My Secret Garden Episode 18

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Tipster Rednimer
  • [YT] no la, after 霍, no one can replace him la

  • [YT] so, xiao min will fall in love with this new guy lol, poor

  • [YT] yes, you are so right!

  • [YT] Sometimes girls cut their hair as a new start. I think she wants to put her past behind. So starting from he hair.

  • [YT] so 霍建华is not going to appear anymore. At least he and 恩恩 need to see each other to have a good conclusion

  • [YT] her haircut looks awful

  • [YT] some scenes are so from meteor garden…

  • [YT] will ying wei and en en be together??

  • [YT] i think he going canada

  • [YT] where is xiao mi’s dad going?

  • [YT] it should be a wig.. her hair quality is much better than that.

  • [YT] is wallace huo going to come back or he’s gone?

  • [YT] thank u!! ^.^

  • [YT] her new hair.. no comment O_O

  • [YT] omg the preview of the next episode makes me so sad :[[

  • [YT] ahaha i love how he always thinks hes more handsome than that other dude. and how he repeats it 24/7.

  • [YT] english subs?

  • [YT] i think her long hair is better.

  • [YT] he should learn how to fight

  • [YT] i like her haircut in love queen

  • [YT] ew…! its true…! it looks horrendous…xP

  • [YT] i should read these comments afterwards… =( it sucks to know beforehand what happens

  • [YT] hahah is he playing starcraft??

  • [YT] her new hair looks disgusting….

  • [YT] this going to get really sad =(

  • [YT] 😐 she cut her hair…i like her long hair better =\

  • [YT] EXACTLY Just shut the f*ck up. If u dont like it, then dun watch this drama. No one’s gonna gives a f*cking sh!t bout wut u think.Shut up about it. no one gives a crap.

  • [YT] whoa eng eng pants are HUGE and baggy…

  • [YT] I wish i were as enthusiastic as xiao ming.. shes so full of enery

  • [YT] eng eng kinda looks like a puffy parrot..

  • [YT] >=D #1354 viewer~

  • [YT] i know. It kinda looks better though. When she had long hair, it looked too plain..

  • [YT] interetsing how one’s hairstyle can make you look so different

  • [YT] dudes mind ur language ok if u dun like the actors or actresses then dun f*cking watch the drama OK stop insulting them! if u wana talk sh*t bout em then dun post a comment OK! thankx very much!

  • [YT] aww hes so cute!

  • [YT] …I DONT LIKE ZHI MING =[~ hes meann

  • [YT] >=D # 599 viwer~

  • [YT] LMFAO! is he gay? hahah!

  • [YT] omgosh. >_<

  • [YT] she cut her hair!

  • [YT] hes so fugly
    and shes sucha crabby bitch. calm the shit down.

  • [YT] he’s 2 sweet!

  • [YT] Thank you!<3