was in devil beside you.

  • [YT] actully ariel was in it started with a kiss and love contract. rainie was in devil beside you. well i see how u can make the mastake bc mike he was the lead guy for both.

  • [YT] awww he got all high up even though he’s afraid of heights.

  • [YT] oo she was in devil beside you

  • [YT] ahaha he’s so cute

  • [YT] shes a cool charcter and all but her temper is just something she need to improve on

  • [YT] wat a misunderstanding…not hard to explain either

  • [YT] xiao ming is so one sided!! so stupid!! argh it makes me mad they all wont listen to him