My Secret Garden Episode 16

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Tipster Rednimer
  • [YT] i hate this kind of plot, to love someone is facing difficulty together, give up for the his sake, this kind of script is too bad example to show love

  • [YT] 等了這麼久, 到霍建華出現才好看點, 希望不要破壞

  • [YT] 他可以出唱片, 只要求那經理再搞風搞雨的, 他們也不一定要分開,

  • [YT] special because of xiao min

  • [YT] Her ring is on her right hand Oo… Something is wrong…

  • [YT] manager it’s a “bitch”

    i agree with WaterSparkle,or never had,or never had a good experience
    it’s a without heart’s workaholic

    but i understand the manager,he is a public face,it’s very rare when at the beginning of a star has a boy or grilfriend would have future,cause if our fan has a boyfriend,we would lose some interest

    lool!poor teacher!it’s all the time interrupted

  • [YT] lool!
    wen jing only repeats what xiao ming says
    my god..really hilarious,poor girl,don’t know how to tell a person to go away

    it has to existthose retarded misunderstanding to make a soap opera,ok?

  • [YT] all their freakin ringtones r the same

  • [YT] wakao…so hurtful mans.

  • [YT] wonder jian da qorrt qo toqether wit en en anot

  • [YT] ii tink iish wo di..

  • [YT] ii hate xiao ming’s dad’s boring

  • [YT] i think his father’s gf ask ppl 2 take the photo of them..

  • [YT] love..graveyard..

  • [YT] lol.almost every taiwan show their plot abt the same derhhs.but then stil luv em!

  • [YT] tat gal really can give up ?

  • [YT] think the manager never in relationship before

  • [YT] how come it isn’t loading?

  • [YT] 1st ^^

  • [YT] can’t load

  • [YT] 這部劇好像愛把事情複雜化…

  • [YT] =.= so sad..i wonder if that manager was lying..i mean if he really needs to pay that much money if he didn’t become an artist…poor them =(

  • [YT] gah. freaking manager needs to fck offfff. pisses the heck out of me D:

  • [YT] aww poor eng eng. wen jing is freaking hilarious.

  • [YT] why are there so many retarded misunderstandings in this show?

  • [YT] omg why wont she go 4 him!!

  • [YT] oo..i wonder who took the pics of xiao mings dad and the girl who has an affair with him…

  • [YT] ahh i agree he is the CUTEST!!

  • [YT] because when xiao ming waz talking to eng eng’s first bf, she kept saying “yeah” to watever xiao ming was saying…

  • [YT] Oh…i always thought that eng engs bed looks like it got blood stains on it. Now i know that its roses on it. LMAO.

  • [YT] en en’s boyfriend is very hawt but hes manager pisses me off

  • [YT] ts all the stupid managers fault if he didnt do anything then he wouldnt get upset n ask the gurl n wouldnt return to quit acting! ERGH STUPID MANAGER!

  • [YT] ah is the manager gay n likes him 2 much so he has to break em up or is he overprotective or is he deranged but yea i hate him 2!

  • [YT] i hate that manager!

  • [YT] how did she copy xiao mei?

  • [YT] HAHAH that guy is just sleeping in the class!

  • [YT] hahah wen jing! lmao yeah go away! coping xiao mei

  • [YT] hai~!! thank you so much! i love this =] keep it up! ^O^V

  • [YT] thanks! i’ve been waiting for this!!!