My Secret Garden Episode 12

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  • [YT] yes, so, can’t understand the nice guy will stick on her, this kind of personality is unbearable

    • seriously how many time you been watching this? I just notice below that you comment from different year…

  • [YT] ok… this show is kindda draggy. seriously. I reccomend ISWAK and TKA (:

  • [YT] i just noticed, but is en en the girl that played the cat demon in the drama Fairy From the Wonderland by Ariel and Hu Ge?!

  • [YT] it’s the drama It Started With A Kiss with Ariel Lin and Joe Chen

  • [YT] xiao min really has bad temper. If I am her friend, I wont be able to deal with her mood like this on a daily basis. 这girl太机车!

  • [YT] What’s her problem?! Is it really necesary to say all those things to hurt someone’s feelings who likes her from his heart?! It would be better if she can just remain silent.

  • [YT] ISWAK OWNS!!!

  • [YT] what’s ISWAK?

  • [YT] People in Taiwan use umbrellas even when it’s not raining to protect themselves from the sun.
    They have an obsession with being white, total opposite of America, where everyone wants to be tan. If you check the root of the word umbrella, it comes from the Latin word umbra, which means shade or shadow.

  • [YT] aww poor dude.

  • [YT] actually yao hui ish not that shuai larhhs

  • [YT] lol.we said XIAO MIN.NOT ARIEL

  • [YT] wa lau xiao min hor..getting on my nerves

  • [YT] ariel lin’s char suck in this show.i prefer it in ISWAK

  • [YT] actuallt ho…xiao min is a little bit too stubborn but…u all shouldn’t think that xiao min’s attitude is the same as ariel’s. ariel in real life is a very ‘xiao xun’child and is very gentle and doesn’t anyhow shout at people.this is only a gentle reminder not to mix xiao min and ariel up…no offence

  • [YT] i think u all should not give more negative comments on ariel…this is just a show and she was made to act like this. i think she already succeded as so many of u are scolding her and xiao min’s character is like this…dun scold her anymore. it hurts her fans’ heart.

  • [YT] yaohui??

  • [YT] why is everyone holding umbrellas when its not even raining,isit because en en is sad

  • [YT] he look so hurt…

  • [YT] I find that theyre rly dragging this fight too long. Sigh

  • [YT] like who?

  • [YT] wat, my comment?

  • [YT] god, i hate xiao min and her fcking aditude.

  • [YT] HAAHAH thats what i wanted to ask. why is everyone holding umbrellas when its not even raining.

  • [YT] her friend is really a good friend.

  • [YT] dude this is making me hate her moreee ! >:0

  • [YT] why are there umbrellas when its not even raining…

  • [YT] LOL…haha…tse ming got jealous

  • [YT] hahaha!! that is

  • [YT] wow everyone has so colorful umbrellas. No one the same…

  • [YT] wen jing is right..they 2 should be going for more romantic places, not the-food-is-cheaper places….

  • [YT] aww…i feel so sorry for him…he looks so hurt. She is stuck up!!

  • [YT] she’s so stubborn to the point that she looks stupid.

  • [YT] look at his expression wen he’s hurt its so exaggerated.. dun like him acting dumb n she acts 2 harsh
    plus u only get hate wen u hav love at least she cares for him enuff to hate him
    he looks WELL hurt

  • [YT] not only proud, but also stubborn!! haiz..

  • [YT] aiyooo…xiao min is very proud….

  • [YT] her screaming is like puppy barking…lol

  • [YT] xiao min is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too cruel

  • [YT] i want a boyfriend like that

  • [YT] i love this drama!

  • [YT] thanks! i was waiting for this forever. lol.