My Secret Garden Episode 16

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39 thoughts on “My Secret Garden Episode 16

  1. [YT] manager it’s a “bitch”

    i agree with WaterSparkle,or never had,or never had a good experience
    it’s a without heart’s workaholic

    but i understand the manager,he is a public face,it’s very rare when at the beginning of a star has a boy or grilfriend would have future,cause if our fan has a boyfriend,we would lose some interest

    lool!poor teacher!it’s all the time interrupted

  2. [YT] lool!
    wen jing only repeats what xiao ming says
    my god..really hilarious,poor girl,don’t know how to tell a person to go away

    it has to existthose retarded misunderstanding to make a soap opera,ok?

  3. [YT] =.= so sad..i wonder if that manager was lying..i mean if he really needs to pay that much money if he didn’t become an artist…poor them =(

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