My Secret Garden Episode 17

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21 thoughts on “My Secret Garden Episode 17

  1. [YT] I don’t really understand why the new girlfriend wants to return him back to his ex-wife due to some sisterhood guilt. They devorced for 10 years and there is no love between them any more. Pointless to leave him alone to face all this mess since the media is going to exposed their secretive relationship.

  2. [YT] yes, instead of my secret garden it should be titled, My crying garden or my sad garden with music background that makes everyone want to cry…but the last one is to long a title.

    Hey this comments were posted one year ago, I wonder if this profiles are active? Hellooo…

  3. [YT] hey come on people, stand in her shoes! in actual truth, fan jia da and his wife had been divorced for 4 years before this woman came into the picture! it was just not a public affair JUST because of his career which he built on marriage councelling. the wife together with him have acted lovey-dovey all this 10 years so as to minimize the impact of the truth. so i don’t see how this woman is wrong! in fact, i really sympathize with her.

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